LUCHA: Lucha news/results for November 14, including AAA, CMLL, IWRG, and independents (Lucha World)

Posted on 11/14/117 by Bob Magee

Written By Alfredo Esparza


El Rey Network tweeted out their announcement that there
would be a fourth season of Lucha Underground early Friday.
They sent out a press release that announced that tv tapings
for the 4th season would start in early 2018. No further
info was given but its good to see the show continuing and
will be interesting to see what Season 4 has in store as far
as returning, departed and new talent. SI spoke to Lucha
Underground head writer Chris DeJoseph after the
announcement of the 4th season of Lucha Underground and he
mentioned there are many questions to answer from the Season
3 finale.

An update on Shockers situation from last Wednesday. He was
detained for three hours and released after reaching an
agreement to pay 30,000 pesos in damages. The woman did not
press charges and the hotel did not want to comment further
on the incident.

The scheduled The Crash show on 11/9 in Metepec was canceled
due to the promoter, Emmanuel Jacome, not paying talent or
staff. The Crash immediately posted the info on their social
media and apologized to the fans for the situation.

MDA had to change a lot of their 11/12 show in Arena Coliseo
Monterrey due to CMLL pulling all their talent from the

Freelance Wrestling announced the 11/17 matches featuring
DTU talent will be Draztick Boy & Crazy Boy Vs. DJZ & Gringo
Loco and Ciclope vs. Miedo Extremo vs. Reed Bently vs. CJ
Esparza vs. John Wayne Murdoch vs. Brett Gakiya.


CMLL 11/10 Arena Mexico
1. Akuma & Templario beat Robin & Magia Blanca
2. Oro Jr./Esfinge/Pegasso beat Nitro/Hijo del Signo/Raziel
3. La Jarochita/Lady Maravilla/Marcela beat Amapola/Reyna
Isis/La Metalica
4. Niebla Roja beat Stuka Jr. in a match relampago
5. Negro Casas/Mr. Niebla/Barbaro Cavernario beat Sam
Adonis/Puma/El Terrible via DQ.
Sam Adonis was disqualified for refusing to stop his
attack on Casas.
6. Mistico/Marco Corleone/Valiente beat Ultimo

SHOW THOUGHTS: Ok show. I skipped the 2nd match which might
have helped my enjoyment level of this show. Opener was ok
with Templario looking good. Womens match was better than
the usual womens trios matches. Reyna Isis looks improved.
The tecnico vs. tecnico match relampago was a little strange
to watch and Stuka Jr. had to be a little more rudo-ish to
get the match a little more of a reaction but was ok at
best. Semi-main event had the Casas-Adonis feud continue and
may have been the best trios match theyve been a part of in
this feud. Main event was ok. They should have gone with the
rudos winning to keep building up Sanson & Cuatrero given
they worked two main events for CMLL and lost both.

CMLL 11/11 Arena Coliseo
1. Camorra & El Coyote beat Sensei & Retro
2. Flyer beat Sonic in a match relampago
3. Magnus/Astral/Principe Diamante beat Inquisidor/Espanto
Jr./El Cholo
4. Puma/Tiger/Universo 2000 Jr. beat Esfinge/Fuego/Stigma
5. Soberano Jr./Niebla Roja/Angel de Oro beat
6. Marco Corleone/Caristico/Diamante Azul beat

CMLL 11/12 Arena Mexico
1. Apocalipsis & Yago beat Sangre Imperial & Fiero
2. Oro Jr./Stigma/Astral beat Arkangel de la Muerte/Espiritu
3. Dragon Rojo Jr./Polvora/Vangellys beat The Panther/Blue
Panther Jr./Johnny Idol
4. Euforia/Mephisto/Luciferno beat Angel de Oro/Titan/Niebla
5. Volador Jr./Marco Corleone/Diamante Azul beat Rush/Hiromu
Takahashi/Tetsuya Naito
Rush let himself get pinned by Volador Jr. in the third
fall. Pierroth showed up to help the rest of Los
Ingobernables. Rush again invited Volador Jr. to join Los

The Crash 11/11 Arena Naucalpan
1. Arkangel Divino/Black Danger/Black Boy/Ultimo Maldito
beat Toxin/Fly Warrior/Dinamic Black/Aramis
2. Lacey Lane/Keyra/Mascarita Dorada beat Christi
Jaynes/Tiago/Demus 3:16
3. Daga beat Ultimo Ninja
4. Jack Evans/Carlito/M-ximo beat Bestia 666/Black
Taurus/Hijo del Pirata Morgan
5. Flamita & The Mecha Wolf beat The King (Rey Fenix) &
Willie Mack
6. Penta El Zero M beat Garza Jr. and La Mascara in a 3-way
Garza jr. was left bloody after being hit by a bottle.
Garza Jr. and Penta El Zero M threw out challenges. They
also fought backstage with both continuing to want a singles

