LUCHA: Lucha news/results for August 10 including AAA, CMLL, The Crash, indies and more (Lucha World)

Posted on 8/10/118 by Bob Magee

Written By Alfredo Esparza


On CMLL Informa, Okumura announced that Kazuchika Okada
would be wrestling on next Fridays (8/17) CMLL show. They
did not announce the match for Okada. Okumura also mentioned
that there will be more surprises announced at a later date.
Okada wrestled in Mexico from 2004 thru 2007 as an
independent wrestler and has only wrestled in Arena Mexico
for a Dragonmania show. This would be his first appearance
for CMLL.

CMLL also announced that Nueva Generacion Dinamita (Sanson,
Cuatrero & Forastero) would be part of CMLLs 85th
Anniversary show. Julio Cesar Rivera also mentioned Dragon
Lee being on the Exatlon reality TV series. He wished him
well and hoped that he would be back in CMLL in time for the
Anniversary show.

El Terrible is expected to be out with an injury suffered at
the 8/3 The Crash show for two weeks. Julio Cesar Rivera did
not know who would replace him on Fridays CMLL show.

Zeuxis won her first match in the Mae Young Classic against
Aerial Monroe with a top rope Spanish Fly.


This weeks CMLL Informa had Gala Lutteroth, Christian
Cymet, Okumura, Sangre Azteca, Sanson, Volador Jr. & Matt
Taven on as guests.

Gala Lutteroth & Christian Cymet were on to talk about the
Museo Lucha Expo happening at the World Trade Center Mexico
City from September 14th thru 16th. Cymets a long time
lucha libre collector. The expo will feature his collection
which includes masks, gear, hair, show posters, etc. CMLL
will be selling their book at that event as well. There will
be a lucha show on Saturday. Christian Cymet mentioned that
hed like to open a venue where everything can be seen but
also with magazines, newspaper clippings, etc. because he
hears from students who want to write thesis papers on lucha
& cant find info.
Sangre Azteca was next on the show. He will be heading to
Argentina to wrestle and hold lucha libre seminars starting
on August 15th thru September. He didnt have much info on
the seminars or the shows hed be on, but did know his first
opponent would be Tito Moran Jr., who is the son of a
wrestler that Sangre Azteca recalls training with years ago.
Sangre Azteca said he got contacted back a year ago about
this project in Argentina thru his facebook page. They then
contacted CMLL to work out the deal. Sangre Azteca said he
was cleared from his most recent injury this past December.
He had a dental issue for most of last year. JCR had a very
important question for him as he wanted to know how his
beautiful dentist was doing. Sangre Azteca said shes doing

Okumura was on next to make the announcement of Okada
appearing in CMLL on the 8/17 show but before that JCR had a
few more important things to get to. Okumura said that he
tells Kawato San to keep training and working hard to
improve. JCR asked Okumura what he thought of Kawato Sans
performance so far in CMLL, which Okumura replied, he could
do better. Kawato San doesnt know when hes returning to
Japan, but has told Okumura that he wants to succeed in
Mexico before he returns. JCR asked Okumura who he thought
was better between Namajague & Kamaitachi but Okumura
refused to pick. Okumura continued to refuse to let everyone
know what his first Spanish curse word was. JCR then had
Okumura hit on women in the crowd which Okumura wasnt
comfortable doing but that didnt stop JCR from continuing.
That went on so long that Okumura asked JCR if he wanted the
big news already (Okada) but JCR kept going. Okumura said
that he works on his neck 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour
in the evening. He said that he cant do a German Suplex
right now.

Sanson was upset that Barbaro Cavernario got involved in a
feud with Niebla Roja because thats his rival and he wants
Rojas title. Sanson said that hed like to headline CMLLs
100th Anniversary against Atlantis Jr. in a mask match. He
knows that he hasnt arrived in CMLL but hes already
waiting for him. JCR said that ticket sales are doing well
for the CMLL 85th Anniversary show despite fans not knowing
the lineup.
Volador Jr. and Matt Taven were the final guests on the
show. Volador Jr. come on earlier to talk about winning the
NWA World Historic Welterweight title. Matt Taven sat thru
the entire show! JCR asked Volador Jr. what he thought about
Rush attacking him after the title match. Volador Jr. said
Rush was a kid and must be embarrassed after the beatdown
L.A. Park gave him in their last singles match in Arena
Mexico. Volador Jr. suggested that he and Taven team up to
challenge for the CMLL World Tag Team titles against Rush &
El Terrible. JCR told Volador Jr. that El Terrible was out
with an injury for a few weeks which led to Volador Jr.
asking if they would vacate the titles.

