LUCHA: Lucha news/results for December 7, including AAA, CMLL, IWRG, and independents (Lucha World)

Posted on 12/07/117 by Bob Magee

Written By Alfredo Esparza

CMLL held a press conference early Wednesday to make several
announcements. They posted video later in the day.

They gave more details on the CMLL book coming out this
week. The book will cover CMLLs 85 years and has 327 pages
and 260 images. The book will cost 985 pesos ($52 USD).
3,000 books will be available for purchase at Arena Mexico
starting this month. They will all have a special seal
Torneo Leyenda Azul is back! It returns on December 22nd and
this time it will be 15 rudos and Rush. (Why they still
consider Rush not a rudo is a mystery.) They then announced
15 participants including: Ulitmo Guerrero, Gran Guerrero,
Rey Bucanero, Euforia, Terrible, Hechicero, Mr. Niebla,
Rush, Shocker, Sanson, Forastero, Cuatrero, Vangellys,
Misterioso, Pierroth. One name was not announced.

Sin Salida will happen once again on December 25th with the
main event being the cage match with masks on the line. The
participants for that cage match will be: Fiero, Star Jr.,
Starman, Oro Jr., Pegasso, Cancerbero, Raziel, Hijo del
Signo, Nitro and Templario.

Sam Adonis vs. Negro Casas in a hair vs. hair match will
happen on January 1st. Negro Casas suggested an added stip
that if Sam lost that hed leave Mexico but Sam made sure to
read his contract and told Casas that wasnt in the

Alberto El Patrons benefit show for Mexicos earthquake
victims has been rescheduled for January 20th at the
Deportivo Morelos. The charity group has a name as Alberto
El Patron, A.C., Lucha Por Ellos and theyve opened up a
website with a really long url at They also
announced that Dr. Wagner Jr., Caristico & Sexy Dulce would
be wrestling on that show. There will be an autograph
signing before the event and there have been some items
donated for auction like soccer jerseys from Toluca FC and
Cruz Azul and wrestling gear donated by WWEs Sin Cara.
There will be an official organization t-shirt sold thru
Under Armor and there will be an Alberto El Patron calendar
sold at newspaper stands with some of the money being
donated. They also announced the full lineup for the benefit
show with a lot of errors on the poster including listing
Caristico as Mistezis and Sexy Dulce listed by her old
name of Sexy Star and they had photos of Kenny Omega, Sabu
& Black Warrior who are not wrestling on that show. (Well
maybe Black Warrior will ask now that he sees hes pictured
on poster) Those three are pictured as whoever made the
poster confused luchadores Omega (for Kenny Omega), Saru
(for Sabu) and Warrior (for Black Warrior).

This weeks Mas Lucha En Carados Podcast Ep. #51 had Rey
Fenix on as a guest. Rey Fenix said he was 100% with The
Crash. He said that he has not spoken to Konnan (since he
parted ways with The Crash). Said hes friends with everyone
& appreciates what Konnan & The Crash have done for his
career. He also said that the 12/25 show at Salon Citlali is
The Crash forming a a type of league for smaller arenas
with local talent so theyll have some big names on shows
with local talent. They will also be doing singles matches
for those shows with Rey Fenix saying that is part of the
idea behind this new concept is to give fans some good
singles matches. 12/25 will be the debut of this concept.

Mas Lucha asked Rey Fenix with some CMLL guys appearing on
The Crash shows if hed like to wrestle in CMLL and he said
every luchador dreams of wrestling at some point in Arena
Mexico & as an independent, hed be open to working with
CMLL. He was also asked about his status with Lucha
Underground and he said he was still signed to them but he
wasnt sure if he would be part of Season 4 since he doesnt
have enough concrete information to know whats going on.
The rest of the show the Mas Lucha crew recapped all the
shows they went to over the weekend. They mentioned that
Sharlie Rockstar told them that there was a promoter that
was willing to pay for the hair vs. hair rematch between
Sharlie Rockstar & El Zorro but he didnt say who it was.

The next The Crash show in Tijuana is on January 20th.

Luchador Mr. Iguana has made a challenge for all promoters
that if they book him and he does not satisfy the fans that
he will reimburse the promoter his airplane ticket.

Jinder Mahal was asked who his favorite luchador was and he
mentioned that he liked the CMLL guy with no mask and long
hair. Apparently thats Volador Jr. Sorry Rush, Ultimo
Guerrero, Virus, etc.