IND 11/12 Arena La Angostura
1. Tackle & Hijo del Villano III beat Magnetico & Aguila del
America Jr.
2. Lady Maravilla & Diosa Quetzal beat Reyna Isis & Keyra
3. Demasiado & Diva Salvaje beat Diamante & Fresero Jr.
4. Villano V Jr. & Kaving beat Super Brazo & Warrior Jr. via
5. Mistico/Fuego/Metalico beat Dragon Rojo Jr./Polvora/Black

Lucha Fan Fest X 11/11 Circo Volador
1. Babe Torres/Nemesis/Cadillac beat Sadico/Sable/Principe
2. Concord beat Silver Boy
3. Hetzza beat Lady Cat to win the Copa Lucha Fan Fest X
Other Participants: Sexy Angel/Dulce Luna/Princesa
Shera/Ishtar/Diosa Atenea/Princesa Mohicana/Blue
4. Lady Drago/Mini Psycho Clown/Polvo de Estrellas beat
Lilith Dark/Estrella Divina/Mini Histeria
5. Dark Cuervo & Dark Scoria beat Raptor & Bengala
6. Canek/Argenis/La Parka beat Murder Clown/Monsther
Clown/Dave The Clown

XMW 11/12 Salon Balum Canan, Mexico City
1. Astrolux/Kingston/Centinela Azul beat Steel Rocker
Jr./Black Metal/Lunatik Fly
2. Fly Warrior/Centella/Ancla/Alex Segura Jr. beat Toxin/Fly
Star/Oscuro/Mini Black Shadow
3. Corsario de Fuego/Rey Infierno/Poseidon beat
4. Black Boy/Arkangel Divino/Ultimo Maldito vs.
Arez/Latigo/Kronoz ended in a draw.
Arez was fouled and Latigo took off Black Boys mask.
5. Black Mamba beat Yoruba
AAAs Mamba was the surprise luchador and showed up
dressed as his old gimmick of Black Mamba.
6. Centvrion beat Metaleon
Match was said to be good with lots of blood and both
challenged each other to a mask match.
7. Dement Xtreme beat Toxico and Angel O Demonio in a lucha

11/18 3020 Coronado Avenue, San Diego, CA
1. Mike Camden vs. KC Douglas
2. Alastor & Destello vs. Death Scorpion & Thanos
3. Payaso Ronnie & Nacho Libre vs. Efekto & Nightmare Azteca
4. Enigma & Viento vs. Zarco & Gran Bufalo
5. Super Kendo/Dark Tijuana/Genio del Aire vs. Angel Blanco
Jr./Black Abyss/Estudiante Jr.

11/19 Clara Sports Complex, Cudahy, CA
1. Leon Blanco & Vulcan vs. Potro Romano & Huesos
2. Lady Lee & Mariah Moreno vs. Sage Sin & Cristal
3. Enigma/Viento/Romeo vs. Ruby Gardenia/Seiya/Hector
4. Gallo Tapado Jr./Super Kendo/Ricky The Activist vs. Angel
Blanco Jr./Medico Asesino Jr./Pakal
5. Sanson & Cuatrero vs. Phoenix Star & Zokre

12/9 Citizens Business Bank Arena, Ontario, California
1. Mini Rey Misterio & Octagoncito vs. Pierrothito & Demus
2. Oriental & Lady Gaviota vs. Ocelot & Queen Puma
3. Mistico & Dragon Lee vs. Russian Haccker & Sam Adonis
4. Rayo de Jalisco Jr. & Tinieblas Jr. vs. Cibernetico &

12/17 Leonardos H. Park, Los Angeles, CA
1. Potro Romano vs. Cangrejito Plajero
2. Seiya/Leon Blanco/Ricky The Activist vs. Cristal/Black
Puma/Super Nio
3. Legacy vs. Red Spider
4. Sin Limite & Sin Limite Jr. vs. Enigma & Viento vs. Acero
Dorado & Dr. Maldad For the Parejas Navideo RIW 2017
5. Octagon vs. Fuerza Guerrera Super Libre

11/19 Auditorio Josue Neri Santos, Ciudad Juarez,
Chihuahua (TV Tapings)
1. Faby Apache vs. La Hiedra vs. Ayako Hamada To determine
#1 Contender to Reina de Reinas title.
2. Drago/Aerostar/Argenis/Angelico vs. Carta Brava Jr./Soul
Rocker/Super Fly/Averno
3. La Parka vs. Dave The Clown
4. Pagano/Scoria/Cuervo vs. Marty The Moth/Monsther
Clown/Murder Clown
5. Hijo del Fantasma vs. Rey Escorpion
6. Johnny Mundo & Hernandez vs. Dr. Wagner Jr. & Hijo de Dr.
Wagner Jr.

