Malakai Black to Reveal New Members of The House of Black on AEW Dynamite?

Malakai Black Discusses How Iconic Poison Mist Has Become In Wrestling

AEW superstar Malakai Black was the latest guest on SHAK Wrestling to discuss the history of poison mist in the sport, where the former NXT champion named the Great Muta, Triple H, Gangrel, and Carlito as some of the most iconic wrestlers to utilize mist in their careers. Highlights from the interview are below.

Calls the Great Muta’s mist and Triple H’s water mist iconic:

Mutas on top. Any other answer in terms of mists is a fraudulent answer. Id say Hunters, Triple Hs entrance water mist after that because its such a characteristic of who he was with this entrance, obviously because of who he is and what hes done.

On Gangrel and Carlito:

I would say Gangrels because it was a completely unique standout. And I say last, but like, its definitely not least because its difficult to fit that in, Carlito was the same as Gangrel because they added so much to what it is they were doing. It complimented their work. So Id say those are tied, and theyre definitely not tied in a negative sense.

(H/T and transcribed by Wrestling Inc.)

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