Volador Jr. then went on a rant about titles not being
defended in an appropriate time and how if someone is
injured they should vacate the title if they cant defend
it. (I dont think Volador Jr. follows CMLL at all! LOL!)
He then claimed others who got injured quickly vacated their
titles which is NOT true. (example: Negro Casas & Shocker
last year as CMLL World Tag Team Champions.) JCR then used
Marco Corleone as an example of someone who is injured
(hes not) and hasnt been able to defend the title for the
last couple of months. Volador Jr. and Matt Taven both
praised Negro Casas. Volador Jr. was great being his usual
grumpy self on this show. Matt Taven hugged a couple of
older women in the crowd, which led to Volador Jr. asking
Matt, You like? with a big smirk on his face. Volador Jrs
son joined the show and danced while everyone else kept


CMLL 8/7 Arena Mexico
1. Acero & Angelito beat Pequeo Nitro & Pequeo Olimpico
2. Cancerbero/Disturbio/Nitro beat Astral/Electrico/Super
Astro Jr.
3. Black Panther/Blue Panther/Blue Panther Jr. beat
Virus/Dragon Rojo Jr./Polvora
4. El Audaz beat Luciferno via DQ in a match relampago
Luciferno unmasked Audaz for the DQ.
5. Angel de Oro/Niebla Roja/Stuka Jr. beat
Hechicero/Ephesto/Mr. Niebla
6. Atlantis/Diamante Azul/Kraneo beat Gran Guerrero/Rey

CMLL 8/7 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1. El Alteo/Magnum/Vaquero Jr. beat Frezzer/Furia
Roja/Guerrero de la Muerte
2. Principe Odin Jr./Sangre Azteca/Yago beat Leono/Principe
3. Esfinge/Rey Cometa/Triton beat Misterioso
4. Mephisto beat Titan to retain the CMLL World Welterweight
5. Matt Taven/Mistico/Volador Jr. beat Ultimo
Guerrero/Euforia/Negro Casas

8/18 3020 Coronado Avenue, San Diego, CA 92154
1. Motros Jungle vs. Dementor
2. Torneo Cibernetico de Parejas Increibles: Anton Carrillo
& Death Scorpio, Star Dragon & Stigma, Nightmare Azteca &
Inframundo Jr., Veinom & Tigrillo
3. Cuadrangular Por El Campeonato Crucero: Danny Limelight
Rivera vs. Adrian Quest vs. Matt Vandagriff vs. Rocket Boy
4. Johnny Goodtime & Johnny Yuma vs. Golden Lion & Gran
5. Barbaro Cavernario & Rey Horus vs. Xtreme Tiger & Daga

8/18 Pro-Fit, 4105 N. Conway, Mission, TX
1. Perro Salvaje vs. Mexican Dak
2. Geminis & Aslum vs. Boricua & Ari Boy
3. Karla Maria/Mariposa Salvaje/Hijo de Turok vs. Hijo de
Drakula/Rey Negro/Rey Kuervo
4. Black Cougar vs. Espectrito Black Mask vs. Hair
5. Caristico/Zarzy Tiger/The Tiger vs. Angel Argos/Black
Cat/Tukano Jr.

8/19 Clara Sports Complex, Cudahy, CA
1. Ricky The Activist & Kid Tornado vs. V-Apacalypse &
2. Legacy/Super Nio/Star Dragon vs. Super Boy Jr./Principe
Indu Jr./Red Spider
3. Amazona vs. Aira vs. Zafiro
4. Piloto Suicida/Acero Dorado/Shamu Jr. vs. Nicho El
5. Sanson & Stuka Jr. vs. Shocker & Rey Bucanero

8/10 Auditorio Benito Juarez, Veracruz (Twitch/TV Taping)
1. Dinastia/Angelikal/Vanilla Vargas vs. Villano III
Jr./Draztik Boy/La Hiedra
2. Hijo del Vikingo/Nio Hamburguesa/Iron Kid vs. La Parka
Negra/Low Rider/Black Danger
3. Ciclon Ramirez/Juventud Guerrera/Joe Lider vs. Mocho Cota
Jr./Carta Brava Jr./Tito Santana II
4. Aerostar & Drago vs. Hijo de L.A. Park & Taurus
5. Laredo Kid/Maximo/La Mascara vs. Texano Jr./Rey
Escorpion/Hijo del Fantasma
6. Psycho Clown vs. Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. L.A. Park vs. Pagano

8/18 Mega Espectaculos Carma, Chalco (Twitch/TV Tapings)
1. Angelikal vs. Black Danger vs. Ultimo Maldito vs.
Arkangel Divino
2. Hijo del Vikingo & Lady Shani vs. Arez & Faby Apache
3. Argenis/Puma King/Golde Magic vs. Taurus/La Parka
Negra/Jack Evans
4. Maximo/Mamba/Pimpinela Escarlata vs. Texano Jr./Rey
Escorpion/Hijo de L.A. Park
5. Pagano/Drago/Aerostar vs. Averno/Chessman/Super Fly
6. Psycho Clown & Hijo del Fantasma vs. Dr. Wagner Jr. &
L.A. Park

