LUCHA: Lucha news/results for February 17, including AAA, CMLL, IWRG, and independents (Lucha World)

Posted on 2/17/117 by Bob Magee


Written By Alfredo Esparza

BARACAL Entertainments debut show on March 11th will be
honoring Pierroth (Norberto Salgado) and will be headlined
by L.A. Park vs. Rush.

On the heels of Sangre Chicana Jrs accident in which he
suffered severe 2nd & 3rd degree burns while wrestling in a
lucha extrema match in Saltillo, Coahuila, the Box y Lucha
Commission of Ciudad Juarez decided to ban the use of fire
in lucha libre matches in that city. Pagano was not pleased
with the decision and mentioned that it was ignorance by the
Box y Lucha Commission of Juarez given that the use of fire
while dangerous should be allowed for those who know
(trained professionals) how to use it properly. Some have
said that the reason this accident happened to Sangre
Chicana Jr. was due not being experienced in lucha extrema
matches and using fire in a match. La Hiedra was a guest on
this weeks En Carados podcast and said the same thing and
talked about being concerned for her brother. (More from La
Hiedra in the En Carados recap)

Los Traumas I & II were announced for ChilangaMasks first
show this year on 4/23. Trauma II who hasnt been heard of
or seen in the ring for several weeks is starting to show up
on lineups for lucha shows in March.

Plantilla Deportiva interviewed MetaLeon & Mr. Leo (Lion
Brothers). The brother tag team talked about growing up as
fans of lucha libre. MetaLeon talked about training with his
father Leon Dorado, in CMLLs school with Arkangel de la
Muerte and later with Black Terry. He said he idolized
Huracan Ramirez. Mr. Leo preferred international wrestling
and grew up a fan of Tiger Mask. Also a fan of Kota Ibushi,
Low Ki and likes New Japan Pro Wrestling. One of Mr. Leos
trainers was Durango Kid and he showed him Japanese
wrestling videos. They were asked about the difficulty
making a career out of lucha libre and brought up a time in
Guadalajara were they had no money, no place to stay and
slept in a bus station. Mr. Leo said it wasnt just them who
went thru this but other luchadores on that trip including
Ares & Belial. Said that situation made those on that trip
close friends and said it taught them to appreciate what
they have in life more. They want their main goal in 2017 to
be the best tag team in Lucha Libre Elite. Theyve been a
team for 4 years and MetaLeon came up with the name of Lion
Brothers. Good interview.

Lucha Talk Ep. 22 is now available! This weeks show we
talked about the career and recent passing of Chavo Guerrero
Sr., recapped CMLLs Torneo Increibles, AAA TV, Blue Demon
TV series finale and we came up with a What if WWE Mexico
tournament lineup by selecting 16 luchadores. Well be
running twitter polls to come up with who everyone thinks
would win. First round matches were picked out at random.

El Zorro will be doing a Facebook Live video on Friday 9 pm

WPW & Dantes Factory will be running a pair of shows at the
Riverfront Park in Maywood, CA on 2/21 & 2/26. The 2/26 show
will feature Atlantis. Apolo Dantes will be wrestling on
both shows.

The Crash will be making its way to Aguascalientes on 3/9.

You know how we all have dream matches wed like to see and
then sometimes some match comes up and you realize you never
knew you wanted to see that dream match, well MLLWs next
show in Memphis on 2/26 features Broken Matt Hardy again
Hijo del Espectro!

Finally watched the Dragon Lee vs. Hiromu Takahashi
(Kamaitachi) match from New Japans 2/11 show. Thought it
was great. Had some crazy spots in it. Heck seconds into the
match, Dragon Lee hits a crazy tope suicida. Takahashi
tossed Dragon Lee off the top turnbuckle at one point. Your
usual crazy spots from these two. I thought the 3/4/16 &
12/4/15 Arena Mexico matches were better but this was really
great and quite frankly everyones gonna have a different
favorite from all their matches. They even had a fun match
relampago a few years ago too.

En Carados Ep. 11 RECAP
The Mas Lucha crew gave recaps of shows they attended this
past weekend to start the show. They brought up how
disappointing Astral & Principe Diamantes Friday match was.
Belial was the first guest and talked about his upcoming
matches for Lucha Memes and for WMC. He was excited about
wrestling Virus on the Lucha Memes show. In WMC, hes in a
3-way match with Impulso & Ares. He seemed to hint that
theyve all changed in how they view wrestling and the trio
might split up. He talked about his international dream
match would be against Zack Sabre Jr. and knows that Lucha
Memes is planning to bring him in for an upcoming show.

La Hiedra talked about her brother Sangre Chicanas accident
in Coahuila. She was in Aguascalientes at that time and
heard the news from her mother. Said she was very worried
for her brother. La Hiedra said it happened at Arena Tigre
Padilla and that everyone confuses which brother was in the
accident. Sangre Chicana Jr. was previously Perseus. She
spoke to her brother over the phone and he told her that he
was in a lot of pain from the burns and has had trouble

She brought up the benefit show and that they are auctioning
off a mask (which happens to be the one that he wore in the
lucha extrema match). La Hiedra said her father (Sangre
Chicana) was both upset and concerned for his son. She said
the Arena Tigre Padilla promoter has gone out of his way to
help Sangre Chicana Jr. with medical bills, etc. She talked
about the trio that shes formed with Goya Kong and Lady
Shani in AAA called Dangerous Curves. She joked that she
got the best reaction from the fans and also mentioned that
shes only 19 years old. La Hiedra said she has a sister
that wrestles as Lady Chicana and that Lluvia & Sangre
Imperial in CMLL are both half-siblings. She also said that
AAA never asked her if she would take on the Sexy Star
name and said she wouldnt accept it anyway since shed like
to make it on her own. Bernardo Guzman noticed how Sangre
Chicanas daughters are pretty while his sons are ugly!

