LUCHA: Lucha news/results for June 19, including AAA, CMLL, IWRG, and independents (Lucha World)

Posted on 6/19/117 by Bob Magee

Written By Alfredo Esparza

A second video showing the Alvarado family destroy Ultimo
Guerreros mustang surfaced on Saturday. It appears to be
filmed by Maximo on his cell phone as he is heard closely
talking about how you mess with one family member, you mess
with all the family. Video shows other family members
destroying the car and Brazo de Platino using his own cell
phone to film incident and cut a promo on Ultimo Guerrero.
Box y Lucha reported that Ultimo Guerrero mentioned on one
of his social media accounts that he had filed charges and
that lawsuit was in process.

Mas Lucha posted a video were they interviewed Brazo de
Plata (Super Porky) and Brazo de Platino at the Lucha Expo
press conference from earlier in the week. Super Porky
mentioned that he was still part of CMLL. He said that the
CMLL doctor has not cleared him to wrestle yet and he was
told that he had to lose 40 kilos. Porky said he hopes to
return to the ring in three months. Super Porky said that he
was going to talk to his CMLL bosses concerning La Mascara
and Maximos situation but that Maximo told him to stay out
of it since he wasnt involved. Maximo told him that he
would go independent and that if CMLL ever wants him back,
hed be glad to return. Brazo de Platino was not apologetic
over what he did and repeatedly said that it was easy to
bash someone who wasnt there to defend himself. Brazo de
Platino said that if what he did cost him work, so be it and
he had zero regrets defending the Alvarado family name. Mas
Lucha crew asked the Alvarados to update the current
situation and Brazo de Platino said he couldnt not speak
more about the incident and that the family has an attorney
handling this matter now.
Caristico & Soberano Jr. talked about their Gran Alternativa
win and also said they wanted a shot at the CMLL World Tag
Team titles currently held by Negro Casas & Shocker.

There was some news on this weeks Podcast Boom via Konnan
and Roberto Figueroa. Konnan talked about upcoming The Crash
shows and mentioned they were working on a date to hold a
show in Arena Naucalpan. He also mentioned that Sammy
Guevara and ACH would be getting Impact tryouts soon. Konnan
recommended Guevara to Impact. He also mentioned that Jeff
Jarrett wanted to get LAX to wrestle Aerostar & Drago (the
AAA tag team representatives) at Slammiversary. The Crash
would also be part of an upcoming expo in Las Vegas and if
that works well they plan to run a show at least once every
three months in Las Vegas. Konnan also said that The Crash
are in talks with Gabe Sapolsky of Evolve.

He also said The Crash will have a show at next years
Wrestlemania weekend in New Orleans as part of WrestleCon.
He also said that the last time he spoke to Ricochet (a.k.a.
Prince Puma) that Ricochet told him he wasnt so sure he was
going to go to WWE right away as hed enjoying his time
wrestling his current schedule. Roberto revealed that they
will treat Llaves y Candados and Revolucha as two different
brands. Llaves y Candados will features legends and veterans
and will be held at Arena Coliseo Monterrey when they
reopen. Revolucha will be more about the newer stars and
different matches.
Sammy Guevara & Rey Horus will make their PWG debuts on July

Defy Wrestling posted their upcoming show schedule which
will include a The Crash show on August 3rd in Tacoma, WA.


CMLL 6/16 Arena Mexico
1. Raziel & Virus beat Magia Blanca & Sangre Imperial
2. Dragon Rojo Jr./Polvora/Misterioso Jr. beat
Drone/Guerrero Maya Jr./Stuka Jr.
3. Shocker/Terrible/Vangellys beat Rush/Pierroth/Kraneo in a
Relevos Increibles match.
4. Dragon Lee beat Barbaro Cavernario in a match relampago
at 9:42.
5. Angel de Oro/Niebla Roja/Valiente beat Euforia/Gran
Guerrero/Negro Casas via DQ when Gran Guerrero unmasked
Niebla Roja in third fall.
6. Caristico & Soberano Jr. beat Sanson & Ultimo Guerrero to
win the Gran Alternativa Final.

