Mahal on Changing Fan Perception of Him

The Times of India recently interviewed WWE world champion Jinder Mahal ahead of his title defense against Randy Orton tonight at Money in the Bank. Below are some highlights.

Mahal on the challenge of making fans see him as main eventer: “The viewers and the fans hesitate to see me as a main-event guy. That is a challenge, my biggest challenge. Right now, my goal is to change people’s perception and make them believe that I belong here, and that I deserve to be the champion.”

His thoughts on being jeered for being Indian: “Definitely, as an Indian, I’m seen as an outsider, and definitely, the jeers come from that. But I enjoy it, I even encourage it. Whatever noise they make when I’m in the ring, it motivates me, drives me to do better. I enjoy those jibes so I’m not affected by that at all.”

His goals: “I’ve been champion for less than a month now. I want to remain champion for a long time and be remembered as one of the greatest WWE Champions of all time, definitely a future Hall of Famer. I want to be WWE Champion by the time WWE returns to India to do a live show, so that I can face and beat guys like Randy Orton, John Cena, or AJ Styles in front of the Indian fans.”

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