Really wacky debate on fire in death matches between the

Wotan was the final guest. He talked about an incident he
had with a fan at a recent show. He attacked the fan before
his match. He said that perhaps he should have handled it
differently but this fan has been harassing him online for a
long time. Wotan said that the fan sent him threatening
messages on facebook that he has saved. He brought up that
the fan was actually a guy who trained to wrestle and
recently made his debut in Arena San Juan. Wotan said he
wrestles as El Impostor. He said that he wasnt sure if
the fan was mentally stable and said that the guy is very
rude towards other fans as well. Wotan said that he might be
wrestling internationally soon for a promotion that is
mostly known for lucha extrema/hardcore wrestling.

Fugaz, Astro & Espiritu Maligno were the first guests on
Informa to talk about participating in Sundays Torneo
Cibernetico to determine finalists for the vacant CMLL Minis
title. All three were taller than the small minis of the
past. Espiritu Maligno talked about wrestling for 26 years
and this being the first time he would be wrestling in Arena
Mexico. Fugaz has been wrestling for 3 years and has been
wrestling in Arena Coliseo Guadalajara for 1 year. He was
trained by his grandfather Chucho Garcia and in Guadalajara
by Magnum. Fugazs father wrestles on smaller shows in
Guadalajara as El Brujo. Astros mostly been in Puebla. Fan
asked why these guys are coming into Arena Mexico as minis
when they all wrestle against regular-sized guys in Puebla
and Guadalajara. Fugaz said it was an opportunity he
couldnt pass up to make it CMLL in Arena Mexico and also
brought up how Astral moved to the bigger division recently.
Espiritu Maligno said that he didnt think there were too
many minis around and that most of the guys are so much
taller. Astro & Espiritu Maligno both brought up that they
hoped this wasnt a one-time shot in Arena Mexico.

CMLL Match of the week: Puebla Torneo Cibernetico from
Angel de Oro was the next guest. JCR mentioned that Angel de
Oro, Niebla Roja and La Sombra came to CMLL by way of Hector
Garza recommending them. They showed Angel de Oro the entire
25 second match from Friday. Angel de Oro said he knew he
couldnt trust Rey Bucanero. Angel de Oro and JCR were
distracted by Dragon Rojo Jr who was seated in the back of
the studio. Angel de Oro said that he watches Informa
regularly because this being his career he needs to keep up
to date on the news.

Guerrero Maya Jr. & Dragon Rojo Jr. next guests to talk
about their upcoming Friday tag match. Guerrero Maya Jr.
brought up how Dragon Rojo Jr. talks a lot, made the mask
challenge and then backed out. Dragon Rojo Jr. accepted
another mask challenge. Dragon Rojo Jr. said that he doesnt
know what will happen on Friday and that he hates Guerrero
Maya Jr. and thinks his mask is ugly! Guerrero Maya Jr. said
hed like to face Valiente & Ultimo Guerrero. Dragon Rojo
Jr. picked Mistico & Negro Casas but also said it probably
wouldnt happen because he doesnt think he can get along
with Guerrero Maya Jr.

Volador Jr. was the final guests on the show. He was asked
about beating Caristico & Mephisto. JCR asked if its special
to beat Caristico to which Volador Jr. said its not as much,
but he does take some delight to beat someone who left and
bit the hand that use to feed him. JCR asked Volador Jr.
about the post-match comments with the media were Volador
Jr. challenged Barbaro Cavernario to a hair match. Volador
Jr. said that hes still a bit upset that Barbaro Cavernario
won Rey del Aire when he doesnt consider him a high-flyer.
Volador Jr. said that Cavernario accepted the hair match,
but then Cavernario said that he need time to prepare and
couldnt do it at Dos Leyendas. Volador Jr. said that there
was plenty of time to prepare for Dos Leyendas and that hed
like to do it on that show. Volador Jr. said hed like to
face Ultimo Guerrero & Valiente in the finals. JCR brought
up some other teams and when he brought up Terrible & Rush,
JCR mentioned the catch phrase used for Terrible about
having a face only a mother would love. Volador Jr. joked
that not even Rushs mother loves Rush.

JCR told Volador Jr. that Pierroth adopted La Mascara, to
which Volador Jr. replied that perhaps Pierroths the kind
of father that doesnt take care of his kids. The women
wanted Volador Jr. to do a slo-mo vuelta, a little dance,
then turn to the camera and blow a kiss at them. Volador Jr.
refused to blow a kiss but did a vuelta. JCR blew the women
a kiss. Volador Jr. said that he trains for 2 1/2 hours a
day and that he doesnt really have a strict diet. He only
does the diet before a big match. Volador Jr. said he no
longer had any social media. Said he was upset that there
were so many people making fake accounts and tricking fans
that he didnt want to have any social media account.
Seconds before the show ended, they mentioned Yoshi Tatsu
appearing on Fridays show.