Show Thoughts: The Dragon Lee Cavernario match relampago
and the Gran Alternativa Final are must-watch matches. Rest
of show wasnt very good. Dragon Lee vs. Barbaro Cavernario
was a fun fast-paced match. Take what they might do in a 20-
30 minute match and squeeze it into a match under 10 minutes
and its pretty crazy to watch. Main event was great! All
four guys were outstanding and its the type of match that
makes you remember and appreciate how good Ultimo Guerrero
and Caristico can be when they are motivated. Sanson and
Soberano Jr. held their own and I liked that they were able
to interact with the two vets in the match a lot.

CMLL 6/17 Arena Coliseo
1. Shockercito & Ultimo Dragoncito beat Mercurio & Pequeo
2. Canelo Casas/Nitro/Templario beat Bengala/Magnus/Robin
3. Blue Panther Jr./Stigma/The Panther beat
4. Hechicero/El Terrible/Vangellys beat Blue Panther/Johnny
Idol/Rey Cometa
5. Marco Corleone/Niebla Roja/Valiente beat
Ephesto/Luciferno/Mephisto via DQ when Mephisto fouled

FULL 6/17 Arena Neza
1. Angel del Amor/Reina Dorada/Gran Fenix beat
2. Motocross/Danger/Golden Bull beat Principe Kronos/Chico
Che/Ciclon Black
3. La Mosca beat Hip Hop Man and Pibe Alfajor in a 3-way
4. Hijo de Mascara Ao 2000 & Veneno beat Hijo de Mascara
Sagrada & Intocable
5. Tinieblas Jr./Cibernetico/Mr. Aguila beat Rey
Escorpion/Hijo de Pirata Morgan/Pirata Morgan

Tortas y Cafe Super Astro 6/16 Arena Azteca Budokan
1. Alas de Acero/Demasiado/Diva Salvaje beat
2. Rossy Moreno beat Keira and Lady Apache
3. Fresero Jr. beat Bobby Zavala
4. El Bandido/Emperador Azteca/Mr. Leo beat
5. Maximo/Mr. Aguila/Silver King beat Black
Taurus/Oriental/Septiembre Negro Jr.
6. Daga/Garza Jr./Golden Magic beat Hijo de Dos Caras/Hijo
de L.A. Park/Hijo de Dr. Wagner Jr.
7. Penta El Zero M & Rey Fenix beat Jack Evans & Rey Horus
and Flamita & Laredo Kid to retain the PWG Tag Team titles.
8. La Mascara & El Zorro beat L.A. Park & Rey Escorpion
Before match started, La Mascara showed a video featuring
Rush cutting a promo saying he would be at the June 29th
show. Maximo, Hijo de L.A. Park and Penta El Zero M all did
run-ins. Rey Escorpion turned on L.A. Park to give La
Mascara & El Zorro the win. Rey Escorpion then rejoined Los

7/15 San Diego, CA
1. Sargon vs. Efekto
2. Romeo & Urzus vs. Scream & Rhino
3. Ray Rosas/Peter Avalon/Pinky vs. Rico Dinamita/Che
Cabrera/Tito Escondido
4. Enigma vs. Hijo del Medico Asesino vs. Gran Bufalo
5. Psicosis & Blood Eagle vs. Misterioso Jr. & Magno

7/23 Casablanca Event Venue, Denver, CO
1. Black Boy vs. Delta Jr.
2. El Elegido vs. Corazon del Barrio
3. Sexy Star vs. Ludark Shaitan
4. Septimo Dragon & Aeroboy vs. Daga & Tiger
5. Laredo Kid vs. Flip Gordon

6/23 Turf Zone Arena, Keneedale, TX
1. Local Talent
2. Guerrero Negro Jr. vs. Epydemius
3. Low Rider vs. Erik Ortiz vs. Gringo Loco 3-way dance
4. Arez & Chik Tormenta vs. Silver Tiger & Keira
5. Lou Gotti Sterrett vs. Taurus
6. Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Ultimo Ninja