8/19 Gimnasio Municipal Josue Neri Santos, Ciudad Juarez,
1. Trimegistro/Feroz/Zagan vs. Balam/Arquero/Silver Kat
2. Lady Shani/Lady Candy/Baby Star vs. Faby Apache/Estrella
3. Pimpinela Escarlata/Mini Maximo/Sirius vs. Estrella
Divina/Mini Pagano/Centinela
4. Aereo vs. Villano III Jr.
5. Psycho Clown/La Mascara/Sammy Guevara vs. Hijo del
Fantasma/Juventud Guerrera/Samuray VIP
6. La Migra vs. Pagano Hair match
9/2 Arena Jose Sulaiman, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon (Twitch/TV

1. Hijo del Vikingo/Arkangel Divino/Draztik Boy vs.
Belial/Ultimo Maldito/Arez
2. Faby Apache vs. Lady Shani
3. Hijo de L.A. Park/Joe Lider/Laredo Kid vs. Mocho Cota
Jr./Carta Brava Jr./Tito Santana II
4. Jack Evans & Teddy Hart vs. Drago & Aerostar
5. Texano Jr. & Rey Escorpion vs. Maximo & Mamba AAA World
Tag Team Titles
6. Dr. Wagner Jr./La Parka/Murder Clown vs. Jeff
Jarrett/Brian Cage/Killer Kross
7. Psycho Clown vs. L.A. Park vs. Hijo del Fantasma

9/7 Plaza de Toros, Cancun, Quintana Roo (Twitch/TV
1. Lady Shani/Lady Maravilla/Vanilla Vargas vs. Keyra/La
Hiedra/Scarlett Bordeaux
2. Angelikal/Australian Suicide/Hijo del Vikingo vs. Mocho
Cota Jr./Carta Brava Jr./Tito Santana
3. Laredo Kid & Sammy Guevara vs. Golden Magic & Jack Evans
4. Pagano/Aerostar/Maximo vs. Texano Jr./Rey Escorpion/La
5. Psycho Clown & Fenix vs. Brian Cage & Hijo del Fantasma
9/9 Coliseo Yucatan, Merida, Yucatan (Twitch/TV Tapings)

1. Vanilla/Angelikal/Lady Maravilla vs. Scarlett Bordeaux
/Tito Santana II/Keira Hogan
2. Lady Shani/Australian Suicide/Hijo del Vikingo vs.
Keyra/Carta Brava Jr./Mocho Cota Jr.
3. Jack Evans vs. Golden Magic vs. Hijo de L.A. Park
4. Laredo Kid/Maximo/Aerostar vs. Rey Escorpion/Texano
Jr./La Mascara
5. Fenix vs. Brian Cage vs. Sammy Guevara
6. Psycho Clown & Pagano vs. Hijo del Fantasma & L.A. Park

9/21 Salon Rojo, Toluca (AAA vs. ELITE; Twitch/TV Tapings)
1. Faby Apache/La Hiedra/Lady Shani vs. Keyra/Lady
2. Aerostar/Argenis/Nio Hamburguesa vs. Emperador
Azteca/Demus/Ciclon Ramirez
3. Texano Jr. & Rey Escorpion vs. Trauma I & Trauma II
4. La Parka/Pagano/Joe Lider vs. Puma King/Taurus/Hijo de
L.A. Park
5. Psycho Clown & Hijo del Fantasma vs. L.A.

8/10 Arena Mexico
1. Star Jr. & Oro Jr. vs. Akuma & Espanto Jr.
2. Marcela/Mistique/La Jarochita vs. Dalys/Amapola/Reyna
3. Titan/Soberano Jr./Flyer vs. Negro Casas/Barbaro
4. Valiente vs. Hechicero match relampago
5. Mistico/Caristico/Diamante Azul vs. Ultimo
Guerrero/Euforia/Penta El Zero M
6. Volador Jr./Matt Taven/King Phoenix vs. Rush/El
Terrible/La Bestia del Ring

8/11 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1. Denebola vs. Valkiria
2. Odisis vs. Persa
3. Greim & Latino vs. Hunter & Dragon Maya
4. Principe Daniel/Explosivo/Magico vs. Gran Kenut/Thunder
Boy/Leon Blanco
5. Draego/Joker/Vaquero Jr./Rielero vs. Willy Banderas/Bryan
6. Flash I/Flash II/Cirujano/Star Black vs.
Malefico/Exterminador/Rafaga/Rafaga Jr.
7. Rayman/Esfinge/Magnum vs. Gallo/Angel Negro/Pitbull
8. L.A. Park/Hijo de L.A. Park/Volador Jr. vs.
Rush/Mistico/Bestia del Ring