CMLL 2/13 Arena Puebla
1. Centella & Flyer beat Ares & Guerrero Espacial
2. Asturiano & Black Tiger beat Rey Apocalipsis & Toro Bill
3. Disturbio & Policeman beat Lestat & Rey Samuray
4. Virus won a torneo cibernetico. Order of Elimination:
Okumura, Guerrero Maya Jr., Fuego, Skandalo, Star Jr.,
Sagrado, Stigma, Polvora & Soberano.
5. Rush beat Diamante Azul via DQ. La Mascara tried to get
involved, so ref was distracted trying to stop him. Rush
then faked a foul and got the win.
6. Mistico/Dragon Lee/Volador Jr. beat Negro Casas/La

CMLL 2/14 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1. Linterna & Relampago beat Capitan Cobra & Magico
Capitan Cobra replaced Nautilius who suffered a head injury
and couldnt continue match.
2. Cancerbero/Canelo Casas/Difunto beat Magnum/Principe
3. Cavernario/Puma/Tiger beat Blue Panther Jr./The
4. Pierroth beat Diamante Azul when he snuck in a foul and
unmasked Diamante Azul for win.
5. Dragon Lee/Mistico/Rush beat Euforia/Niebla Roja/Ultimo
Rush replaced Caristico.

CMLL 2/14 Arena Mexico
1. Shockercito & Ultimo Dragoncito beat Pequeo Olimpico &
Pequeo Nitro
2. Raziel/Sangre Azteca/Grako beat Magia Blanca/Sangre
3. Soberano Jr./Stigma/Star Jr. beat Virus/Okumura/Skandalo
4. Pegasso beat Disturbio in a match relampago
5. El Terrible/Rey Bucanero/Vangellys beat Angel de Oro/Rey
Cometa/Johnny Idol
6. Los Hijos del Infierno (Mephisto/Ephesto/Luciferno) beat
Volador Jr./Maximo Sexy/Marco Corleone
Ephesto challenged Volador Jr. to a match for the NWA
Historic Welterweight title!

IWRG 2/15 Arena Naucalpan
1. Araa de Plata beat Shadow Boy
2. Avisman beat Odin
3. Diablo Jr./Douki/Hip Hop Man beat Alfa/Omega/Black Dragon
4. Diva Salvajge/Demasiado/Nygma beat Las Tortugas Ninja
5. Diablo Jr. beat Emperador Azteca
6. Demonio Infernal/Relampago/Cerebro Negro beat
Eterno/Heddi Karaoui/Apolo Estrada Jr.

2/25 San Diego, CA
1. ? vs. ?
2. Lady Lee vs. Amazona
3. Efekto vs. Exodus
4. Rico Dinamita/Ray Rosas/Peter Avalon vs. Estudiante
5. TJ Boy/Star Boy/Zargon/Bufalo Ayala vs. Super Boy
Jr./Principe Indu Jr./Rayden/Legacy Trofeo Baja Stars
6. L.A. Park & Hijo de L.A. Park vs. Damian 666 & Extreme

2/18 Turf Zone Arena, Kennedale, TX
1. Principe Arion vs. Taylor Yet
2. Kilye Rae vs. Simply Lucious
3. Ayden Cristiano vs. Gino Medina
4. Ronnie Mendoza vs. Xtreme Tiger
5. Laredo Kid vs. Fuego del Sol vs. Sammy Guevara
6. Penta 0M vs. Violento Jack Lucha Extrema

2/25 San Diego, CA
1. Ryan Kidd vs. Eli Everfly OWA U.S. Title
2. Inframundo Jr. vs. Huracan vs. Donnie Suarez OWA
International Title
3. Datura vs. Ruby Raze OWA Womens Title
4. Seraphim/Fidel Bravo/Rocket Boy/Dragox/Adrian Quest/Jake
Atlas/Crescenzo OWA Guantlet for 2017 Gladiator Cup
5. Violento Jack & Aero Boy vs. The Freakshow OWA Tag Team
6. Laredo Kid vs. REY FENIX OWA Border X World Title
Tournament (1st Round)
7. Rey Horus vs. The Oracle OWA Border X World Title
Tournament (1st Round)
8. Bestia 666 vs. Jack Evans OWA Border X World Title
Tournament (1st Round)

2/19 Boys & Girls Club, El Paso, TX
1. Antrax vs. Lagunero
2. Vaquero Love & Ocnix vs. Alero & Furia Guerrera
3. Uzziel & Kimo vs. Galactico Sr. & Black Juvy
4. Zeuxis & Sexy Flowers vs. Tiffany & Manza Trump
5. Daga/Emulo/Sky Bird vs. Fuego/Hermes/Angelix

2/26 Clela Arena, Los Angeles, CA
1. Thunder Rosa vs. Lady Lee UIPW Womens Title
2. Nightmare Azteca & Turtle vs. Kid Tornado & Potro Romano
3. Ray Rosas vs. O.G. Playboy vs. Coa Azul vs. Super Natural
vs. Ricky The Activist vs. Hector Canales UIPW Internet
4. Misterioso Jr./Shamu Jr./Acero Dorado vs. Violento
Jack/Aero Boy/Enigma
5. Brian Cage vs. Funny Bone

2/26 Boys & Girls Club of El Paso
1. Black Hallow & Antrax vs. Reo & Lagunero
2. Uzziel/Emulo/El Gato vs. Hurricane Hector/Mini
3. Perrush-K/Nacho Libre/Trimegistro vs. V.I.P
4. Magno/Aereo/Peluchin Maldad vs. Rush/Fussion/Rey
Escorpion (El Paso)
5. Imposter Jr./Hijo del Marquez/Maquina 4 Jr. vs. Hijo del
Solitario/Cobarde Jr./Black Fish