Latest episode of MLWs Lucha Talk is available for
download! This week we talk about The Crash and Konnan
splitting up, some recent The Crash matches, some bad CMLL
and AAA shows, CMLL bodybuilding and battle rap

Box y lucha reported that luchador Pepe Ramirez passed away
at a Los Angeles hospital on Tuesday (12/5). Ramirez comes
from the Chivo Dynasty that included his father Chivo Garcia
and his younger brothers Enigma de Oro and Kayam. His real
name Pepe Garcia, he started his career as the masked
tecnico El Caballero Azul in Ciudad Juarez in the 70s. He
later switched to the rudo side unmasked and chose his
mothers maiden name of Ramirez to continue on in lucha
libre. He wrestled mostly in the northern part of Mexico and
the southwestern part of the United States with the majority
of his time being primarily in the California area. Pepe
would later team with his brothers Kayam and Enigma de Oro
as Los Chivos with their father managing them. Pepe
Ramirez would eventually retire due to neck & back injuries.

This weeks CMLL Informa guests were Gala Lutteroth, Niebla
Roja, Pegasso, Fiero, Starman, Nitro, Hijo del Signo,
Okumura, Johnny Idol & Sam Adonis.

Gala Lutteroth said that they started planning on doing the
CMLL book back while celebrating the 80th Anniversary. She
said it took them years to go thru photo archives. She said
they initially thought that going thru the photo archives
would take a few months but there were so many photos that
it took them years. Her grandfather was constantly sent
photos of people they couldnt identify who worked in lucha
libre (not luchadores) and hed send back info on them.

She said that she had a great time because she got to find
out everything her family did within lucha libre. Gala said
that they might make a 2nd book to celebrate the 100th
anniversary. One of the women who worked on the book didnt
even follow lucha libre & found out that one of her uncles
was luchador El Bulldog. Satanico, Mano Negra, El Halcon,
Blue Panther, Negro Casas and Atlantis will be signing
copies of the book on Friday. JCR asks Gala what she would
like to say to those outside Mexico, specifically in Japan
and the U.S. who would like to purchase the book and all she
said was that she hopes everyone likes it. She didnt answer
the question.
Sam Adonis, Johnny Idol & Okumura talked about their new
trio. They all brought flags. Okumura promised next time
Johnny Idol would have a much larger New Zealand flag. They
plan on getting match gear for their new trio. Johnny Idol
said he turned rudo because the fans didnt like him. Sam
Adonis talked about his upcoming hair match with Negro

Niebla Roja talked about winning the Copa Jr. VIP. He said
that the fans have helped him thru his mask loss and has had
fans tell him he looks like someone from another
promotion. Niebla Roja said that he liked turning tecnico
but wasnt happy with his mask loss, but he always gets told
by fans that hes done better since losing mask. Niebla Roja
mentioned that he reads all comments that are left on his
social media and on interviews he does. In 2018, Niebla Roja
would like to team with Angel de Oro and challenge for the
CMLL World Tag Team titles. He wasnt sure if Shocker &
Negro Casas were still champs but JCR confirmed they were.

Starman, Fiero, Pegasso, Nitro & Hijo del Signo were on to
talk about the masks cage match on 12/25. Nitro talked about
wanting to win Starmans mask because he respects his career
and his many years in New Japan. (Starmans never wrestled
for New Japan and yes Nitro mentioned Starman working in
Japan as well.) Nitro in building up the masks cage match
spoke highly of his opponents and even said that outside the
ring some of them are nice guys that he might say hi to.
(WHOA!!!) Atlantis didnt make it to the show.

JCR also mentioned that CMLL still hadnt decided if the
12/25 and 1/1 shows would be streaming live online.


CMLL 12/4 Arena Puebla
1. Fuerza Chicana & Guerrero Espacial beat Centella Roja &
Hijo de Centella Roja
2. Cancerbero/Raziel/El Perverso beat Espiritu
Maligno/Millenium/Tigre Rojo Jr.
Espritu Maligno turned on his partners due to some
communication problems during the match.
3. Sanson/Cuatrero/Hechicero beat Esfinge/Fuego/Stigma
4. Rey Bucanero/El Terrible/Vangellys beat Angel de
Oro/Niebla Roja/Titan
5. Caristico/Marco Corleone/Valiente beat Euforia/Gran
Guerrero/Sam Adonis
6. Ultimo Guerrero beat Rush to retain the NWA World
Historic Middleweight title.

CMLL 12/5 Arena Mexico
1. El Coyote & Espanto Jr. beat Retro & Sangre Imperial
2. Hijo del Signo/Nitro/Raziel beat Fiero/Oro Jr./Starman
via DQ.
Nitro fouled Starman for DQ.
3. Fuego/Pegasso/Stigma beat Disturbio/Tiger/Universo 2000
4. Niebla Roja/Stuka Jr./Titan beat
5. Johnny Idol/Okumura/Sam Adonis beat Volador
The foreign trio issued a challenge to Sky Team for the
CMLL World Trios titles.
6. Ultimo Guerrero beat Rush
UG used ropes to get the pin on Rush in the third fall.