11/25 Explanada del Auditorio Benito Juarez, Veracruz
1. Randy Roca/Corazon Salvaje/Fire Bird vs. Joe
Alonzo/Flyman/Comodin Jr.
2. Dragon Fly/Aeropower/Principe Infernal vs. Relampago
3. Estrella Divina & Ashley vs. Polvo de Estrellas &
4. Raptor & Venum vs. Psicosis & Histeria
5. Rocco Marvin/Ricky Marvin/Rocky Marvin vs.
Averno/Chessman/Super Fly
6. Hijo del Fantasma & Australian Suicide vs. Texano Jr. &
7. Pagano vs. Rey Escorpion vs. Joe Lider

12/2 Arena Xalapa, Xalapa Veracruz (TV taping)
1. Fetiche/Hijo del Vikingo/Angelical vs. Pardux/Angel
Mortal Jr./Chicano
2. Big Mami & Nio Hamburguesa vs. La Hiedra & Villano III
Jr. AAA Mixed Tag Team titles.
3. Lanzelot/Faby Apache/Lady Shani/Estrella Divina vs.
Australian Suicide/Ayako Hamada/Luchadora Sorpresa/Mamba
4. Dark Cuervo & Dark Scoria vs. Monsther Clown & Murder
5. La Parka & Dave The Clown vs. Psicosis & Histeria
6. Dr. Wagner Jr./Hijo del Fantasma/Psycho Clown vs.
Hernandez/Texano Jr./Rey Escorpion

12/16 Plaza de Toros, Apizaco, Tlaxcala (TV taping)
1. Faby Apache vs. Luchadora Sorpresa
2. Cuervo & Scoria vs. Murder Clown & Monsther Clown vs.
Psicosis & Histeria AAA World Tag Team titles.
3. Battle Royal: Drago/Aerostar/Raptor/Chessman/Averno/Super
Fly/Argenis/Angelico/Soul Rocker/Carta Brava Jr.
4. La Parka & Marty The Moth vs. Pagano & Dave The Clown
5. Psycho Clown & Rey Escorpion vs. Hijo del Fantasma &
Texano Jr.
6. Hijo de Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. Hernandez

11/13 Arena Puebla
1. Astro & Meyer vs. Sombra Diabolika & Joker
2. Nitro/Sangre Azteca/Arkangel de la Muerte vs. Tigre Rojo
Jr./Arkalis/Black Tiger
3. Lady Maravilla & La Vaquerita vs. Dalys & Reyna Isis
4. Johnny Idol/Rey Cometa/Lestat vs. Puma/Tiger/El Malayo
5. Marco Corleone/Diamante Azul/Valiente vs.
Shocker/Kraneo/El Terrible
6. Volador Jr. vs. Negro Casas NWA Historic World
Welterweight title.

11/14 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1. Rielero & Vaquero Jr. vs. Rey Trueno & Mr. Trueno
2. Magnus/Star Jr./Magnum vs. Artillero/Espanto Jr./Guerrero
de la Muerte
3. Pegasso/Stigma/Esfinge vs. Raziel/Disturbio/Puma
4. Dragon Lee/Niebla Roja/Angel de Oro vs. Ultimo
Guerrero/Barbaro Cavernario/Rey Bucanero
5. Volador Jr. vs. Mephisto

11/14 Arena Mexico
1. Fiero & Magia Blanca vs. El Coyote & Grako
2. Marcela/Sanely/La Jarochita vs. Zeuxis/La
3. Titan/Rey Cometa/Drone vs. Dragon Rojo
4. Mr. Cacao vs. Virus Match Relampago
5. Blue Panther/Soberano Jr./Valiente vs.
6. Marco Corleone/Diamante Azul/Stuka Jr. vs. Mr.
Niebla/Shocker/Negro Casas

11/17 Arena Mexico (Leyendas Mexicanas)
1. Super Mueco/Super Pinocho/Super Raton vs. Rocky
Santana/Mr. Condor/El Gallego
2. Blue Panther Jr./Guerrero Maya Jr./The Panther vs.
Sagrado/Hechicero/Misterioso Jr.
3. Super Astro & Solar vs. Virus & Black Terry
4. Mano Negra/Octagon/Blue Panther vs. El Satanico/Negro
Casas/Fuerza Guerrera
5. Volador Jr./Dragon Lee/Rush vs. Ultimo
Guerrero/Euforia/Gran Guerrero
6. Rayo de Jalisco Jr./Dos Caras/Villano IV vs. Cien
Caras/Canek/Mascara Ao Dos Mil