WPW & Dantes Lucha Factory
2/21 River Front Park, Maywood, CA
1. Cristal vs. Amazona
2. La Golosa vs. Red Spaider
3. Legacy & El Forjador vs. Super Boy Jr. & Principe Indu
4. Mariachi Loco/Seiya/Potro Romano vs. Apolo Dantes/Lil
Cholo/Hijo de Monster

2/26 River Front Park, Maywood, CA
1. Platinum Players vs. Los Hijos de Trump
2. Red Spaider/Inframundo/Rey Bengala vs. La
Golosa/Veinum/Ricky The Activist
3. Desi Derata & Amazona vs. Cristal & Lady Lee
4. Seiya & Legacy vs. Super Boy Jr. & Principe Indu Jr.
5. Atlantis/Canek Jr./Mariachi Loco vs. Apolo
Dantes/Okumura/Shamu Jr.

3/5 Plaza de Toros Rodolfo Rodriguez el Pana, Apizaco,
1. Lanzelot/Venum/Mascara de Bronce vs. Soul Rocker/Mocho
Cota Jr./Carta Brava Jr.
2. El Elegido/Argenis/Dinastia/Big Mami vs. Dave The
Clown/La Parka Negra/Mini Abismo Negro/La Hiedra
3. Aerostar vs. Super Fly No DQ match.
4. El Apache/Faby Apache/Mary Apache vs.
Averno/Chessman/Ricky Marvin Lumberjack match.
5. El Zorro & Dark Cuervo vs. Angelico & Australian Suicide
vs. Bengala & Joe Lider vs. Pirata Morgan & Hijo del Pirata
6. Psycho Clown vs. Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. Texano Jr.

3/11 Gimnasio Juan de la Barrera Homenaje y Festejo A
Una Leyenda Pierroth (Norberto Salgado) Honoring The
Pierroth from the 90s early 200s not the current one!
1. Agenl del Amor & Mr. Leo vs. Violencia Jr. & Centurion
2. Trauma I & Luchador Sorpresa vs. Mascara Ano 2000 Jr. &
Herodes Jr.
3. Hijo de L.A. Park & Hijo de Octagon vs. Hijo de Fishman &
Silver King Jr.
4. Silver King & Mr. Electro vs. Pierroth & Dragon Lee
5. Rush vs. L.A. Park

3/3 Arena San Juan Pantitlan
1. Torito Negro & Astrolux vs. Black Metal & Moria
2. Keira & Lady Maravilla vs. Chik Tormenta & Luchadora
3. Sky Man vs. Saturno Muchas Luchas Supremo Title
4. Hermanos Calavera (Gleen Calavera/Jerry Calavera) vs.
Brian Villa & Willy Banderas vs. Corsario Negro & Drako vs.
Makabre & Crazy King Super Libre
5. Demus 3:16 & Yoruba vs. Black Terry & Toxin Juventud y
Gloria Semifinal match.
6. L.A. Park & Hijo de L.A. Park vs. Daga & Black Tauro

2/17 Arena Mexico
1. Stukita & Electrico vs. Pierrothito & Mercurio
2. Marcela/Sanely/Vaquerita vs. Tiffany/Reyna Isis/Metalica
3. Volador Jr./Marco Corleone/Diamante Azul vs. Yoshi
4. Block B of Torneo Increible de Parejas: Mistico & Negro
Casas, Ultimo Guerrero & Valiente, Atlantis & Euforia, Titan
& Ripper, Rush & El Terrible, Dragon Lee & La Mascara,
Guerrero Maya Jr. & Dragon Rojo Jr., Hechicero & Stuka Jr.

2/18 Arena Coliseo
1. Leono/Bengala/Flyer vs. El Cholo/Camorra/Akuma
2. Estrellita/Princesa Sugehit/Jarochita vs.
Amapola/Zeuxis/La Comandante
3. Blue Panther/Drone/Triton vs. Dragon Rojo
4. Caristico/Titan/Valiente vs. Rey Bucanero/Niebla
Roja/Gran Guerrero
5. Rush vs. Ultimo Guerrero

2/19 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1. Avispon Negro Jr. vs. Quka
2. Alteno & Cosmos vs. Relampago & Thunder Boy
3. Magico & Reycko vs. Linterna & Mr. Brisa
4. Metatron/Neutron/Explosivo vs. Difunto/Gran Kenut/Demonio
5. Star Black/Vaquero Jr./Flash II vs. Leon
Blanco/Frezzer/Furia Roja

2/19 Arena Mexico
1. Robin & Sensei vs. Inquisidor & Artillero
2. Magnus/Fuego/Starman vs. Arkangel/Nitro/Metalico
3. Torneo Cibernetico to determine finalists for vacant CMLL
Minis title: Electrico/Pequeno
Violencia/Pequeno Universo/Espiritu Maligno
4. Angel de Oro/Johnny Idol/Stuka Jr. vs. Misterioso
Jr./Bobby Villa/Felino
5. Caristico/Atlantis/Maximo Sexy vs.
Mephisto/Ephesto/Barbaro Cavernario

2/20 Arena Puebla
1. Flyer/Millenium/Zaeta Roja vs. King
Jaguar/Perverso/Guerrero Espacial
2. Pegasso/Lestat/Tigre Rojo Jr. vs. Disturbio/Police
Man/Espiritu Maligno
3. Blue Panther Jr./The Panther/Triton vs.
4. Maximo Sexy/Valiente/Angel de Oro vs. Hechicero/El
Terrible/Rey Bucanero
5. Mistico/Volador Jr./Dragon Lee vs. Yoshi
Tatsu/Euforia/Niebla Roja