12/10 Nashville Fairgrounds Sports Arena, Nashville, TN
1. Willie Mack vs. Mr. 450
2. Demus 3:16 vs. Mascarita Dorada
3. Keyra & Lacey Lane vs. Vanilla Vargas & Taya
4. MVP vs. Sammy Guevara
5. Jack Evans/Hurricane Helms/M-ximo vs. Garza Jr./La
6. Rey Mysterio & Penta El Zero M vs. Rush & John Hennigan

2/17 3020 Coronado Avenue, San Diego, CA
1. Chik Tormenta vs. Sage Sin vs. Aira
2. Thanos & Felino Salvaje vs. Efekto & Nightmare Azteca
3. Danny Limelight Rivera vs. Funnybone
4. Enigma & Viento vs. Black Tauro & Gran Bufalo
5. Misterioso Jr. vs. Blood Eagle BajaStars USA Title.
6. Penta El Zero M & Rey Fenix vs. Bestia 666 & Garza Jr.

12/9 Citizens Business Bank Arena, Ontario, California
1. Lobito vs. Demus 3:16
2. Mini Rey Misterio & Octagoncito vs. Pierrothito &
3. Fuerza Guerrera vs. Solar I
4. Oriental & Lady Gaviota vs. Ocelot & Queen Puma
5. Tinieblas Jr. vs. Trumposo
6. Mistico & Dragon Lee vs. Russian Hacker & Sam Adonis
7. Rayo de Jalisco Jr. vs. Cien Caras Jr.

12/16 Atlantico Hall, Houston, TX
1. Sajibran & Maldad vs. Hijo del Monje & Skyline
2. Jonathan Vega & Bryan Keith vs. Brindis del Aire & Taylor
3. Miranda vs. Sadika
4. Aereo de Juarez & Silver Tiger vs. Ayden Cristiano &
5. Low Rider vs. Arez vs. Draztick Boy vs. Dralion vs.
Ultimo Ninja Fatal 5 Way

12/17 Soccer Zone Arena, Kennedale, TX
1. Taylor Jet vs. Scott Santiago
2. Silver Tiger & Aereo de Juarez vs. Epydemius & Mascara
3. ? vs. ? Womens match
4. Low Rider & Arez vs. Gino Medina & Bryan Keith
5. Sammy Guevara vs. Flip Gordon vs. Ultimo Ninja vs.
Draztick Boy
6. Black Taurus vs. Keith Lee
7. Penta El Zero M & Rey Fenix vs. M-ximo & La Mascara

12/17 Leonardos H. Park, Los Angeles, CA
1. Potro Romano vs. Cangrejito Plajero
2. Seiya/Leon Blanco/Ricky The Activist vs. Cristal/Black
Puma/Super Nio
3. Legacy vs. Red Spider
4. Sin Limite & Sin Limite Jr. vs. Enigma & Viento vs. Acero
Dorado & Dr. Maldad For the Parejas Navideo RIW 2017
5. Octagon vs. Fuerza Guerrera Super Libre

12/9 Gimnasio Juan de la Barrera (Luchando Por Mexico)
1. Faby Apache/Nio Hamburguesa/Dinastia vs. Goya
Kong/Mamba/Mini Histeria
2. Argenis/Aerostar/Raptor vs. Murder Clown/Monsther
Clown/Dave The Clown
3. La Parka/Cuervo/Scoria vs. La Parka Negra/Joe Lider/Super
4. Psycho Clown/Pagano/Hijo del Fantasma vs. Texano
12/16 Plaza de Toros, Apizaco, Tlaxcala (TV taping)
1. Faby Apache vs. Luchadora Sorpresa
2. Cuervo & Scoria vs. Murder Clown & Monsther Clown vs.
Psicosis & Histeria AAA World Tag Team titles.
3. Battle Royal: Drago/Aerostar/Raptor/Chessman/Averno/Super
Fly/Argenis/Angelico/Soul Rocker/Carta Brava Jr.
4. La Parka & Marty The Moth vs. Pagano & Dave The Clown
5. Psycho Clown & Rey Escorpion vs. Hijo del Fantasma &
Texano Jr.
6. Hijo de Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. Hernandez

1/20 Deportivo Morelos (9/19 Mexico earthquake victims
benefit show)
1. Copa Lucha Por Ellos Batalla Campal Saru/Angel del
Amor/Alfa/Omega/Luzbel Jr./Tanque
Infernal/Rider/Canibal/Warrior/Super Bufon
2. Hijo de Dos Caras vs. Apolo
3. Sexy Dulce & Mini Rey Misterio vs. Lady Sensacion &
4. Tinieblas Jr. & Caristico vs. Hijo del Pirata Morgan &
5. Octagon/Dos Caras/Solar vs. Canek/Fuerza Guerrera/Pirata
6. Alberto El Patron vs. Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. Cibernetico