8/11 Arena Coliseo
1. Robin & Leono vs. Inquisidor & Apocalipsis
2. Lluvia/Princesa Sugehit/Maligna vs. Tiffany/La
3. Drone/Guerrero Maya Jr./Fuego vs. Misterioso Jr./Kawato
4. Angel de Oro/Stuka Jr./Soberano Jr. vs.
5. Caristico/Atlantis/Diamante Azul vs. Shocker/Rey
Bucanero/Gran Guerrero

8/12 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1. Avispon Negro Jr. vs. El Jabali
2. Micro & Cosmos vs. Paymon & El Frenetico
3. Johnny Dinamo/El Alteo/Linterna vs.
Destructor/Destello/Thunder Boy
4. Explosivo/Neutron/Cirujano/Magnum vs. Rafaga/Gran
Kenut/Frezzer/Rey Trueno
5. Joker/Star Black/Guerrero Samurai Jr./Luminoso vs.
Chakal/Carlo Roggi/Mr. Apolo/Bobby Black

8/12 Arena Mexico
1. Principe Diamante & Sonic vs. El Coyote & El Cholo
2. Pegasso/Stigma/Retro vs. Hijo del Signo/Metalico/Sangre
3. Guerrero Maya Jr./Drone/Fuego vs.
Virus/Disturbio/Universo 2000 Jr.
4. Blue Panther/Stuka Jr./Rey Cometa vs. Okumura/Kawato
5. Niebla Roja vs. Barbaro Cavernario
6. Matt Taven/Atlantis/Kraneo vs. Ultimo
Guerrero/Euforia/Gran Guerrero

8/13 Arena Puebla
1. Shockercito & Meyer vs. Mercurio & Joker
2. Mistique & La Jarochita vs. Reyna Isis & La Metalica
3. Drone/Stigma/Triton vs. Okumura/Kawato San/El Malayo
4. Diamante Azul/Soberano Jr./Valiente vs. Mr.
5. Atlantis/Octagon/Matt Taven vs. Sanson/Cuatrero/Forastero

8/14 Arena Mexico
1. Aereo & Acero vs. Pierrothito & Pequeo Nitro
2. Pegasso/Star Jr./Stigma vs. Nitro/Hijo del Signo/Espiritu
3. Triton/Black Panther/El Audaz vs. Misterioso
Jr./Sagrado/Universo 2000 Jr.
4. Blue Panther/Titan/Soberano Jr. vs.
5. Hechicero vs. Stuka Jr. NWA World Historic Light
Heavyweight Title
6. Angel de Oro/Niebla Roja/Kraneo vs.

8/14 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1. Divino/Tigre Blanco/Luminoso vs. Malefico/Rey Trueno/Mr.
2. Electrico/Astral/Guerrero Samurai Jr. vs. Espanto
Jr./Principe Odin Jr./Difunto
3. Blue Panther Jr./Fuego/Rey Cometa vs. Dragon
Rojo/Polvora/Kawato San
4. Diamante Azul/Valiente/Flyer vs. Rey Bucanero/Gran
5. Mr. Niebla/Negro Casas/Barbaro Cavernario vs. Matt
Taven/Mistico/Diamante Azul
*Diamante Azul was listed twice on the first Guadalajara
poster released. CMLL took it down. It should be updated

9/8 Auditorio Municipal Fausto Gutierrez, Tijuana, Baja
1. Torito Negro/Xperia/El Audaz vs. Zarco/Viento/Starboy
2. Tessa Blanchard vs. Lady Flammer vs. Princesa Sugehit
3. Daga vs. Hechicero
4. Rey Horus & Soberano Jr. vs. CIMA & T-Hawk
5. Bestia 666/Jacob Fatu/Mr. 450 vs.
Sanson/Cuatrero/Forastero Garza Jr. is the special
6. Caristico & Volador Jr. vs. Penta El Zero M & The King

8/11 Arena Lopez Mateos, Tlalnepantla
1. Tiburon vs. Kaleth vs. Principe Cometa vs. Anarquia vs.
Jitsu vs. Kevin vs. Drolux
2. Pesadilla & Black Fire vs. Mr. Condor & Rocky Santana
3. Mary Apache/Miranda Alize/Moria vs. Shotzi
Blackheart/Hana Kimura/Camuflaje
4. Ace Austin & Ace Rombero vs. Lokillo & Jimmy
5. Shlak & Jimmy Lloyd vs. Paranoiko & Ultimo Gladiador
6. Nick Gage vs. Crazy King