11/18 Arena Coliseo
1. Flyer & Principe Diamante vs. Inquisidor & Apocalipsis
2. Electrico/Stukita/Fantasy vs. Pequeo Olimpico/Pequeo
Nitro/Pequeo Violencia
3. Johnny Idol/Drone/Fuego vs. Universo 2000
4. Angel de Oro/Niebla Roja/Stuka Jr. vs. El Terrible/Rey
5. Diamante Azul/Volador Jr./Valiente vs. Shocker/Barbaro

11/19 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1. Mr. Angel vs. Paymon
2. Cosmos & Johnny Dinamo vs. Quka & Relampago Azul
3. Capitan Cobra & El Divino vs. Carlo Roggi & Mr. Apolo
4. Explosivo/Gran Kenut/Neutron vs. Principe
Kisho/Magico/Terremoto King Jr.
5. Omar Brunetti/Star Black/Vaquero Jr. vs.

11/19 Arena Mexico
1. Aereo & Acero vs. Mercurio & Pequeo Universo 2000
2. Flyer/Robin/Sensei vs. Akuma/Templario/Metalico
3. Starman/Fuego/Star Jr. vs. Hijo del
Signo/Disturbio/Universo 2000 Jr.
4. Soberano Jr./Stuka Jr./Valiente vs. Sam
5. Marco Corleone/Diamante Azul/Dragon Lee vs. Ultimo
Guerrero/El Terrible/Rey Bucanero

11/13 Gimnasio 400 Deportiva Sur, Salamanca, GTO
1. Latigo vs. Astrolux
2. Tiago/Pegazus/Crazy Latino vs. Murcielago
Plateado/Imposible/Dr. Polux Jr.
3. Fresero Jr. vs. Angeluz
4. Arkangel Divino/Ultimo Maldito/Black Boy/Black Danger vs.
Bandido/Golden Magic/Diamante/Emperador Azteca
5. Carlito & Willie Mack vs. Brian Cage & Mr. 450
6. Penta El Zero M & The King (Rey Fenix) vs. Rush & La
Mascara vs. Bestia 666 & Garza Jr.

11/14 Domo de la Feria, Leon, GTO
1. Arkangel Divino/Black Boy/Astrolux vs.
Tiago/Latigo/Ultimo Maldito
2. Mascarita Dorada/Christi Jaynes/Zumbi vs. Demus
3:16/Keyra/Black Danger
3. Jack Evans/M-ximo/Damian 666 vs. Black Taurus/Hijo del
Pirata Morgan/Pierroth
4. Daga vs. La Mascara vs. Flamita vs. Bestia 666
5. Rush vs. Penta El Zero M vs. Garza Jr. Street Fight
6. Rey Mysterio/The King (Rey Fenix)/Willie Mack vs. Brian
Cage/Carlito/Mr. 450

11/15 Palenque de la Feria, Tulancingo, Hidalgo
1. ? vs. ?
2. ?? vs. ??
3. ??? vs. ???
4. Torneo El Rey del Aire OME: Talaxys vs. Hijo del Angel
vs. Caelus vs. Pequeo Angel vs. Ram El Carnero vs. Juve
Extrem vs. Desorden vs. Dragon Bane vs. Argol
5. Arkangel Divino/Black Boy/Torito Negro vs. Black
Danger/Ultimo Maldito/Latigo
6. Jack Evans vs. Aeroboy vs. Bestia 666 vs. Mr. 450
7. Daga & The King (Rey Fenix) vs. Garza Jr. & Super Crazy
8. Penta El Zero M & Rey Mysterio vs. Rush & La Mascara

11/29 Auditorio Miguel Barragan, San Luis Potosi
1. Keyra & Tiago vs. Vanilla & Pegazus vs. Christi Jaynes &
2. Willie Mack/Jack Evans/Mascarita Dorada vs. Mr. 450/Mike
Mendoza/Angel Fashion
3. Garza Jr./Bestia 666/Black Taurus vs. M-ximo/Laredo
Kid/Hijo de L.A. Park
4. Rey Fenix vs. Flamita
5. L.A. Park/Penta El Zero M/Daga vs. Rush/Pierroth/La

11/30 Arena La Aficion, Pachuca, Hidalgo
1. Astrolux/Latigo/Torito Negro vs. Toto/Vengador/Kastigador
2. Ciclope & Miedo Extremo vs. Tiago & Pegazus vs. Jimmy &
3. Willie Mack & Flamita vs. Bestia 666 & Draztick Boy
4. The King (Rey Fenix) & Daga vs. Solar & Black Terry
5. Penta El Zero M vs. Rush vs. Garza Jr. vs. La Mascara

12/3 Centro Civico, Ecatepec
1. Astrolux/Torito Negro/Pegazus vs. Tiago/Black
2. Keyra vs. Lacey Lane
3. M-ximo/Flamita/Jack Evans vs. Bestia 666/Mr. 450/Luke
4. Rey Fenix & Daga vs. Solar & Black Terry
5. Rey Mysterio/L.A. Park/Penta El Zero M vs. Carlito/La
Mascara/Garza Jr.