12/8 Arena Mexico
1. Stukita & Shockercito vs. Mercurio & Pequeo Olimpico
2. Star Jr./Pegasso/Oro Jr. vs. Virus/Sagrado/Misterioso Jr.
3. Rey Cometa/Guerrero Maya Jr./Drone vs.
4. Dragon Lee vs. Titan match relampago
5. Rush/Pierroth/Sam Adonis vs. Marco Corleone/Negro
Casas/Valiente Relevos Increibles
6. Caristico/Ultimo Guerrero/Soberano Jr. vs. Mistico/El
Terrible/Volador Jr. Relevos Increibles

12/9 Arena Coliseo
1. Bengala & Sonic vs. Grako & Apocalipsis
2. Flyer/Principe Diamante/Sensei vs.
3. Microman & El Guapito vs. Mije & Zacarias El Perico
4. Rey Cometa/Pegasso/Drone vs. Sagrado/Misterioso
5. Valiente/Angel de Oro/Niebla Roja vs. Mr. Niebla/Ultimo
6. Volador Jr. vs. Mephisto

12/10 Arena Mexico
1. Magnus & Astral vs. Camorra & El Cholo
2. Marcela/Vaquerita/Jarochita vs. Amapola/Tiffany/La
3. Blue Panther Jr./Johnny Idol/The Panther vs.
4. Angel de Oro/Stuka Jr./Blue Panther vs. Ultimo
Guerrero/Sam Adonis/Gran Guerrero
5. Caristico/Mistico/Dragon Lee vs. Negro

12/10 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1. Eclipse Jr. vs. Paymon
2. Ultimo Angel vs. Frenetico
3. Alteo/Omar Brunetti/Star Black vs.
4. Gran Kenut & Leon Blanco vs. Principe Kisho & Terremoto
King Jr. Sinaloa Tag Team titles.
5. Torneo Cibernetico to determine #1 contender to Occidente
Middleweight title: Triton/Mr.
Sugar/Chakal/Divino/El Difunto

12/11 Arena Puebla
1. Arkalis & Paris vs. Fuerza Chicana & Policeman
2. Lestat & Tigre Rojo Jr. vs. Hijo del Signo & King Jaguar
3. Pegasso/Astral/Asturiano vs. Raziel/Cancerbero/Espiritu
4. Marco Corleone/Soberano Jr./Angel de Oro vs. Sam
Adonis/Johnny Idol/Okumura
5. Reyes del Aire VIP Torneo Cibernetico Mistico/Volador
Jr./Dragon Lee/Nieblal Roja/Valiente/Negro
Casas/Mephisto/Rey Bucanero/Gran Guerrero/Felino

12/12 Arena Mexico
1. Sonic & Bengala vs. Espiritu Negro & Yago
2. Magnus/Flyer/Principe Diamante vs. Arkangel de la
Muerte/Metalico/Sangre Azteca
3. Fuego/Starman/Oro Jr. vs. Virus/Raziel/Cancerbero
4. Tiger vs. Misterioso Jr. match relampago
5. Dragon Lee/Stuka Jr./Titan vs. Shocker/Barbaro
6. Marco Corleone/Volador Jr./Valiente vs. Sam Adonis/Johnny

12/12 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1. Micro & Magnum vs. Rey Trueno & Mr. Trueno
2. Triton/Magia Blanca/Robin vs. Hijo del
Signo/Akuma/Espanto Jr.
3. Princesa Sugehit vs. Reyna Isis Mexican National
Womens Title
4. Angel de Oro/Soberano/Esfinge vs.
5. Caristico/Rush/Niebla Roja vs. Mr. Niebla/Negro
Casas/Ultimo Guerrero

12/15 Arena Neza
1. Torito Negro & Skyman vs. Pegazzus & Tromba
2. Black Boy/Aramis/Astrolux vs. Tiago/Toxin/Latigo
3. Keyra vs. Christi Jaynes vs. Lacey Lane vs. Mima Shimoda
The Crash Womens title.
4. Flamita & Septimo Dragon vs. Laredo Kid & Bandido
5. Daga vs. Trevor Lee vs. Willie Mack vs. Neza Kid
6. Ricochet & Sammy Guevara vs. Penta El Zero M & The King
(Rey Fenix)
7. Blue Demon Jr./Heavy Metal/M-ximo vs. Garza Jr./Bestia
666/Mr. 450

12/25 Salon Citlali
1. ? vs. ?
2. Torito vs. Toxin vs. Pegazus
3. Skayde vs. Pequeo Black Shadow
4. Arez vs. Flamita vs. Astrolux vs. Latigo
5. Black Terry vs. Daga
6. Rey Fenix vs. Penta El Zero M

12/7 Arena Vidal, Chetumal, Quintana Roo
1. Steel Dragon & Irving vs. The Black Jr. & Erwin
2. Moria vs. Angelito Magico vs. Raul Vidal Jr. vs. Gasparin
3. Tiburon/Genex/Faby Vidal vs. Mueka
Sarcasmo/Kevin/Escorpio Rojo Jr.
4. Toto Gamer & Billy Gamer vs. Hard Boy & Devitt Rodriguez
5. Black Fire/Polux Jr./Kastigador/Invencible Jr. vs.
Lokillo/Angel O Demonio/Camuflaje/Junior
6. Draztick Boy & Jimmy vs. Principe Cometa & Hades vs.
Cobre & Mickey Midas
7. Ciclope & Miedo Extremo vs. Ovett & Duende Magico Jr. vs.
Jimmy Lloyd & Guerrero Galactico