6/19 Poliforum La Fe, Nuevo Laredo
1. Mascara de Bronce/Soul Rocker/Venum vs. Carta Brava
Jr./Lanzelot/Mocho Cota Jr.
2. Pimpinela Escarlata vs. Estrella Divina vs. Mamba
3. Drago & Aerostar vs. Bengala & Australian Suicide
4. Pagano vs. El Mesias
5. La Parka/Argenis/Ricky Marvin vs. Chessman/Averno/Super
6. Psycho Clown/Hijo del Fantasma/Faby Apache vs. Dr. Wagner
Jr./Kevin Kross/Taya

6/30 Gimnasio Miguel Hidalgo, Puebla
1. Drago/Aerostar/Raptor vs. Mocho Cota Jr./Carta Brava
Jr./Soul Rocker
2. La Parka/Argenis/Lanzelot vs. Averno/Chessman/Super Fly
3. Hijo del Fantasma/Mascara De Bronce/Bengala vs. Kevin
Kross/Luchador Sorpresa/Australian Suicide
4. Johnny Mundo vs. Texano Jr. AAA World Mega title
5. Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. El Mesias
6. Psycho Clown vs. Pagano

6/19 Arena Puebla
1. Centella Roja & Hijo de Centella Roja vs. Policeman &
Fuerza Chicana
2. Estrellita & Sanely vs. Dalys & Amapola
3. Lestat/Espiritu Maligno/Black Tiger vs. Ares/Arkangel/Rey
4. Angel de Oro/Titan/Stigma vs. Dragon Rojo
5. Caristico/Mistico/Dragon Lee vs. Mr. Niebla/Negro
Casas/Barbaro Cavernario
6. Hechicero vs. Atlantis NWA World Historic Light
Heavyweight Title.

6/20 Arena Mexico
1. Ultimo Dragoncito & Fantasy vs. Pequeo Olimpico
2. Magnus/Metatron/Oro Jr. vs. Akuma/Canelo Casas/Sangre
3. The Panther/Pegasso/Blue Panther Jr. vs. Virus/Puma/Tiger
4. Blue Panther/Drone/Fuego vs. Sam Adonis/Sanson/Cuatrero
5. Caristico/Mistico/Valiente vs. Mephisto/Luciferno/Ephesto
6. Volador Jr. vs. Barbaro Cavernario NWA WOrld Historic
Welterweight Title

6/20 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1. Tigre Blanco & Fantastico vs. Linterna & Guerrero de la
2. Astral/Sensei/Omar Brunetti vs. Espiritu Negro/Hijo del
3. Guerrero Maya Jr./Soberano/Esfinge vs. Sagrado/Misterioso
4. Mr. Niebla/Negro Casas/Felino vs. Rey Cometa/Stuka
Jr./Johnny Idol
5. Marco Corleone/Niebla Roja/Diamante Azul vs.

6/23 Arena Mexico
1. Robin & Flyer vs. Arkangel de la Muerte & Disturbio
2. Shockercito/Stukita/Electrico vs. Mercurio/Pequeo
Nitro/Pequeo Violencia
3. Estrellita/Marcela/Princesa Sugehit vs.
4. Vangellys vs. Pierroth Match Relampago
5. Angel de Oro/Niebla Roja/Dragon Lee vs. Negro Casas/Rey
Bucanero/Gran Guerrero
6. Volador Jr./Marco Corleone/Diamante Azul vs. Rush/Barbaro

6/29 Arena Aficion Pachuca
1. Los Chiki Nerds (Iwring/Erwing/Luigi) vs. Billy/Hard
2. Astrolux/Kid Cometa/Kingston/Tiburon/Toto vs. Black
Metal/Drolux/Pardux/Tony Iron/Voldemort
3. Aeroboy/Cobre/Moria vs. Mike Suicida & 2 X-Law Surprises
4. Los Nerds (Jimmy & Kevin) vs. El Exotico/Pesadilla vs.
Los Malkriados (Gio & Junior)
5. Crazy King vs. Markus Crane vs. Polux Jr. vs. Corsario
Negro Jr.
6. Paranoiko & Toxico vs. Angel O Demonio & Ovett vs.
Halloween & Super Mega
7. Ciclope & Miedo Extremo vs. Jimmy Lloyd & Matt Tremont