8/12 Domo Herca, Expo Feria Tulancingo, Tulancingo Hidalgo
1. Hermes vs. Principe Cometa vs. Anarquia vs. Mini Flash
vs. Fussion vs. Dany Latino vs. Hard Boy vs. Luigui vs.
Angel Negro vs. Hector Perfecto vs. Little Ricky
2. Shotzi Blackheart & Camuflaje vs. Kylie Rae & Lokillo
3. Ace Romero & Tiburon vs. Aero Boy & Jimmy
4. Dinastia vs. Ace Austin vs. Moria vs. Kaleth vs. Bengala
5. Crazy King vs. Nick Gage vs. Paranoiko Thumbtacks &
Tables match.
6. Pimpinela Escarlata/Big Mami/Nio Hamburguesa/Hormiga vs.
Lady Shani/La Hiedra/Pesadilla/Black Fire
7. Joe Lider & Jimmy Lloyd vs. Crazy Boy & Shlak
8. La Parka/Psycho Clown/Maximo vs. La Parka

8/14 Arena Aficion, Pachuca, Hidalgo
1. Fussion/Hard Boy/Hector Perfecto vs. Hermes/Lobo Blanco
Jr./Angel Negro/Little Ricky
2. Hormiga & Jitsu vs. Moria & Kevin
3. Miranda Alize & Shotzi Blackheart vs. Mary Apache & Hana
Kimura vs. Principe Cometa & Black Fire vs. Diva Salvaje &
Jessy Ventura
4. Ace Romero/Exotico/Tiburon vs. Pesadilla/Cobre/Camuflaje
5. Ace Austin vs. Aero Boy vs. Jimmy
6. Shlak vs. Paranoiko vs. Mr. Condor
7. Nick Gage vs. Crazy King vs. Jimmy Lloyd DTU Title

8/16 Tropidisco La Revuelta, Cuernavaca, Morelos
1. Hector Perfecto vs. Little Ricky & Nahual
2. Miranda Alize vs. Hana Kimura
3. Shotzi Blackheart/Jitsu/Alas de Plata vs. Mary
Apache/Lokillo/Fenix de las Cenizas
4. Ace Romero & Principe Cometa vs. Camuflaje & Pesadilla
5. Ace Austin vs. Jimmy vs. Moria vs. Cobre vs. Fussion
6. Jimmy Lloyd & Shlak vs. Crazy King & Tiburon

8/19 Arena Xalapa
1. Tiburon & Kaleth vs. Hector Perfecto & Little Ricky vs.
MOria & Jitsu vs. Magnum & Flayer Boy
2. Paranoiko & Camuflaje vs. Totem I & II
3. Laser Boy/Emperador/Tigre Cosmico vs.
Poseidon/Sayfer/Poseidon Jr.
4. Principe Cometa & Jimmy vs. Nexo Ganadores (Winners of
1st match)
5. Crazy Boy/Hanita/Hard Boy/Mini Flash vs. Mary
Apache/Luigui/Angel Negro/Hermes
6. Ace Romero vs. Cobre vs. Pesadilla
7. Ace Austin vs. Lokillo
8. Crazy King vs. Ultimo Gladiador Copa Casta de Campeones

8/15 Teatro del Pueblo de la Feria, San Luis Potosi
1. Rayo de PLata Jr./Meteoro/Angel Negro vs. Sabu Jr./Fuerza
Maligna/Black Fantasy
2. Calavera Lopez & Aguila Imperial vs. Monje Diabolico &
3. Sucesor & Alfa vs. Hip HOp Man & Rider
4. Mistico/Atlantis/Hijo de Dos Caras vs. Cien Caras
Jr./Hijo de Mascara Ao 2000/Euforia
5. Alberto El Patron/Mil Mascaras/Villano IV vs.
Cibernetico/Tinieblas Jr./Pirata Morgan

8/15 Arena Queretaro
1. Astro Infernal/Lucifer/Iracundo Extreme vs.
Natague/Destello/Galactico Dragon
2. Surprise Womens Match
3. Murcielago Plateado & Dr. Polux Jr. vs. Gremlin & Speed
Demon Queretaro State Tag Team Titles
4. Angeluz Fly/Perro Negro/Maravilla Strong vs. Kaoma
Jr./Kastigador/Nieto del Halcon Negro Jr. vs.
Lince/Homicida/Alex Guajardo
5. El Terrible/Bestia del Ring/Pitbull vs. Trauma I/Trauma
II/Negro Navarro
6. Rush/Mistico/Barbaro Cavernario vs. Penta El Zero M/Rey
8/19 Gym Municipal, Irapuato, Guanajuato
1. Los Idiotas Infernales vs. Chacal/Sicario
Infernal/Luchador Sopresa
2. Maquina Infernal/Skud/Arlequin Fly vs. Dr. Polux
Jr./Maremoto Jr./Perro Callejero
3. Lady Monster vs. Morgana vs. Quimera vs. Skared
Generacion XXI Womens Title; First group to determine a new
4. Angeluz Fly & Maravilla Strong vs. Los Perros Negros
5. Jack Evans/Murcielago Plateado/Hijo del Dr. Polux Jr. vs.
Golden Magic/Apando Negro/Maremoto Jr.
6. Rayo de Jalisco Jr./Canek/Xtreme Tiger vs. Pirata
Morgan/El Satanico/Puma King