12/10 Deportivo Siqueiros, Merida
1. Irving & The Black Jr. vs. Erwin & Gasparin Jr.
2. Star Black/Tijuana Boy/Tiburon vs. Danger Boy/Mr.
3. Toto Gamer & Billy Gamer vs. Devitt Rodriguez & Hard Boy
4. Camuflaje & Junior vs. Jaguar Sagrado & Eterno Alcander
5. Moria vs. Lokillo vs. Angelito Magico vs. Steel Dragon
vs. Black Fire vs. Rayo de Plata vs. Principe Cometa vs.
Cobre vs. Kastigador vs. Polux Jr. Alto Impacto DTU
National match.
6. Crazy Boy & Draztick Boy vs. Myron Reed & Mickey Midas
vs. Jimmy & Kevin
7. Ciclope & Miedo Extremo vs. Rebelde Punk & Halcon Rojo
Jr. vs. Ovett & Angel O Demonio

12/13 Fraternidad 2000
1. Steel Dragon & Irving vs. The Black Jr. & Erwin
2. Billy Gamer/Toto Gamer/Arcangel vs. Hard Boy/Devitt
3. Black Fire & Genex vs. Atila & Sepultura
4. Ovett/Angelito Magico/Polux Jr. vs. Black Baby/Principe
Cometa/Gasparin Jr.
5. Dezmon Xavier vs. Draztick Boy vs. Jimmy
6. Kevin & Anarquia vs. Kastigador & Lokillo vs. Myron Reed
& Mickey Midas

12/14 Arena Aficion, Pachuca, Hidalgo
1. Irving/Gasparin Jr./Arcangel Negro vs. Erwin/The Black
Jr./Mini Flash
2. Angelito Magico/Genex/Luchador Sorpresa vs.
Tiburon/Drolux/Steel Dragon
3. Devitt Rodriguez & Hard Boy vs. Toto Gamer & Billy Gamer
4. Team X-LAW (Angel o Demonio/Junior/Camuflaje/Cerebro
Negro/Super Mega/X-LAW Surprise) vs. Team DTU (Crazy
Boy/Exotico/Corsario Negro Jr./Hormiga/Kevin/Black Fire)

5. Myron Reed & Mickey Midas vs. Jimmy & Principe Cometa
6. Ovett vs. Halloween DTU Consagrado Title
7. Flamita/Lokillo/Cobre vs. DTU-X
Surprise/Vengador/Kastigador Regalo DTU-X match
8. Dezmond Xavier vs. Moria vs. Draztick Boy DTU Alto
Impacto Title
9. Shlak vs. Ciclope vs. Crazy King vs. Miedo Extremo
Glass Panel match with DTU World Title, Mask and Hairs on
the line.

12/15 Centro Culturual Olympia, Cuernavaca, Morelos
1. Irving/The Black Jr./Flash Boy vs. Steel
Dragon/Erwin/Angelito Negro
2. Toto Gamer & Billy Gamer vs. Hard Boy & Devitt Rodriguez
3. Dr. Polux vs. Black Fire vs. Tiburon vs. Angelito Magico
vs. Genex vs. Drolux
4. Myron Reed & Mickey Midas vs. Cobre & Principe Cometa vs.
Camuflaje & Junior
5. Dezmond Xavier vs. Moria vs. Jimmy
6. Ciclope/Miedo Extremo/Shlak vs. Ovett/Angel O
Demonio/Crazy King
7. Intocable/Alan Stone/Crazy Boy vs. Fishman Jr./Canek

12/16 Autolavado VM, Tulancingo
1. Zarkoth/Irving/Luchador Sorpresa/Mini Flash vs. The Black
Jr./Erwin/Arcangel Negro/Gasparin Jr.
2. Ovett & Steel Dragon vs. Crazy King & Drolux
3. Hard Boy & Devitt Rodriguez vs. Junior & Camuflaje
4. Toto Gamer & Billy Gamer vs. Ciclope & Miedo Extremo
5. Myron Reed & Mickey Midas vs. Crazy Boy & Moria
6. Dezmond Xavier vs. Jimmy vs. Cobre
7. Hormiga vs. Consentido vs. Paranoiko vs. Black Fire vs.
Corsario Negro Jr. vs. Toxico vs. Angel O Demonio vs.
Tiburon vs. Genex vs. Angelito Magico Cage match with
everyones masks & hair on the line.