6/30 Arena Queretaro
1. Los Chiki Nerds (Iwring/Erwing/Luigi) vs. Billy/Hard
2. Toto & Camuflaje vs. Drolux & Lokillo
3. Kid Cometa vs. Exotico vs. Pardux vs. Tiburon
4. Los Nerds (Kevin & Jimmy)/Angel O Demonio/Voldemort vs.
Dragones de Oriente 1 & 2/Los Drabek 1 & 2
5. Vengador & Kastigador vs. Moria & Cobre vs. Mike Suicida
& Pesadilla (X-LAW)
6. Halloween/Gio/Junior (X-LAW) vs. Crazy King/Corsario
Negro Jr./Polux Jr. Tables, Lighttubes & Thumbtacks match.
7. Matt Tremont/Jimmy Lloyd/Markus Crane (GCW) vs.
Toxico/Paranoiko/Ovett (DTU)

7/2 Unidad Deportiva Lic. Jose Lopez Portillo, San Luis
1. Chiki Nerds (Irwing/Erwing/Luigi) vs. Billy/Hard
2. Tiburon vs. Voldemort vs. Kid Cometa vs. Pardux vs. Astro
3. Toto vs. Moria vs. Seiya vs. Drolux
4. Vengador & Kastigador vs. Mike Suicida & X-LAW Luchador
5. Pesadilla & Los Malkriados (Gio & Junior) vs. Cobre & Los
Nerds (Kevin & Jimmy)
6. Jimmy Lloyd vs. Paranoiko vs. Ovett vs. Furia Salvaje
Chairs & Thumbtacks match.
7. Matt Tremont & D-Polux Jr. vs. Markus Crane & Crazy King

7/3 Gym Municipal, Irapuato, Guanajuato
1. Lucifer/Llama Infernal/Inquisidor vs. Perro Callejero
Sr./Perro Callejero Jr./Dr. Polux Sr.
2. Atomico/Ursus/X-Danzz vs. Chica Yeye/Gremlin/Crazy Latino
3. Lady Apache/Keira/Lady Maravilla vs. Ultraman
4. Trauma I/Trauma II/Dr. Polux Jr. vs. Extreme Tiger/Rey
Horuz/Murcielago Plateado
5. Angel O Demonio vs. Angelus Fly Hair match with
surprise match stip.
6. L.A. Park & Hijo de L.A. Park vs. Dr. Wagner Jr. & Hijo
de Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. Damian 666 & Bestia 666 vs. Silver
King & Silver King Jr.

7/15 Deportivo Morelos, Cuajimalpa
1. Alfa & Omega vs. Tupac Amaru & Rider
2. Saru/Angel del Amor/Pequeo Warrior vs. Hip Hop Man/Pibe
Alfajor/La Mosca
3. Mascarita Sagrada/Bracito/Miss Gaviota vs. Mini
Cibernetico/Mini Oriental/Yuriko
4. Atlantis & Huracan Ramirez Jr. vs. Cien Caras Jr. &

7/22 Palenque de Tlaxcala
1. ? vs. ?
2. Gran Fenux & Angel del Amor vs. Luzbel Jr. & Rider
3. Mascarita Sagrada/Reyna Dorada/Saru vs. Mini
Cibernetico/Quimera/Pequeo Warrior
4. Gronda XXX/Hijo de Mascara Sagrada/Hijo de Dos Caras vs.
Intocable/Hijo de Mascara Ao 2000/Scorpio Jr.
5. Blue Demon Jr./Tinieblas Jr./M-Ximo vs. Cibernetico/Hijo
de Dr. Wagner Jr./Hijo de Pirata Morgan