12/15 Teziutlan, Puebla
1. Pegazus/Astrolux/Torito Negro vs. Tiago/Latigo/Black
2. Flamita & Willie Mack vs. Bestia 666 & The Mecha Wolf
3. Pierroth & La Mascara vs. Carlito & M-ximo
4. Penta El Zero M vs. Rush vs. Garza Jr.
5. Rey Mysterio/The King (Rey Fenix)/Daga vs. Ricochet/Sammy
Guevara/Brian Cage

12/3 Arena Lopez Mateos (DTU Solido)
1. Lokillo & Angelito Magico vs. Toto Gamer & Billy Gamer
vs. Devitt Rodriguez & Hard Boy vs. Principe Cometa & Kevin
2. Flystar vs. Dr. Polux Jr. vs. Corsario Negro Jr. vs.
Black Fire Lucha Extrema
3. Moria vs. Draztick Boy vs. Mickey Midas vs. Jimmy vs.
4. Paranoiko & Toxico vs. Mr. Condor & Rocky Santana vs.
Makabre & Ultimo Gladiador Street Fight
5. Ovett/Vengador/Kastigador/Hormiga/Exotico vs.
Halloween/Angel O Demonio/Super Mega/Junior/Camuflaje DTU
vs. X-LAW
6. Violento Jack vs. Jimmy Lloyd Death Match
7. Jun Kasai & Crazy King vs. Ciclope & Miedo Extremo

11/18 Monumental Plaza de Toros de Tejupilco
1. Alfa & Omega vs. Rider & Tanque Infernal
2. Lady Apache/Reyna Dorada/Mascarita Sagrada vs. Cinthia
Moreno/Quimera/Mini Warrior
3. Angel del Amor/Saru/Shadow Boy vs. Hip Hop Man/Pibe
Alfajor/La Mosca
4. Gronda XXX/Huracan Ramirez/Hijo de Mascara Sagrada vs.
Hijo de Mascara Ao 2000/Scorpio Jr./Hijo de Pirata Morgan
5. Blue Demon Jr./Tinieblas Jr./M-ximo vs. Cibernetico/Hijo
del Solitario/Pirata Morgan

11/21 Gran Teatro Moliere (Alberto El Patrons benefit
show for 9/19 Mexico earthquake victims)
1. Alfa & Omega vs. Super Bufon & El Canibal
2. Brazo Jr./Saru/Angel de Amor/Pequeo Warrior vs. Hip Hop
Man/Rider/La Mosca/Tanque Infernal
3. Octagon/Hijo de Dos Caras/Dragon Dorado vs. Fuerza
Guerrera/Hijo de Pirata Morgan/Scorpio Jr.
4. Alberto El Patron/Dos Caras/Tinieblas vs. Pirata
Morgan/Psicosis/Hijo de Mascara Ao 2000
11/25 -Deportivo Morelos, Cuajimalpa
1. Rider & Freesbee vs. Luzbel Jr. & Canibal
2. Angel del Amor/Saru/Warrior vs. Hip Hop Man/La
Mosca/Pleito Castillo Trios title match.
3. Tinieblas Jr. vs. Pirata Morgan title vs. title match
4. Octagon & Oriental vs. Canek Jr. & Scorpio Jr.

12/18 Plaza de Toros Revolucion, Irapuato, GTO
1. Juan El Ranchero vs. Terremoto Negro
2. Keyra vs. Ludark vs. Chik Tormenta Generacion XXI
Womens Title
3. Demus 3:16 vs. Wotan Beard vs. Hair match.
4. Torneo de Gran Alternativa Generacion XXI: Rey
Horus/Laredo Kid/Xtreme Tiger/Bandido/Bestia 666/Emperador
Azteca/Luchador Sorpresa/Crazy Latino/Murcielago Plateado
Jr./Dr. Polux Jr./Apando Negro Jr./Perro Callejero Jr.
5. Fresero Jr. vs. Angeluz Fly Hair vs. Hair, Last Man
Standing Cage Match.
6. Trauma I/Damian 666/Mr. Electro vs. Trauma II/Nicho El
Millonario/Sharly Rockstar
7. Rey Mysterio/L.A. Park/Hijo de L.A. Park vs. Penta El
Zero M/Blue Demon Jr./Rey Fenix

