Mantell Takes Shot at Hardys, Matt Reby Respond

– Dutch Mantell has spoken out again about the ongoing legal situation between Impact and Matt Hardy’s Broken Universe gimmick on social media. After posting earlier this week and suggesting there were “two sides” to the story — which prompted Matt to say he hoped Impact does “the right thing,” Mantell was back at it last night, posting in response to a Tweet from an Impact fan:

The situation Mantell refers to, of course, is the dispute between Hardy and Impact over the ownership rights to the “Broken” gimmick. Impact claims that they have the rights to the gimmick because of language in the Hardys’s contract at the time which stipulated that any IP created by the brothers belong to Impact. The Hardys have disputed that fact.

Mantell’s post was noticed by Matt and Reby Hardy, who proceeded to post their own sides of the issue. Reby noted that they were trying to acheive “resolution by other means first.” You can see the full comments by Matt and Reby, as well as a final post by Mantell telling Reby to “calm down,” below:

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