6/24 Arena San Juan
1. Ancla Jr. & Luchador Sorpresa vs. Tesca & Luchador
2. Hahastary & Basted vs. Diosa Quetzal & Black Fury
3. Danger vs. Lokillus vs. Yoruba vs. Toxin vs. Belial vs.
4. Latigo & Centvrion vs. Astrolux & Black Metal
5. Demus vs. Black Terry
6. L.A. Park/Hijo de L.A. Park/Terremoto vs. La

7/1 Arena Neza (Show celebrating L.A. Parks 34 years in
pro wrestling)
1. Keira vs. Lady Maravilla
2. Neza Kid/Mike Suicida/Dinamic Black vs. Toxin Boy/Fly
3. Dark ozz & Dark Espiritu vs. Hijo de L.A. Park & Hijo de
Pirata Morgan
4. M-Ximo & Rey Escorpion vs. El Zorro & Sharlie Rockstar
5. Rey Fenix/Daga/Garza Jr. vs. Nicho El Millonario/Damian
666/Bestia 666
6. L.A. Park vs. Penta El Zero M vs. La Mascara

7/2 Auditorio Municipal Julian Carrillo, Apan, Hidalgo
1. Payasito Star/Star Black/Comandito vs. Sombra
Azul/Tormenta Roja/Struendo
2. Marcela & Estrellita vs. Amapola & Dalys
3. Comando/Mega Fly/Olin vs. Centinela/Kraken/Karma
4. Polvora/Dragon Rojo Jr./Rey Tormenta Jr. vs.
Psicosis/Deluto IV/Deluto Jr.
5. Hijo de Rey Misterio/Atlantis/Stuka Jr. vs. Negro
Casas/Mr. Niebla/Felino

7/2 Palenque de Gallos, Comitan, Chiapas
1. Draxter & Leo Panther vs. Estigma & Walkiria
2. Chaman & Gotico vs. Tribal & Byan Star vs. Psycho &
Flashman vs. Negro Heru & Peligro Chiapas State Tag Team
3. Mr. Sombra vs. Shendor vs. Devorador vs. Angel Caido
Chiapas State Middleweight Title
4. Faby Apache & Nio Hamburguesa vs. La Hiedra & Mamba
5. Dizzy & Aerostar vs. Dark Cuervo & Dark Scoria
6. Psycho Clown/Argenis/Hijo del Fantasma vs. Pagano/Murder
Clown/Monsther Clown

7/7 Arena Lopez Mateos
1. Angeluz & Chico Che vs. Sicario I & Sicario II
2. Concord/Freelance/Super Terry vs. Sable/Cadillac/Sadico
3. Polvo de Estrellas/Dinastia/Sexy Angel vs. Mamba/Diosa
Atenea/Mini Psycho Clown
4. Aerostar/Drago/Argenis vs. Averno/Joe Lider/Parka Negra
5. Psycho Clown & Pagano vs. Texano Jr. & El Mesias

7/9 Distribuidora de Pollo Samano, Col. Culhuacan
1. Amadeus & Black Simba vs. Star Cross & Leon Dorado
2. Baby Star & Meteoro Kid vs. Fulgor II & Thunder Storm
3. Demasiado/Fiero/Rayo Star vs. Glen Calavera/Jerry
4. Metaleon & Mr. Leo vs. Templario & Climax Jr. vs. Latigo
& Centvrion

7/9 Auditorio Municipal Gilberto Palomino, Guanajuato
1. Rayo Metalico/Ultimo Halcon Azteca/Angel del Ring vs. Kid
Celestial/Black Estigma/Rey Tornado
2. Dick Turpin vs. Criminal vs. Arracadas vs. Rey Egipcio
3. Mascarita Sagrada/El Guapito/Reyna Dorada vs. Mini
Histeria/Mini Hacha/Reyna Oscura
4. Bandido & Principe Dragon vs. Huracan Ramirez Jr. & May
5. Mistico & Arcangel vs. Caristico & Psycho Dement

7/14 Cancha German Evers, Mazatlan, Sinaloa
1. ? vs. ?
2. Fly Metal & Flash Boy vs. Antrax Infernal & Wilbert
3. Pimpinela/Big Mami/Kempo Dragon vs. Mamba/La
Hiedra/Terremoto King Jr.
4. Chessman & Averno vs. Angelico & Australian Suicide
5. La Parka & Psycho Clown vs. Monsther Clown & Murder Clown