11/16 Deportivo Agustin Millan, Toluca
1. Super Croc & Chris Stone Jr. vs. Monsther & Scorpio 2.0
2. Lady Maravilla & Marcela vs. Reyna Isis & Amapola
3. Microman/Gallito/El Guapito vs. Zacarias El
Perico/Mije/Chico Temido
4. Niebla Roja/Blue Panther Jr./The Panther vs. Gran
5. Caristico & Mistico vs. Ultimo Guerrero & Negro Casas

11/16 Arena Aficion Pachuca
1. Sokar & Dragon Kid vs. Black Sombra & Mr. Chivo
2. Principe Condor & Diosa Atenea vs. El Sable & Zuzu Divine
3. Picudo/Nigma/Silver Cat vs. Gran Markus/Enfermero/Dr.
4. Ciclon Ramirez Jr./Ultraman Jr./Mascara Sagrada Jr. vs.
Canek Jr./Fishman Jr./Herodes Jr.
5. Rey Wagner & Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. L.A. Park & Hijo
de L.A. Park

11/16 Gimnasio Itzapalapa
1. ? vs. ?
2. Angelikal & Nio de Cobre vs. Mascarita Negra & Bronco
Gonzalez Jr.
3. Faby Apache vs. Ladi Shani vs. La Hiedra
4. Mascara de Bronce/Nio Hamburguesa/Raptor vs.
Chessman/Super Fly/Rugido
5. Psycho Clown vs. Rey Escorpion vs. Pagano Street Fight

11/18 Cancha German Evers, Mazatlan, Sinaloa
1. Yagar & Flash Boy vs. Wilbert Extrem & Antraz Infernal
2. Mike Segura/Metalico/Relampago/Fly Metal vs.
Arkangel/Principe Kisho/Mario Mora/Terremoto Jr.
3. Titan vs. Kempo Dragon
4. Microman & El Gallito vs. Zacarias El Perico & Mije
5. Caristico/Negro Casas/Marco Corleone vs. Mr.
Niebla/Ultimo Guerrero/Sam Adonis Relevos Increibles

11/18 Unidad Deportiva, Cuautla, Morelos
1. ? vs. ?
2. ?? vs. ??
3. La Hiedra vs. Lady Shani vs. Ayako Hamada vs. Faby Apache
4. Murder Clown/Monsther Clown/Dave The Clown vs. Carta
Brava Jr./Mocho Cota Jr./Tito Santana II
5. Psycho Clown & Pagano vs. El Mesias & Rey Escorpion

11/18 Arena Roberto Paz (LuchaMania 15)
1. Zafado & Espiritu Divino vs. Power Boy & Hipnosis vs.
Lacandon Jr. & Olimpo 3-way match with masks & hair on the
2. Royal Rumble: Caligula/Jhonny Rock/Kal El/Principe
Dragon/La Trakalosa/Black Golden/Dark Paymon/Latin
Brother/Implacable/Galactico/Helios/Darketo Nazi
3. Kittan vs. Magno NWG Cruiserweight title
4. Baby Face Jr. & Caonero Jr. vs. Draego & Rudy Santana
vs. Shyru Dragon & Shyru Jr. vs. Willy Banderas & Brian
Villa 4-corners match.
5. Histeria 2.0 vs. Indio Cherokee Hair match
6. Ricky Marvin vs. Tony Rodriguez
7. Rayman vs. Makabre Ambulance match

11/18 Arena Lopez Mateos (Homenaje a Rafa El Maya)
1. Principe Maravilla & Aguila Magica vs. Rakner & Tackle
2. Atomick Star & Osiris vs. Reasy & Sombra Metalica
3. Ciclon Ramirez Jr. & El Bandido vs. Eterno & Fresero Jr.
4. Zeuxis vs. Keyra
5. Romano Garcia vs. Corsario Negro Jr. vs. Dr. Cerebro vs.
Fuerza Negra vs. Caifan vs. Drako vs. Imposible vs. As
Charro Masks & Hair on the line with final two wrestling
in a singles match.
6. Canek & Fuerza Guerrera vs. Dos Caras & Solar

11/19 Futcenter Papagayo, Acapulco
1. Torneo Cibernetico Por La Copa VIII Aniversario de
L.L.A.: Wonder Boy/Rey Jaguar/Aguila Azteca/Abys Crazy
2. Astro de Oro & Mascarita del Ring vs. Los Agorafobias I &
3. Black Silver Sr./Rolls Royce/Rolls Royce Jr. vs.
Histrion/Destroyer/Bulldog Garcia
4. May Flowers/Miss Gaviota/Bugambilia vs. Fresero
Jr./Guerrero Azteca/King Panther
5. Super Mueco/Super Raton/Super Pinocho vs. Brazo de
Platino/Super Brazo/Black Terry
6. El Hijo del Santo/Santo Jr./Hijo de Black Silver vs. La
Mascara/Bandido/Black Silver Jr.