8/11 Centro de Alto Rendimiento The Crash (ManiacoMania)
1. Lady Drago & Bastet vs. Guerrera Ishtar & Baby Angelita
2. Iron Kid & Jessy Ventura vs. Aerodinamic & Zorayita
3. Copa ManiacoMania: Diosa Quetzal vs. Lilith Dark vs.
Melissa vs. Legna vs. Reyna Oscura
4. Heroina vs. Rival Sorpresa MWE Extreme Title; Fans
bring weapons.
5. Mary Caporal vs. Baronessa vs. Princesa Azul
6. Zeuxis & Lolita vs. Keyra & Lady Maravilla

8/16 Futcenter Papagayo, Acapulco (LLA)
1. Astaroth & Abbys Crazy Jr. vs. Agorafobia I & Agorafobia
2. Ludwing Star/Black Silver/Uranio vs. Andros Black/Pez
Tigre/Guerrero Azteca
3. Diosa Quetzal & Mercurio vs. Marvel & Yoker
4. El Valiente vs. Hijo de Black Silver
5. Rey Fenix & Volador Jr. vs. Barbaro Cavernario & Steve

8/16 Deportiva Miguel Aleman Valdez Estadio de Beisbol
Ciro Soto Lara, Celaya, Guanajuato
1. Hijo de Timador & Bull Boy vs. Espartaco & Leviatan
2. Ponzoa vs. Estrellita Queretana
3. Nio Hamburguesa/Mamba/Lady Shani vs. La Parka
Negra/Estrella Divina/La Hiedra
4. La Mascara & Maximo vs. Averno & Chessman
5. Psycho Clown & Pagano vs. Hijo del Fantasma & Rey

8/17 Arena Coliseo Papa Milo
1. Blak Demon & Dientes de Sable vs. Rey Belcebu & Anubis
2. Galactar & Exodia vs. Angel Galactiko & Enki
3. Rey Demonio/El Simbolo/Golden Boy vs. Apolo Estrada
Jr./Kuas Extreme/Lemus Jr.
4. Aeroboy vs. Dylong For Vacant PPM Title
5. Cibernetico & El Zorro vs. The Tiger & El Divo

8/18 Casa de Cultura y Deporte Los Arcos (Super X)
1. ? vs. ?
2. ?? vs. ??
3. Prehispanic/Destruktor Xtremo/Dragon Imperial vs. Aereo
Fire/Torito Negro/Centella de la Muerte
4. Harry Jones vs. Johnny Trejo vs. Matelico vs. Zacharya
5. Reina Dorada vs. Sky vs. Chika Cometa vs. Lady Dragon vs.
Black Fury
6. Steve Pain/Star Fire/Luchador Sorpresa vs. Juventud
Guerrera/Diosa Quetzal/Luchador Sorpresa

8/18 Arena San Juan Pantitlan (FILLM)
1. Principe Maravilla & Rakner vs. Rey Fuego & Orion
2. Baby Star Jr. & Principe Aereo vs. Torito & Thunder
3. Emperador Azteca/Principe Condor/Alas de Oro vs.
Imposible/Alas de Plata/Fariseo
4. Yoruba & Sadico vs. Arez & Latigo
5. Barbaro Cavernario & Hechicero vs. Herodes Jr. & Dr.
6. Ultimo Guerrero/Gran Guerrero/Euforia vs. Corsario Negro
Jr./Drako/Fresero Jr.

8/19 Arena Lopez Mateos (Klandestino)
1. Astaroth & Agorafobia vs. Slash & Alex Pain
2. Uranio/Yoker/Guerrero Azteca vs. Dragosth/Super
Dragons/Cyber Punk
3. Dante vs. King Star Tiger Title match
4. Angel O Demonio/Ovett/Herodes Jr. vs. Romano Garcia/Rocky
Santana/El Gallego
5. Ricky Marvin/Freelance/Robin vs. Sadico/Akuma/Hijo de
Black Silver
6. Penta El Zero M & Rey Fenix vs. Rush & Mistico

8/30 Arena Aficion, Pachuca, Hidalgo
1. Erleus & Monje Solitario Jr. vs. Sombra de la Muerte &
Alex Extreme
2. Persy & Darketo vs. Deluto I Jr. & Espiritu de Plata
3. Raptor/Hijo del Vikingo/Tiger Boy vs. El Sable/Principe
4. Maximo & Goya Kong vs. Nio Hamburguesa & Big Mami
5. Psycho Clown & Pagano vs. Hijo del Fantasma & Joe Lider