12/17 Auditorio Gral. Lazaro Cardenas, Panuco, Veracruz
1. Panuco local talent match.
2. Irving & Flashboy vs. Erwin & Arcangel Negro
3. Toto Gamer & Billy Gamer vs. Devitt Rodriguez & Hard Boy
4. Tiburon vs. Shura vs. Drolux
5. Angel O Demonio & Black Fire vs. Ovett & Crazy King
6. Dezmond Xavier/Junior/Camuflaje vs. Moria/Cobre/Principe
7. Intocable/Hijo de Mascara Sagrada/Crazy Boy vs. Canek
Jr./Myron Reed/Mickey Midas

12/9 Terraza Elma, Monterrey
1. Mini Hator & Mini Potro vs. Mini Difunto & Tequilita
2. Gato Fantasma/Etreus/Aladino vs. Memo
Valles/Azrael/Muerte Extrema
3. Nitro/Arkangel/Sangre Azteca vs. Caifan I/Principe
Legendario/Furia Azteca
4. Sanson/Cuatrero/Forastero vs. Rey Demonio
Jr./Simbolo/Golden Boy
5. Sky & Azteka Warrior vs. Difunto I & Angel Dorado Jr.
Masks & Hair on the line.

1/6 Palenque de la Feria, Tlaxcala
1. Locals in tag team match.
2. Saru/Angel del Amor/Hip Hop Man vs. Luzbel/Rider/Canibal
3. La Parkita & Mini Cibernetico vs. Pierrothito & Mini
Pirata Morgan
4. Hijo de Mascara Sagrada/Axel/Oriental/Tiburon vs. Cien
Caras Jr./Hijo de Pirata Morgan/Hijo de Mascara Ao
2000/Scorpio Jr.
5. Caristico/Atlantis/Tinieblas Jr. vs. Ultimo Guerrero/Hijo
del Solitario/Pirata Morgan

12/18 Plaza de Toros Revolucion, Irapuato, GTO
1. Juan El Ranchero vs. Terremoto Negro
2. Keyra vs. Ludark vs. Chik Tormenta Generacion XXI
Womens Title
3. Demus 3:16 vs. Wotan Beard vs. Hair match.
4. Torneo de Gran Alternativa Generacion XXI: Rey
Horus/Laredo Kid/Xtreme Tiger/Bandido/Bestia 666/Emperador
Azteca/Luchador Sorpresa/Crazy Latino/Murcielago Plateado
Jr./Dr. Polux Jr./Apando Negro Jr./Perro Callejero Jr.
5. Fresero Jr. vs. Angeluz Fly Hair vs. Hair, Last Man
Standing Cage Match.
6. Trauma I/Damian 666/Mr. Electro vs. Trauma II/Nicho El
Millonario/Sharly Rockstar
7. Rey Mysterio/L.A. Park/Hijo de L.A. Park vs. Penta El
Zero M/Blue Demon Jr./Rey Fenix

12/7 Arena Naucalpan (Promociones Rosales)
1. Mercury/Rey Kingston/Nio Aguila vs. Mascarita
Negra/Centella/Luchador Sorpresa
2. El Mexicano & Tom Mix Jr. vs. Black Terry & Rey Guerrero
3. Faby Apache & La Hiedra vs. Mamba & Estrella Divina
4. Aerostar & Raptor vs. Mocho Cota Jr. & Carta Brava Jr.
vs. Mascara de Bronce & Rugido vs. Angelikal & Villano III
5. Psycho Clown/Pagano/La Parka vs. Mr. Aguila/Joe
Lider/Perro Sorpresa

12/10 Gimnasio Josue Neri Santos, Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua
(Sin Marca)
1. Kevin/Alex Lee/La Fashion/Vaquero Love vs. Nefasto/Silver
Cat/Jilavario Jr./Black Juvi
2. Sanely/Zakura/Yuri Star vs. Zafiro/Estrella
Diabolica/Luchadora Sorpresa
3. Samuray & Hermes vs. Espanto Jr. & Espanto V
4. Soberano Jr./Aereo/Hijo de Impostor vs. Barbaro
Cavernario/Black Demon/Genesis Copa Rocky Star
5. Venom & Centinela vs. Dark Ozz & Sharlie Rockstar vs.
Mueco Infernal & Pantera A.
6. L.A. Park & Hijo de L.A. Park vs. Volador Jr. & Hijo de
Dos Caras

12/10 Futcenter Papagayo, Acapulco
1. Wonder Boy vs. Mysterio
2. Bulldog Garcia/Aguila Azteca/El Romano vs. King
Panther/Guerrero Azteca/Astaroth
3. Dinastia & Mascarita del Ring vs. Mini Abismo Negro &
Astro de Oro
4. Pimpinela Escarlata/Nio Hamburguesa/Hijo de Black
Silver/Faby Apache vs. Dark Cuervo/Dark Scoria/Black Silver
Jr./Goya Kong
5. El Elegido/Hijo de Dr. Wagner Jr./Australian Suicide vs.
La Parka Negra/Averno/Chessman
6. Rey Wagner & Hijo del Fantasma vs. Texano Jr. & Rey

