Maria Kanellis Comments on Mike Requesting His WWE Release

– Maria Kanellis has publicly commented on her husband Mike requesting his WWE release. As reported yesterday, Mike posted to his Twitter account to announce that he had asked WWE for their release. That led to some questions about whether Maria had as well.

Maria has answered those questions with a post to Instagram, as well as one to Twitter. As you can see below, Maria said in her Instagram post that she has not asked for her release and shared a message of “love and support” for her husband.

There’s no word as of now regarding whether Mike’s request for his release has been granted.

1. Family first. 2. I love and support my husband. 3. I make no apologies for either of my pregnancies. 4. Mike never went to rehab nor did WWE pay for it. 5. Mikes addiction was from about September 2013-July 2017. 6. We debuted in June 2017. 7. He never took time off. 8. I have not asked for my release. 9. You can unfollow me at anytime if you dont like what I stand for. 10. Suck it. P.S. Have a nice day!

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