11/25 Coliseo Centenario, Torreon
1. Sexy Francis & Dulce Paola vs. Jerry Brown & V-57
2. Eterno & Demencia vs. Araa del Futuro & Hijo del
3. Pimpinela Escarlata/Lady Shani/Lanzeloth vs. La
Hiedra/Mascara de Bronce/Carta Brava Jr. Relevos de
4. La Parka & Parka Negra vs. Silver King & Silver King Jr.
Chain match
5. Psycho Clown & Murder Clown vs. Rey Wagner & Monsther
Clown Relevos Increibles

11/25 Arena Impacto Total
1. ? vs. ?
2. Baby Rocket/Kid Star/Tigrus/Centur vs. Sabroson/Nefasto
Jr./Black Magnum Jr./Zauron
3. Street Boy/Dragster/Black Phanton vs.
4. Lady Maravilla vs. Lady Flammer vs. Keyra
5. Silver Tiger vs. Draztik Boy vs. Arez
6. Laredo Kid vs. Xtreme Tiger vs. Black Taurus

11/26 Arena Coliseo Reynosa
1. Hijo de Angelo/Mascara Roja/Mascara Roja Jr. vs. King
Monkie/Turok Jr./Halcon Negro
2. Zarzy Tiger/Rey Astral/Komander vs. Unico Jr./Halcon de
Oro/Maldicion Jr.
3. Lady Shani/Big Mami/Swetty vs. Goya Kong/La Hiedra/Hija
de Zarzy
4. Laredo Kid & Panther Boy vs. Toscano & Perfil
5. Hijo del Fantasma/Asterisco Jr./Magnifico vs. Texano
6. Psycho Clown & Pagano vs. Monsther Clown & Murder Clown

11/26 Av. Lopez Portillo S/N, Col. San Francisco Chilpan
1. Juan El Ranchero & Abortex vs. Dement Xtreme/Toxico
2. Impulso/Fly Star/Garrobo vs. Lunatik Fly/Lunatik
3. Rocky Santana/Mr. Condor/El Gallego vs. Leon Rojo/Angel O
Demonio/Ovett Street Fight
4. Psicotico & Core vs. Leviatham & Epitafio
5. Corsario & Drako vs. Sick Boy & Wotan
6. Ultimo Gladiador vs. Miedo Extremo vs. Ciclope vs.
Juventud 2000
7. Pagano vs. Venom Death Match

11/28 Explanada del Gimnasio Municipal, Guaymas, Sonora
1. ? vs. ?
2. ?? vs. ??
3. Lady Shani & Raptor vs. Ashley & Tito Santana II
4. Nio Hamburguesa & Sagrado Misterio Jr. vs. Mocho Cota
Jr. & El Samoano
5. Hijo del Fantasma vs. Texano Jr. vs. Rey Escorpion

12/7 Arena Naucalpan
1. Mercury/Rey Kingston/Nio Aguila vs. Mascarita
Negra/Centella/Luchador Sorpresa
2. El Mexicano & Tom Mix Jr. vs. Black Terry & Rey Guerrero
3. Faby Apache & La Hiedra vs. Mamba & Estrella Divina
4. Aerostar & Raptor vs. Mocho Cota Jr. & Carta Brava Jr.
vs. Mascara de Bronce & Rugido vs. Angelikal & Villano III
5. Psycho Clown/Pagano/La Parka vs. Mr. Aguila/Joe
Lider/Perro Sorpresa

11/15 Arena Naucalpan
1. Odin & Hazel vs. Leroy & New Warrior
2. Diosa Atenea & Dulce Luna vs. Ludark & Lili Darth
3. Tortugas Ninja (Rafy/Leo/Mike/Teelo) vs. Cerebro
Negro/Lunatic Xtreme/Pleitto Castillo/Ovett
4. Dragon Fly/Black Dragon/Dinamic Black vs.
5. Villano V Jr./Oficial 911/Oficial AK47 vs. Eterno/Trauma
I/Trauma II

11/20 Arena Naucalpan
1. Keyra vs. Silueta Cage match
2. Bandido/Aramis/Alas de Acero vs. Eterno/Fresero Jr./Rey
3. Trauma II vs. Charles Lucero
4. Corsario Negro Jr. & Drako vs. Black Terry & Solar
Falls Count Anywhere
5. Caifan vs. Mr. Niebla
6. Xtreme Tiger vs. Hechicero
7. Volador Jr. vs. Jack Evans

11/19 Arena Coliseo Monterrey
1. El Greco Baez & Ultima Sombra vs. Vasco Jr. & Gemelo
2. Toscano & Demasiado vs. Furor & Galactar
3. Dulce Sexy vs. Diosa Quetzal
4. Dos Caras & El Divo vs. Charles Lucero & The Tiger
5. Hijo de Dos Caras & El Zorro vs. Hijo de L.A. Park & Hijo
del Pirata Morgan
6. Xtreme Tiger vs. MVP
7. Alberto El Patron vs. Rush