9/1 Arena Femenil, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon (Homenaje a la
Leyenda Villano III)
1. Mini Difunto & Universo I vs. Boshido & Poseidon Negro
2. Jungla Negra Jr. vs. Diluvio Negro Jr.
3. Angelica vs. Reyna Dorada vs. Tsunami
4. La Copa Lucha Libre del Norte Hija de Karonte, Lady
Flammer, Justiciera, Baby Love, Princesa Maya, Hija de
Karonte II
5. Ultimo Demonio vs. Psicotico
6. El Divo vs. Epydemius

9/2 Unidad Deportiva, Cuautla, Morelos (Lucha Libre REAL)
1. Batalla Real Femenil Por El Campeonato Alfa del CLLM:
Rossy Moreno vs. Marcela vs. Diosa Quetzal vs. Espia Maya
vs. Diosa Maya vs. Princesa Azul vs. Satania vs. Sanely
2. Batalla Real Varonil Por El Campeonato Omega del CLLM:
Ricky Marvin vs. Robin vs. Sombra Azteca vs. Principe Deka
vs. Astro Boy Jr. vs. Baby Cameleon vs. Voltaje vs. Gran
3. Joe Lider vs. Fresero Jr. vs. Tyson La Bestia Bull
Terrier Match for La Copa REAL
4. Sanson & Cuatrero vs. Hijo de Pirata Morgan & Pirata
Morgan Jr.

9/5 Arena Lopez Mateos
1. Espiritu de Plata & Alex Extrem vs. Baby Torres & Cometa
2. Nio Hamburguesa & Big Mami vs. Villano III Jr. & La
3. Mexica/Centella Oriental/Alas de Oro vs. Principe
Condor/El Sable/Concord
4. La Parka/Hijo de L.A. Park/Parka Negra vs. Murder
Clown/Monsther Clown/Dave The Clown
5. L.A. Park vs. Psycho Clown vs. Hijo del Fantasma

9/9 Auditorio de La Unidad Deportiva, Cuautla, Morelos
1. Fussion & Electro vs. Speon & Viento
2. Graco Xtreme vs. Cherokee Rockstar Mask vs. Hair
3. Ultraman Jr. & Alas de Plata vs. Drako & Nahual
4. Hijo de Mascara Sagrada/Huracan Ramirez/Hijo de Huracan
Ramirez vs. Canek Jr./Scorpio Jr./Villano III Jr.
5. Caristico & Mistico vs. Negro Casas & Felino

9/22 El Trebol Automotriz Ermita, Iztapalapa (SUPER X)
1. Match featuring Juventud Guerereras students
2. Black Fury vs. Ludark vs. Diosa Quetzal
3. Arez vs. Toxin vs. Atomic Star vs. Baby Star
4. Eterno & Hijo de Fishman vs. Emperador Azteca & Superxtar
5. Electroshock & Juventud Guerrera vs. Sinn Bodhi & Steve

9/29 Palenque de la Expo-Feria Gomez Palacio
1. ? vs. ?
2. ?? vs. ??
3. Lady Shani/Big Mami/Nio Hamburguesa vs. Faby Apache/La
Hiedra/Tiger Boy
4. Joe Lider & Parka Negra vs. Monsther Clown & Dave The
5. Psycho Clown & La Parka vs. Hijo del Fantasma & Silver

10/20 Central de Abastos, San Vicente Chicoloapan
1. Trofeo Estrellas del Ring Royal Rumble
2. Los Monjes Locos I & II/Zafiro/Drako vs. Platino
Spider/King Golden/Xplosion/Lady Face
3. Mamba/Lady Shani/Mini Psycho Clown vs. Polvo de
Estrellas/La Hiedra/Lunatik Fly
4. Dave The Clown & Super Fly vs. Aerostar & Bengala
5. Psycho Clown & Murder Clown vs. Pagano & Monsther Clown

8/12 Arena Naucalpan
1. Chicanito vs. Holocausto
2. Mexica & Shadow Boy vs. Picudo Jr. & Death Metal
3. Pasion Cristal/Relampago/Lolita vs. Diablo Jr./Dragon
Bane/Diosa Atenea
4. Emperador Azteca/Multifacetico II/Hijo del Alebrije vs.
Hijo del Pirata Morgan/Eterno/Super Mega
5. Dr. Cerebro vs. Trauma II IWRG IC Middleweight Title
6. El Mesias/Hijo de Dos Caras/Imposible vs. Trauma I/Mr.
Electro/Hijo del Medico Asesino

9/16 Arena Xalapa
1. Bengala vs. Rey Infierno vs. Peligro vs. Villano III Jr.
Veracruz Middleweight Title
2. Caballero Negro Jr. & Crazy Maru vs. Caballero Negro &
Angel Mortal
3. Faby Apache vs. La Hiedra vs. Lady Shani Reina de
Reinas Title
4. Aerostar/Angelikal/Hijo del Vikingo vs. Murder
Clown/Monsther Clown/El Samoano
5. Rey Escorpion & Texano Jr. vs. Maximo & Pimpinela AAA
World Tag Team Titles
6. Psycho Clown vs. Pagano vs. Hijo del Fantasma