12/16 Arena Azteca Budokan
1. Impulso & Belial vs. Arez & Centvrion vs. Glenn Calavera
& Metaleon vs. Alas de Acero & Araa de Plata
2. Keyra vs. Cinthia Moreno
3. Bandido vs. Caifan
4. Laredo Kid vs. Toxin
5. Sharlie Rockstar vs. Demus 3:16
6. Ultimo Guerrero vs. El Oriental

12/16 Arena Lopez Mateos
1. Shibata & Cometa vs. Ironia & Camboya
2. Dante/Filder/Dragon Force vs. Oficial 911/Oficial AK-
47/Oficial Fierro
3. Chucho El Roto/Yakuza/Euro/Iron Love vs.
Sadico/Yoruba/Guerrero Mixtico/Alan Xtreme
4. Super Terry vs. Mike Segura vs. Pegazuz vs. Freelance
4-way for the AULL Lightweight title.
5. Niebla Roja/Golden Magic/Emperador Azteca vs. Dr.
Cerebro/Trauma I/Trauma II
6. L.A. Park & Rush vs. Ultimo Guerrero & Gran Guerrero

12/23 Arena San Juan Pantitlan
0. Exhibicion featuring: Electro Black, Demon Kid, Impostor,
Colibri, Noe, Fly Back II, Grimm, Dragon Negro
1. Yin Dragon/Scapulario/Noicy Boy vs. Pulpo
Negro/Rocko/Crealy Punk
2. Rey Elius/Dinamic Fly/Electro Boy vs. Retro/Rayo
Alcanze/Alex Crazy
3. Vikingo/Einar Vikingo/Black Struendo vs. Fhit Panter/Fhit
Panter Jr./Hijo de Fhit Panter
4. La Roca/Vampiro Metalico/Yin Zan/Flama Roja vs. Andy
Boy/Dinamic Fly Jr./Yizuz Black/Fly Back
5. Flamita/Tiago/Torito Negro vs. Toro Negro Jr./Guerrero

12/25 Arena Lopez Mateos
1. Cometa & Tigre de Oro vs. Angel de la Tormenta & Slash
2. Dinastia & Concord vs. Mini Histeria & Silver Boy
3. Big Mami/Sexy Angel/Lady Drago vs. Goya Kong/Diosa
Atenea/Lilith Dark
4. Mamba/Bengala/Lanzelot vs. Carta Brava Jr./Tito Santana
II/Mocho Cota Jr.
5. Psycho Clown & Pagano vs. Texano Jr. & Joe Lider

12/26 Arena Aficion, Pachuca, Hidalgo
1. Lady Drago/Lady Cat/Sexy Angel vs. Lilith Dark/Dulce
2. Nemesis & Cadillac vs. El Sable & Principe Condor X-LAW
Tag Team Titles
3. Raptor & Lanzeloth vs. Mocho Cota Jr. & Tito Santana II
4. Murder Clown/Monsther Clown/Dave The Clown vs.
Mamba/Polvo de Estrellas/Estrella Divina
5. Joe Lider vs. Psycho Clown vs. Pagano Triangular

12/28 Lienzo Charro, Cuernavaca, Morelos
1. El Cholo vs. Anubis vs. Zokar vs. Dinamo vs. Zobek vs.
Tony Diaz vs. Delirio vs. Maniaco Masks vs. Hair
2. Nio Hamburguesa & Nio de Cobre vs. Mamba & Mascarita
3. Faby Apache vs. Lady Shani vs. Goya Kong
4. Drago/Argenis/Raptor vs. Cuervo/Scoria/Rugido
5. La Parka/Psycho Clown/Pagano vs. Joe Lider/Mr.

12/10 Arena Naucalpan
1. Hazel vs. Shadow Boy
2. Odin vs. Atomic Star
3. Aramis & Lunatik Xtreme vs. Demonio Infernal & Alas de
Acero Relevos Increibles
4. Tortugas Ninja (Rafy/Leo/Mike/Teelo) vs. Black Terry/Dr.
Cerebro/Cerebro Negro/Eterno
5. Dinamic Dragons (Dragon Fly/Black Dragon/Dinamic Black)
vs. Comando Elite (Rayan/Spector/Liderk) Mexico State
Trios Titles.
6. Pirata Morgan/Pirata Morgan Jr./Hijo del Pirata Morgan
vs. Mascara Ao 2000 Jr./Capo del Norte/Capo del Sur