2/21 Arena Mexico
1. Bengala & Metatron vs. Inquisidor & Apocalipsis
2. Starman/Oro Jr./Principe Diamante vs. Canelo Casas/Hijo
del Signo/Espanto Jr.
3. Princesa Sugehit/Sanely/Skadi vs. Zeuxis/Tiffany/Reyna
4. Rey Cometa/Fuego/Stigma vs. Sanson/Puma/Tiger
5. Mistico/Maximo Sexy/Titan vs. Mephisto/Negro
Casas/Barbaro Cavernario
6. Volador Jr. vs. Ephesto NWA Historic Welterweight

2/21 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1. El Gallo & El Divino vs. Exterminador & Evola
2. Electrico/Shockercito/Fugaz vs. Mercurio/Pequeno
3. Marcela/Silueta/Vaquerita vs. Dalys/Amapola/Metalica
4. Dragon Lee/Stuka Jr./Esfinge vs. Dragon Rojo
Jr./Polvora/Bobby Villa
5. Atlantis/Diamante Azul/Valiente vs. Yoshi

2/17 Coliseo Fraternidad 2000, Veracruz
1. Opening match will be an opportunity for new talent.
2. Toto & Angel Negro vs. Drolux & Mini Flash
3. Camuflaje vs. Abadon vs. Lazer Man
4. Pardux & Flayer Boy vs. Blazzer & Escualo
5. Gold Dragon & Aero Power vs. El Gio & El Junior
6. Moria vs. Black Golden vs. Nino de Cobre vs. Seiya
7. Corsario Negro Jr./Kevin/Jimmy vs.
Matrix/Suspect/Anarquia Extreme Metalic Chair match!
8. Crazy Boy & Pesadilla vs. Atila & Tiburon vs. Vengador &

2/18 Salon Tecate, Minatitlan, Veracruz
1. Toto vs. Drolux vs. Golden Dragon
2. Azhor vs. Rock Power vs. Espiritu Celestial vs. Luchador
Sorpresa Veracruzana
3. Nino de Cobre & Moria vs. Seiya & Black Golden vs. Pardux
& Flayer Boy
4. Vengador & Kastigador vs. Pesadilla & Camuflaje vs. Los
Nerds (Kevin & Jimmy)
5. El Gio & El Junior vs. Corsario Negro Jr. & Voldemort
Chair & Thumbtack match.
6. Mistico/Crazy Boy/Ovett vs. Psicosis/Miedo

2/16 Arena Aficion Pachuca
1. El Avispon & El Novat vs. Colmillo Blanco & Guerrero
2. Angelus & Chico Che vs. Sicarios I & II
3. Polvo de Estrellas & Diva Salvaje vs. Mamba & Butterfly
Lumberjack match.
4. El Elegido/Angelico/Australian Suicide vs. Hijo del
Pirata Morgan/Parka Negra/Soul Rocker
5. Psycho Clown & Big Mami vs. Pagano & Goya Kong No DQ

2/19 Arena Coliseo Reynosa
1. Mascaras Rojas I & II vs. Espantapajaros & Ultima Sombra
2. Octagoncito/Leon Rojo Jr./Arkangel Jr. vs. Mini Psycho
Clown/Rey Sable/Puma
3. Big Mami/Barbie Star/Magnifico vs. Goya Kong/Diosa
Zohar/Zarzy Tiger
4. Sweety/Imagen 2/Unico Jr. vs. Perfil/Maldicion/Bengala
Cage match w/ masks on line.
5. Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. Pentagon Jr. vs. Pagano Cage match.

2/19 Arena Coliseo Monterrey
1. ? vs. ?
2. Azarel vs. Muerte Extrema
3. Los Legendarios vs. Epydemius/5 Elemento/Faceman
4. Huracan Ramirez & Hijo de Kato Kung Lee vs. Hijo de
Sangre Chicana & Hijo de Mongol Chino
5. Garza Jr./Ultimo Ninja/Ninja Jr. vs. Simbolo/Golden
6. Atlantis/Octagon/Super Muneco vs. Pirata Morgan/Fuerza
Guerrera/Hijo del Espanto

2/19 Arena Jose Sulaiman
1. ? vs. ?
2. ?? vs. ??
3. ??? vs. ???
4. Pimpinela & Big Mami vs. Mamba & Goya Kong
5. Joe Lider vs. Argenis vs. Daga vs. Mocho Cota Jr.
6. Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. Psycho Clown vs. Pagano

2/19 Arena Kalaka, Ciudad Juarez
1. Imperial/M. Gro Escarlata/Pequeno Peluchin vs.
Huniko/Mini Fussion/Minotauro
2. Evolet & Diosa del Ring vs. Lady Diamond & Venuss
3. Trimegistro/Latino/La Perrush-K vs. Krazy
4. Maquina 45 Jr./Aereo/Magno vs. Black Fish/VIP/Pakal
5. Golden Magic vs. Volador Jr. vs. Flamita 3-way match

2/19 Arena Juba Reynosa
1. Arkangel Jr. & Puma vs. Mascara Roja I & II
2. Magnifico/Asterisco Jr./Zarzy Tiger vs. Imagen De
Oro/Luminoso Jr./Larry Miranda
3. Sweety/Imagen II/Unico Jr. vs. Perfil/Maldicion/Bengala
4. Pimpinela/Big Mami/Octagoncito vs. Mamba/Goya Kong/Mini
5. Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. Psycho Clown vs. Pagano Cage match.

