Mark Henry Doesn8217t Want To Know In Advance If CM Punk Or Daniel Bryan Join AEW

Mark Henry would love to see CM Punk and/or Daniel Bryan join AEW, but he doesn’t want to know in advance if they do. Henry spoke with TV Insider for a new interview and was asked about the reports that Bryan has signed with the company and that Punk is in talks for a return.

“I think its amazing if it happens,” Henry said. “As a fan, I want to see it. But I dont want to know. Dont tell me. Let me find out like the fans, so I can react just like the fans. Im not the gossipy type. I wont walk around the locker room trying to get gossip. I dont want that, but I do think either gentleman or both gentlemen would be groundbreakers. They would be able to do something in AEW like when Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart went to WCW from WWE. It would be a positive step. Its not like we have to have that in AEW, but they would be welcomed additions.”

Tony Khan has declined to comment on the reports as of this time. Henry was also asked about the difference between AEW Dynamite and the upcoming AEW Rampage, which he will be a commentator for.

“I can tell you right now there is going to be a lot more humor in the commentating,” he noted. “As far as the show, AEW speaks for itself as a brand. You know what youre going to get with the excitement, the athleticism. We want to make sure its more deliberate and shocking to the system. I think that AEW has already done that. My job is not to change anything. Im just knocking some of the dust off and making a prettier picture. The business has never been better here. Every day it surges forward.”

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