12/17 Arena Naucalpan
1. Aramis vs. Ludark vs. Shadow Boy vs. Lili Dark vs.
Demonio Infernal Mixed 5 Match Fighters
2. Imposible vs. Lunatik Xtreme
3. Veneno/Freelance/Tortuga Rafy/Tortuga Leo vs.
Ovett/Leroy/Maquina Infernal/Dr. Cerebro
4. Emperador Azteca & Hijo del Alebrije vs. Septimo Rayo &
Fly Warrior
5. Trauma II/Heddi Karaoui/Eterno vs. Mascara Ao 2000
Jr./Capo del Sur/Capo del Norte
6. Mr. Electro/Sharlie Rockstar/Trauma I vs. Ray Mendoza
Jr./Villano IV/Villano V Jr.
7. Black Dragon vs. Rayan mask vs. mask

12/25 Unidad Jorge Jimenez Cantu, San Pedro Nicolas Romero
1. Freelance vs. Mike Segura
2. El Demasiado/Mini Psycho Clown/Rudo King vs. Diva
Salvaje/Nio de Cobre/Mercury
3. Villano V Jr. & Rokambole Jr. vs. Pirata Morgan & Hijo
del Pirata Morgan
4. Ludark Shaitan vs. La Magnifica vs. Centvrion vs.
Metaleon vs. Takle vs. Fulgor I Campal Mixta
5. Alan Stone/Chris Stone/Zumbido vs. Mascara Ao 2000
Jr./Capo del Norte/Capo del Sur

12/8 Gimnasio Benito Juarez, Cuautitlan
1. Dr. Karonte Jr. & El Rielero vs. Ciclon Ramirez Jr. &
Huracan Ramirez Jr. vs. Emperador Azteca & Fly Warrior vs.
Metaleon & Mr. Leo
2. Xtreme Tiger & El Bandido vs. Heddi Karaoui & El
3. Octagon & Dragon Dorado vs. Fuerza Guerrera & Fuerza
4. Sharlie Rockstar & Garza Jr. vs. El Zorro & Luchador
5. Blue Demon Jr. & Golden Magic vs. Mr. Electro & Trauma II
vs. Cibernetico & Hijo de Dos Caras

12/17 Arena Coliseo Monterrey
1. Greco Baez vs. Vazco Jr.
2. Black Raider vs. Baby Fox vs. Rey Pantera vs. Quinto
Elemento 4-way for the Copa Rey Orion
3. Toscano & Makabre vs. Furor & Galactar
4. El Bandido vs. The Tiger WWA World Welterweight title
5. Xtreme Tiger vs. Ninja Jr.
6. El Hijo del Santo & Laredo Kid vs. El Zorro & La Mascara

12/15 Deportivo Pavon
1. Fly Tiger & Magnetico vs. Takle & Bambino
2. Lady Shani & Big Mami vs. La Hiedra & Goya Kong
3. Super Brazo/Super Brazo 2000/Black Warrior Jr. vs.
Villano V Jr./Rocambole Jr./Fresero Jr. Copa Tacos La
4. Nio Hamburguesa & Lanzeloth vs. Mamba & Australian
5. Texano Jr. vs. Psycho Clown vs. Hijo del Fantasma 3-way
Street Fight for the Copa MC Quique 2017.

12/15 Emotion Casino, Jai Alai, Acapulco
1. Golden Jet vs. Galactic Boy
2. Enigma & Mercurio vs. Uranio & Jocker
3. Guerrero Jr. vs. Marvel vs. Toxico vs. Bizarro vs.
Tormento vs. Solar vs. Kraken vs. Lanzado Jr. vs. Crazy
Thengu vs. Araa Negra Masks and Hair on the line.
4. Arez/Impulso/Belial vs. Aspirantito Jr./Freelance/Kid
5. Mr. Aguila/Demasiado/Cazador/Dr. Aereo vs. Fantasma de la
Opera/Pez Tigre/Andros Black/Demonio Chino
6. El Zorro & Lizmark Jr. vs. Cibernetico & Sharlie Rockstar

12/15 Auditorio de Tijuana
1. Cholo de Tijuana II & Fantastik vs. Clasico & Luchador
2. Romeo/Fresa Salvaje/Extasis vs. Valentino/Rubi
Gardenia/Black Spider
3. Tony Casanova & Zarco vs. Amnesia & Proximo
4. Xtreme Tiger & Rey Horus vs. Arandu & TJ Boy
5. Alberto Del Rio/Dos Caras Sr./Hijo de Dos Caras vs. Dr.
Wagner Jr./Hijo de Dr. Wagner Jr./Tinieblas Jr.

12/10 Rancho Grande, Tijuana
1. Xtrago & G. Aquiles vs. Alquimista & B. Eder
2. Lady Lee & Vulcan vs. Cristal & Juve Venegas
3. Black Danger vs. Arez
4. Xperia/Star Dragon/Seiya vs. Fantastik/Destroyer/Mirage
5. Angel Metalico & Arkangel Divino vs. Fandango & Ultimo
6. Bandido/Black Boy/Rayo Star vs. Latigo/Zarco/Jonathan

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