2/19 Lienzo Charro Ignacio Leon Ornelas
1. Chacal vs. Inquisidor vs. Angeluz vs. Lucifer vs.
Licantropo vs. Perro Callejero Jr. Trofeo LL Generacion
2. Maremoto & Maremoto Jr. vs. Dr. Polux Jr. & Hijo de Dr.
Polux Jr. vs. Dragon Lee (not CMLL one!) & Dragon Lee Jr.
3. Perro Negro & Joven Maravilla vs. Arez & Belial vs. Keira
& Lady Maravilla vs. Arana de Plata & Aramis vs. Eterno &
Atomic Star Tag Title match.
4. Bandido & Ciclon Ramirez Jr. vs. Dr. Karonte & Samoano
5. Trauma I vs. Sharlie Rockstar LL Generacion XXI Title
6. Caristico & Jack Evans vs. Rey Escorpion & Luchador

2/26 Gimnasio Hercules
1. Divino Boy vs. Thunder Storm vs. Black Warrior Jr.
2. Lunatik Fly & Lunatik Extreme vs. Yoruba & Kilvan
3. Cassandra vs. Mystique HUMO Womens title.
4. Fly Star & Toxin vs. Centurion & Latigo
5. Valiente vs. Mr. Condor

2/27 Polideportivo La Huizachera
1. Orion/Fire Kat/Mascarita Star vs. Milenio/Zauros/Dark
2. Myzterio Azul/Robin Maravilla Jr./Makro vs.
Pitbull/Eskelerman/Hijo de Super Brazo
3. Neon 2000 Jr./Haker/Triton TK vs. Fandango/Rosario
Negro/Rolling Bird
4. Pimpinela Escarlata/Octagoncito/Mary Apache vs.
Mamba/Mini Psycho Clown/Goya Kong
5. Angelico & Australian vs. Cuervo & Scoria
6. Psycho Clown vs. Pagano vs. Hijo del Fantasma Cage

3/1 Arena Lopez Mateos
1. Principe Mexica & Tigre de Oro vs. Rey Inmortal &
2. Mike Segura/Super Astro Jr./Hijo de Ciclon Ramirz vs.
3. Hijo de Mascara Sagrada/Solar Jr./Gallo Tapado Jr. vs.
Hijo de Fishman/Hijo de L.A. Park/Hijo de Zumbido
4. Golden Magic vs. Laredo Kid vs. Imposible vs. Extreme
Tiger vs. Sadico
5. L.A. Park & Rey Escorpion vs. Penta Zero M & Daga

3/2 Candela2 Discotheque, Acapulco
1. ? vs. ?
2. Andros Black & Agorafobia III vs. Angel del Silencio &
Pumita Galactico
3. Kid Silver & Freelance vs. Atomick Star & Yoker
4. Ciclon Ramirez Jr./El Puma/Uranio vs. Histeria/Fresero
Jr./Pez Tigre
5. Penta El Zero M & Daga vs. Garza Jr. & Jack Evans

3/4 Auditorio Municipal Torreon
1. Syrus/Pantera Negra/Jerry Brown vs. Antrax
Jr./Karisma/Hijo del Halcon
2. Simbolo & Hijoi de Sangre Chicana vs. Bandido & Ciclon
3. Psicosis/Hijo de L.A. Park/Hijo del Espectro vs. Garza
jr./Ultimo Ninja/Obsesion
4. Mr. Electro/Sharlie Rockstar/Mr. Aguila vs. Nicho El
Millonario/Damian 666/Bestia 666
5. Cibernetico vs. L.A. Park vs. Rey Escorpion Triangular
de la Muerte

3/4 Auditorio Municipal Huejutla, Hidalgo
1. Striker vs. Adara
2. Battle Royal for the Todos Somos Estrellas Trophy:
Strick Boy/Zaeta/Foraster I/Neurosis/Jessy
Ventuda/Pony/Hipnosis/Sindrome/Foraster II/Psicotico
Extreme/Angel Huasteco
3. El Pantera I/Freelance/Mike Segura vs.
4. Mascara Sagrada & Solar vs. Negro Navarro & Black Terry

3/19 Plaza Contenedores, Xalapa, Veracruz
1. Vengador Radioactivo vs. Mini Peligro vs. Black Miller
3-way match were loser will put his mask or hair on the
2. Halleluya vs. Kid Lobo vs. Espiritu Negro vs. Drago
Killer Jr. vs. Black Killer vs. Aerotiger
3. Panico vs. Onix de Fuego
4. Fobia & Anticristo vs. Alex Santana & Rey Tiburon vs.
Rebelde Punk & Ciber Punk
5. Wotan vs. Hijo de Fishman vs. Herodes Jr.
6. Arez vs. Freelance Zona Extrema Street Fight Title

3/24 Arena Xalapa
1. La Parkita & Mascarita Sagrada vs. Mini Cibernetico &
2. Tiffany & Miss Gaviota vs. Lady Sensacion & Yuriko
3. Octagon/Hijo de Octagon/Dragon Dorado vs. Fuerza
Guerrera/Hijo del Fishman/Hijo de Mascara Ano 2000
4. Blue Demon/Tinieblas Jr./Mr. Aguila vs. Cibernetico/Mr.
Electro/Rey Escorpion

3/29 Arena Queretaro
1. Galactico & Androide vs. Hades & Bacter
2. Low Rider/Angelus/Destello vs. Speed
Demon/Gremlin/Maremoto Jr.
3. Dragon de Oriente I & II/Atomico vs. Juventud
4. Negro Navarro/Los Traumas I & II vs. Mr.
5. L.A. Park/Sharlie Rockstar/Rey Fenix vs. Penta El Zero
M/Daga/Garza Jr.