7/15 Salon Rojo del Club Toluca
1. ? vs. ?
2. Lanzelot & Dinastia vs. Mini Histeria & Mini Psicosis
3. Faby Apache/Mary Apache/Ayako Hamada/Goya Kong vs.
Pimpinela Escarlata/Mamba/Polvo de Estrellas/Estrella Divina
Royal Rumble type match with Women vs. Exoticos.
4. La Parka/Drago/Australian Suicide vs. Murder
Clown/Monsther Clown/Dave The Clown
5. Pagano vs. Psycho Clown vs. Joe Lider 3-way Bull
Terrier Match

7/22 Cancha San Bernardino, Izucar de Matamoros Puebla
1. Bill Star & Pequeo Dragon vs. Destino Maya & Strip David
2. Esplendor & COmeta Boy Jr. vs. Malda Extrema & Tigre
3. Polvo de Estrellas & La Hiedra vs. Lady Shani & Mamba
4. La Parka/Argenis/Aerostar vs. Averno/Chessman/Super Fly
5. Psycho Clown vs. Pagano vs. Joe Lider

7/27 Arena Xalapa
1. Jack Evans/Flamita/As del Espacio Jr. vs. Dragon De
Oro/Cosmos/Aero Tiger
2. Daga/Garza Jr./El Zorro vs. Mr. Electro/Sharly
3. Penta El Zero M & The King (Rey Fenix) vs. La Mascara &

7/29 Instalaciones del Sutage
1. Planetario Jr. & Bat Boy vs. Angel del Apocalipsis &
2. Comandante Villa/Cupido Maldito/Guerrero Galactico vs.
Muerte Infernal/Ultimatum/King Blazer
3. Ciclon Ramirez Jr./Hades/Black Mister vs.
Bandido/Caballero Galactico/Raffles II
4. Negro Casas & Misterioso Jr. vs. Mistico & Blue Panther

7/30 Gimnasio Municipal Josue Neri Santos, Ciudad Juarez
1. ? vs. ?
2. ?? vs. ??
3. Estrellita & Princesa Sugehit vs. Dalys & Zeuxis
4. Niebla Roja/Stuka Jr./Emulo vs. Negro Casas/Barbaro
Cavernario/Black Demon
5. Mistico & Caristico vs. Euforia & Mephisto
6. L.A. Park/Volador Jr./Hijo de L.A. Park vs.
Rush/Pierroth/El Ingobernable (?)

6/24 Arena Lopez Mateos
1. Avantar/Channel/Optimus vs. Lunatik Xtreme/Fandango/Toto
2. Demonio Chino/Enigma/Cazador vs. Yoruba/Kilvan/Shadow
3. Fantasma de la Opera/Cerebro Negro/Carta Brava vs.
Herodes Jr./Fresero Jr./Angel O Demonio
4. Arez/Centvrion/Fly Warrior/Latigo/Metaleon/Mr.
Leo/Septimo Rayo vs. Eterno/Aspirantito/Toxin
Boy/Baxter/Tromba/Atomic Star/Freelance Torneo Cibernetico
5. Hijo de L.A. Park & Mr. Aguila vs. Golden Magic &
Emperador Azteca
6. L.A. Park vs. Dr. Wagner Jr.

6/25 Arena Jose Sulaiman, Monterrey
1. Mini Difunto & Hija de Karonte vs. Mini Divo & Tsunami
2. Larry Miranda & Dulce Canela vs. Chica de Arabia & La
3. Quinto Elemento & Faceman vs. Vazco Jr. & PeeWee
4. Galactar & Difunto I vs. Titanik & Demenzia
5. L.A. Park & Hijo de L.A. Park vs. M-Ximo & La Mascara