8/19 Coliseo Coacalco
1. Aron Sykes/Juan Diego/Helio Guerra vs. Ninja de
Fuego/Divino/Hijo de Brazo de Platino
2. Atomick Star/Lunatik Xtreme/Demonio Infernal/Toto vs.
Baxter/Aspirantito Jr./Kid Silver/Saurom
3. Terremoto Negro vs. Dragon Negro vs. Demonio Chino
4. Lolita vs. Luchadora Sorpresa
5. Drako/Fresero Jr./Corsario Negro Jr. vs. Dement
Xtreme/Carta Brava/Fantasma de la Opera
6. Impulso & Belial vs. Ovett & Angel O Demonio TLC Match
7. Aramis/Iron Kid/Alas de Acero vs. Freelance/Pantera/Mike
8. Fuerza Guerrera vs. Ricky Marvin vs. Eterno

8/19 Arena Coliseo Monterrey
1. Mini Difunto & Baby Fox vs. Mini Laredo Kid & Krares
2. Demus vs. Mini Hator
3. The Tiger vs. Karateka Jr.
4. El Divo vs. Trauma II
5. Laredo Kid vs. Emperador Azteca
6. Daga vs. Rey Horus
7. Hijo de L.A. Park vs. Mr. Electro
8. L.A. Park vs. Blue Demon Jr. Super Libre

8/25 Arena Neza (Negro Casas being honored for his 40
years in wrestling)
1. Golden Bull/Lagarde/Laberinto vs. Rey Caballero/Principe
Caballero/Shaman Jr.
2. Lady Apache/Lluvia/Dalys vs. Rossy Moreno/Tiffany/Miss
3. Torneo Por La Copa 4:40: Hijo de Octagon, Guerrero Maya
Jr., Pitbull, Robin, Guerrero Mixtico, Super Comando, Neza
Kid, Tony Cirio
4. Rocky Santana/Romano Garcia/El Gallego vs.
Shocker/Scorpio Jr./Toscano
5. Negro Casas/Mr. Niebla/Felino vs. Ultimo Guerrero/Pirata
6. Atlantis/Octagon/Rayo de Jalisco Jr. vs. Canek/Fuerza
Guerrera/Mascara Ao 2000

8/11 Arena Azteca Budokan
1. Montaa Calibus/Divino Boy/Ciclon Infernal/Dragosth vs.
Murcielago Plateado/Maremoto Jr./Polux Jr./Lucifer/Angelus
2. Terremoto & Maravilla vs. Tacle & Psyrus
3. Oriental & Lolita vs. Rossy Moreno & Steve Pain
4. Lady Shani & Luchador Sorpresa vs. Faby Apache & Luchador
5. Estrella Divina & Mamba vs. Diva Salvaje & Demasiado
6. Mocho Cota Jr./Carta Brava Jr./Tito Santana II vs.
Averno/Chessman/Super Fly
7. Psycho Clown/La Mascara/Maximo vs. Murder Clown/Monsther
Clown/Dave The Clown

8/17 Cueramaro, Guanajuato
1. Perro Negro/Angeluz Fly/Maravilla Strong vs. Los Idiotas
Infernales (Lucifer/Astro Infernal/Iracundo Xtrem)
2. Murcielago Plateado vs. Maremoto Jr. vs. Hjio del Dr.
Polux Jr.
3. Lady Shani & Mamba vs. Faby Apache & Estrella Divina
4. Aerostar/Raptor/Drago vs. Chessman/Super Fly/Averno
5. Psycho Clown vs. Pagano vs. Hijo del Fantasma

8/31 Cancha Fut 5. Tijuana, Baja California (AKE vs. DTU)
1. Martinete vs. Gambero vs. Terror Azteca
2. Xperia & Bufalo Ayala vs. Vulcan & Lady Lee
3. Arkangel Divino & Ultimo Maldito vs. Jimmy & Lokillo
4. Haraganes vs. Chica Yeye
5. Arandu & Mr. Maldito vs. Crazy Boy & Crazy King

8/31 Auditorio Municipal Fausto Gutierrez, Tijuana, Baja
1. Lady Shani & La Hiedra vs. Lady Apache & Chik Tormenta
2. Mirage/Arkangel Divino/Genio del Aire vs. Golden
Magic/Ultimo Maldito/Luchador Sorpresa
3. Steve Pain vs. Xtreme Tiger vs. Sammy Guevara
4. Averno & Super Fly vs. Jack Evans & Teddy Hart
5. Pagano & Joe Lider vs. Damian 666 & Mr. Aguila
6. Psycho Clown vs. Puma King vs. Hijo del Fantasma vs.

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