2/19 Arena Naucalpan
1. Voltar vs. Power Bull
2. Cadilac & Kanon vs. Acero & Picudo Jr.
3. Tortuga Rafy/Tortuga Leo/Pantera I vs. Cerebro
Negro/Super Mega/Yakuza
4. Apolo Estrada Jr. vs. Relampago
5. Veneno vs. Danny Casas
6. Torneo El Protector Teams: Hijo de Dos Casas & Hijo del
Alebrije, Black Terry & Diablo Jr., Mascara Ano 2000 Jr. &
Alfa, Pantera & Black Dragon, Herodes Jr. & Hip Hop Man, Mr.
Electro & Imposible, Negro Navarro & Demonio Infernal,
Villano IV & Dragon Fly

2/19 Arena San Pablo Tultitlan
1. ? vs. ? Match will feature students from the LXG
2. Teremoto Negro vs. Dragon Negro
3. Fandango/Antheuz/Ultimo Sombra vs. Rey Samurai/Lunatik
Fly/Lunatik Xtreme vs. Yako Jr./Cometa Lexel/Estrella Menfis
4. Yoruba/Kilvan/Shadow vs. Grunier/Ojo de Halcon/Demonio
5. Prayer & Brole vs. Dowki & Hanaoka Tag Team titles
6. Mr. Condor & El Gallego vs. Rey Apocalipsis & Toro Bill
Jr. Super Libre
7. Wotan vs. Dement Xtreme & Toxico Handicap Street Fight.

2/17 Arena Lopez Mateos
1. Los Machos vs. Kid Jaguar & Epidemia
2. Mini Pinochito vs. Felinito vs. Brazito de Plata vs.
Pierrothito vs. Aguilita Solitaria vs. Caramelito Lucha
Libre Boom Minis title
3. Toxin Boy/Fly Star/Atomik Star vs. The Tiger/Factor
X/Arana de Plata Jr.
4. Fantasma de la Opera/Cerebro Negro/Carta Brava vs.
Eterno/Apolol Estrada Jr./Fresero Jr.
5. Violento Jack & Aeroboy vs. Ciclope & Miedo Extremo vs.
Angel O Demonio & Ovett vs. Mosco X-Fly & Halloween
6. Caristico/Mr. Aguila/Ronnie Mendoza vs. Juventud
Guerrera/Super Crazy/Black Warrior

2/19 Jiutepec, Morelos
1. Viento/Mini Flay/Moske vs. Gran Sumerio/Loco
2. Dinastia/Hiedra/Estrella Magica vs. Polvo de
Estrellas/Lady Shani/Mini Histeria
3. Faby Apache & Mary Apache vs. Chessman & Averno
4. La Parka/El Elegido/Texano Jr. vs. El Mesias/Murder
Clown/Monsther Clown

2/19 Coliseo Coacalco
1. Drako & Corsario Negro Jr. vs. Totem I & II
2. Black Metal & Baby Star vs. Demasiado & Diva Salvaje
3. Alas de Acero & Iron Kid vs. Dragon Negro & Sadico
Mexico State Tag Team Titles
4. Astrolux vs. Demus 3:16
5. Belial vs. Virus
6. Hechicero vs. Ronnie Mendoza
7. Aramis vs. Yoshi Tatsu
8. Negro Navarro & Black Terry vs. Cuatrero & Sanson Arena
Coliseo Tag Team Titles

3/5 Arena Coliseo Monterrey
1. Sexy Piscis & La Chocalata vs. La Gaviota & La Chica de
2. Baby Fox & Extreme Boy vs. Mini Bengali & Gallardo
3. The Tiger & Tekilita vs. Jessy (Vazco Jr.) & Faceman
4. Hijo de L.A. Park & Quinto Elemento vs. Galactar & Ninja
5. L.A. Park/Rush/Masada vs. Chavo Guerrero

2/25 Arena Roberto Paz
1. Black Golden/Dark Paymon/Implacable vs. Nexus/Ivan
Drago/La Trakalosa
2. Estrella Oriental vs. Rey Plata
3. Demasiado & Alex vs. Crazy King & Histeria 2.0
4. Willy Banderas & Brian Villa vs. Joker & Sadico
5. Rayman vs. Gallo
6. Makabre vs. Black Terry

2/26 Auditorio Municipal Los Reyes La Paz
1. Thunder Strom vs. Darker
2. Motocross & Royer vs. Chico Che & Balack
3. Big Mami & Dinastia vs. Lady Shani & Mini Abismo Negro
4. Faby Apache & Mary Apache vs. Chessman & Averno
5. El Mesias vs. Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. Hijo del Fantasma

2/20 Estadio de Fut Rap, Nuevo Laredo
1. Goya Kong & La Hiedra vs. Big Mami & Gran Diosa
2. Rio Bravo Jr. & Tequilita vs. Explosivo & Enky
3. Pimpinela Escarlata/The Tiger/Luchador Sorpresa vs.
Mamba/Kuas Extrem/Lemus Jr.
4. Drago/Argenis/Delta vs. Joe Lider/Hijo del Pirata
Morgan/Mocho Cota Jr.
5. Psycho Clown & Laredo Kid vs. Dr. Wagner Jr. & Pagano