11/26 Arena Jalisco (Makabre 25th Anniversary)
1. La Trakalosa/Dengue Asesino/Shyru Dragon Jr. vs. Black
Golden/Implacable/Jhonny Rock Copa Alaz Luchas
2. Estrella Oriental Jr. & El Enviado vs. Aramis & Alas de
3. Draego vs. Golden Magic
4. Crazy King vs. Demus 3:16
5. Makabre vs. Aeroboy vs. Ricky Marvin vs. Black Terry

11/17 Deportivo Pavon
1. ? vs. ?
2. Diamante/Super Brazo/Brazo de Oro Jr. vs. Villano V
Jr./Boby Zavala/Kaving
3. Lady Shani & Estrella Divina vs. La Hiedra & Mamba
4. Bengala & Nio Hamburguesa vs. Murder Clown & Monsther
5. Texano Jr. vs. Hijo del Fantasma vs. Psycho Clown vs.
Pagano Copa Polar 2017

11/15 Auditorio Miguel Barragan, San Luis Potosi
1. ? vs. ?
2. ?? vs. ??
3. Estrella Divina/Hijo del Vikingo/Chicano vs. Polvo de
Estrellas/Villano III Jr./Tiger Boy
4. Lady Shani & Ashley vs. Goya Kong & Hahastary
5. Lanzelot/Mascara de Bronce/Angelical vs. Mocho Cota
Jr./Carta Brava Jr./Tito Santana II
6. Psycho Clown/Angelico/Drago vs. Murder Clown/Monsther
Clown/Dave The Clown

12/3 Lienzo Charro Dr. Agustin Zaragoza, Valle de
Santiago, Guanajuato
1. ? vs. ?
2. ?? vs. ??
3. Maremoto Jr. & Joven Maravilla vs. Perro Negro & Juventud
4. Lady Shani & Big Mami vs. La Hiedra & Goya Kong
5. Lanzeloth & Venum vs. Cuervo & Scoria
6. La Parka/Argenis/Aerostar vs. Averno/Chessman/Super Fly

11/18 Emotion Casino, Jai Alai, Acapulco
1. Copa Promociones NOBA: Toxico vs. Saurom vs. Bizarro vs.
Kilates vs. Marvel vs. Guerrero Jr. vs. Pocima Letal vs.
Bulldog vs. Tormento Solar vs. Kraken vs. Optimus vs. Crazy
Thengu vs. Araa Negra vs. Sexy Lola
2. Jocker vs. Mercurio
3. Drone vs. Aspirantito Jr.
4. Ruleta de la Muerte w/ masks on the line: Cazador vs.
Baxter vs. Kid Silver vs. Enigma vs. Demonio Chino vs.
Andros Black vs. Uranio vs. Principe Aereo
5. Pez Tiger & Oriental vs. Virus vs. Dr. Aereo
6. Mephisto/El Terrible/Sagrado vs. Angel de Oro/Stuka
Jr./Gronda XXX

11/18 Arena San Juan Pantitlan
1. Astrolux & Aerodinamik vs. Torito Negro & Baby Star
2. Pegazus/Toxin/Tromba/Guerrero Mixtico vs. Fly
Star/Lunatik Xtreme/Thunder Storm/Cobre TSW Rumble
3. Toro Negro Jr. vs. Dr. Cerebro
4. Emperador Azteca vs. Latigo vs. Metaleon vs. Yoruba
5. Super Mega & Ultimo Vampiro vs. Drako & Corsario Negro
Super Libre
6. Flamita vs. El Bandido

11/25 Salon Citlali
1. ? vs. ?
2. Diosa Quetzal vs. Lilith Dark
3. Fulgor I & Fulgor II vs. Corsario & Drako
4. Lunatic Fly & Lunatic Xtreme vs. Ancla & Fly Warrior
5. Yoruba/Guerrero Mixtico/Alan Xtreme vs. Centvrion/Jerry
Calavera/Glenn Calavera
6. Toxico vs. Dr. Killer Mask vs. Hair match
7. Super Mega vs. Diva Salvaje

11/17 Auditorio de Tijuana
1. ? vs. ?
2. ?? vs. ??
3. Histeria/Amnesia/Cardenal Jr. vs. Tony Casanova/Black
4. Rubi Gardenia/TJ Boy/Romeo vs. Yuriko/Arandu/Rey Horus
5. Blue Demon Jr./Tinieblas Jr./Xtreme Tiger vs.
Cibernetico/Hijo del Solitario/Pirata Morgan

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