Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson Pulled From WWE Live Events, Latest On Their Negotiations With WWE

PWInsider reports that Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson have been pulled from all of their scheduled WWE live events, fueling speculation that they may be on their way out of the company. It’s believed that the two turned down a five-year contract extension and are waiting to see what the wrestling landscape looks like closer to when their contracts expire. They are said to still be in talks with WWE but are not booked for anything other than TV tapings or PPV dates at this time. They haven’t worked live events since February 25. Their last worked show was a dark match at a TV taping on March 12. They last appeared on Smackdown on February 5, a loss to Shinsuke Nakamura and Rusev.

We previously noted that the two have had talks with WWE about signing new deals but turned down “multi-million-dollar deals”. According to PWInsider, they actually plan to leave when their current deals expire. The report suggests that part of the reason they are leaving is because of how they were handled, as they have been booked inconsistently on TV after starting out strong when they debuted in 2016. They had a planned WWE Network series called Botch Club that was dropped after its first episode as well.

The negotiations between the team and WWE are said to be ongoing but also are described as “at a standstill”, which is why they won’t be booked for the foreseeable future. It’s believed their current deals will expire in late September.

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