3/4 Gym Hercules
1. Diva Virtual & Xena vs. Guerrera & Baby Angelita
2. Demasiado & Chica Yeye vs. Violento Jack & Aero Boy
3. Tsunami/Reyna Dorada/Reyna Oscura vs.
4. La Vaquerita vs. Keira
5. Marcela/Miss Janeth/Mystique vs. Tiffany/Lola

2/25 Arena Xalapa
1. Zamuray vs. Corsario de Fuego
2. Cosmos vs. Rey Tornado vs. Mr. Coyote vs. Totem I vs.
Planetario vs. Silencio Jr. vs. Diamante Rojo Jr. vs.
Vengador Radioactivo Two finalists move up as the luchador
sorpresas in semi-main event.
3. Dinastia/Kid Lobo/Big Mami vs. Mini Histeria/La
Hiedra/Totem II
4. Rey Infierno/Maldad/Crazy Man vs. Aero
Tiger/Sarcastico/Rey Tiburon vs. E. Perdido/Hijo del
5. Joe Lider/Daga/Luchador Sorpresa vs. Murder
Clown/Monsther Clown/Luchador Sorpresa
6. Pagano vs. Psycho Clown vs. Pentagon Jr. Cage match.

3/1 Arena Queretaro
1. Lodo Lafayette/Destello/Electro Boy vs. Shinigami/Angel
Rebelde/Speed Demon
2. Atomico/Ursus/X-Danzz/Gremlin/Vengador/Kastigador vs.
Drabek I/Drabek II/Nieto del Halcon Negro/Fuego
Latino/Optimus/Ultimo Soldado Torneo Cibernetico Tao vs.
Arena Qto.
3. Big Mami/Dinastia/Pimpinela vs. Goya Kong/Mini Psycho
4. Angelico & Australian Suicide vs. Joe Lider & Mocho Cota
5. Texano Jr. & Psycho Clown vs. Dr. Wagner Jr. & Pagano

2/26 Arena San Juan Pantitlan
1. Toro Negro Jr./Flama Roja/Torito vs. Tortuga Leo/Tortuga
2. Yoruba/Guerrero Mixtico/Alan Xtreme vs. Demus 3:16/Black
Terry/Super Colt
3. Mr. Leo & Centurion vs. Metaleon & Latigo Pista
Revolucion Tag Team titles.
4. Danger/Ancla/Andy Boy vs. Lunatik Xtreme/Ovett/Lunatik
5. Miedo Xtremo vs. Drako
6. Arez vs. Belial vs. Impulso hair vs. mask vs. hair.

2/18 Auditorio Municipal de Tijuana
1. ? vs. ?
2. ?? vs. ??
3. Aerostar & Argenis vs. Australian Suicide & Hijo del
Medico Asesino
4. La Parka/Angelico/Faby Apache vs. El Mesias/Hijo del
Fantasma/Taya Valkyrie
5. Texano Jr. & Joe Lider vs. Dr. Wagner Jr. & Pagano vs.
Murder Clown & Monsther Clown

3/3 Auditorio de Tijuana
1. ? vs. ?
2. ?? vs. ??
3. Zarco/Dick Angelo/Iron Boy vs. Enigma/X-Torm/Kid Tornado
Ruleta de la Muerta w/ mask on the line.
4. Solar/Mano Negra/Matematico vs. Negro Navarro/Apolo
5. Golden Magic/Misterioso/Mascara Aerea vs. Piloto
Suicida/Shamu Jr./Acero Dorado
5. Mistico/Marco Corleone/Rey Horus vs. Ultimo Guerrero/Gran

2/25 Auditorio de Tijuana
1. Flamita vs. Septimo Dragon The Crash Cruiserweight
2. Black Boy/Oraculo/Arkangel Divino vs. Black Danger/Ultimo
3. MASADA & Nicho El Millonario vs. Aeroboy & Violento Jack
Lucha Extrema
4. Willie Mack/Mascarita Dorada/Jack Evans vs. Laredo
Kid/Bestia 666/Juventud Guerrera
5. Ricochet & Rey Horus vs. REY FENIX & Daga
6. Blue Demon Jr./Garza Jr./El Zorro vs. Jeff Jarrett/Eli
Drake/Brian Cage

3/19 Gym Independencia
1. ? vs. ?
2. ?? vs. ??
3. Black Boy & Mirage vs. Mosco Negro & Bufalo Ayala
4. Nicho El Millonario (Psicosis)/Venum Black/XTorm vs.
Taurus/Viernes 13/Zarco
5. Electroshock & Jack Evans vs. Damian 666 & Bestia 666

2/19 Gimnasio Independencia
1. Lazer Tron & Dinastia Silver vs. Fantastik & Paniko
2. Juve Venegas & Cardenal Jr. vs. Bufalo Ayala & Ultimo
3. Arkangel Divino & Mirage vs. Star Boy & Zarco
4. Arandu vs. Dr. Cerebro
5. Xtreme Tiger & Black Boy vs. Freelance & Mike Segura

3/4 Bol-Bol Plaza Mundo Divertido, Tijuana
1. Alastor vs. Misionero de la Muerte
2. Xperia vs. Bufalo Ayala
3. Adrian Quest vs. Star Dragon vs. Fidel Brazo vs. Juve
4. Stigma/Inframundo/Fantastik vs. Rocky Lobo/Tapatio
Jr./Ryan Kidd
5. Rey Horus vs. Steve Pain vs. Ronnie Mendoza

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