7/2 Arena Jalisco
1. El Enviado/La Trakalosa/Black Golden vs. Denque
2. Estrella Explosiva vs. Chik Tormenta Chain match.
3. Estrella Oriental Jr. vs. Skyman Muchas Luchas Supremo
4. Drako & Corsario (CaraLucha) vs. C. King & Caim (Arena
Jalisco) vs. Brian Villa & Willy Banderas (Muchas Luchas)
5. Makabre & El Gallo vs. Hijo de L.A. Park & Dr. Cerebro
6. Ramses (Silver King) vs. L.A. Park vs. Rayman

6/24 Gym Factores Mutuos, Monterrey
1. Scravos vs. Baby Fox
2. Sick Boy vs. Pedro Navajas
3. Ultimo Ninja vs. Bestia 666
4. Lord Byron & Psicotico vs. Centinela & Core
5. Nicho El Millonario & Damian 666 vs. Masada & Sinn Bodhi

7/7 Cancha Futcenter, Acapulco
1. Rolls Royce/Super Chiva/Abyss Crazy Jr. vs. Guerrero
Azteca/Jocker/Lobo Plateado
2. Marcela & Skadi vs. Lady Lee & Baronesa Promociones
Cholo de Tijuana Womens Tag Team titles.
3. Kid Silver/Fiero/Capitan Atomo vs. Black Warrior
Jr./Black Silver Jr./Hijo de Black Silver
4. Ciclon Ramirez Jr./Bandido/Emperador Azteca vs.
5. Caristico vs. Volador Jr. Promociones Cholo de Tijuana
Middleweight title.

7/19 Auditorio Miguel Barragan, San Luis Potosi
1. ? vs. ?
2. Mascara de Bronce/Lanzelot/Venum vs. Mocho Cota Jr./Carta
Brava Jr./Soul Rocker
3. Pimpinela Escarlata & Mamba vs. Lady Shani & La Hiedra
4. Texano Jr. & Hijo del Fantasma vs. Averno & Chessman
5. La Parka/Psycho Clown/Joe Lider vs. Pagano/Murder
Clown/Monsther Clown

7/9 Arena Coliseo Monterrey
1. Mini Hator & Jerrito Estrada vs. Mini Bengali & Mini
2. Golden Boy & Rey Demonio Jr. vs. Larry Miranda & Ericka
3. Hijo de Dr. Wagner Jr. & Demus vs. Arez & Rico Rodriguez
4. Cibernetico & Sharlie Rockstar vs. Damian 666 & El Zorro
5. Bestia 666 vs. Daga vs. Willie Mack vs. Ultimo Ninja vs.
Sammy Guevara 5-way match.
6. Penta El Zero M & Garza Jr. vs. M-Ximo & La Mascara

6/22 Big Daddy Latino, Mexico City
1. Aeroboy vs. Superxtar vs. Eterno
2. Sanely vs. Lady Apache
3. Hijo de Dos Caras vs. Huracan Ramirez
4. Mini Rey Misterio vs. Mini Juvenutd Guerrera
5. Super Crazy vs. Sam Adonis
6. Juventud Guerrera vs. Dragon Lee

6/23 Auditorio de Tijuana
1. Black Danger vs. Oraculo
2. Rey Horus vs. Matt Sydal vs. Lio Rush vs. Sami Callihan
The Crash Cruiserweight title!
3. Jack Evans/Douglas James/Flip Gordon vs. Bestia 666/Hijo
del Pirata Morgan/Mr. 450
4. Keith Lee & Jeff Cobb vs. Willie Mack & Brian Cage
5. Penta El Zero M & The King (Rey Fenix) vs. La Mascara &
6. Daga & Garza Jr. vs. Damian 666 & Nicho El Millonario
Cage match with hair on the line.

6/30 Auditorio de Tijuana
1. Zarco & X-torm vs. Enigma & Angel Metalico
2. Black Silver Jr./Proximo/Cholo de Tijuana vs. Arandu/TJ
Boy/Tony Casanova
3. Caifan I & II vs. Solar & Negro Navarro
4. El Guapito & Zacarias El Perico vs. Mije & Micro Man
5. Caristico/Mistico/Xtreme Tiger vs. Ultimo Guerrero/Gran

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