LUCHA: Lucha news/results for April 21, including more news on AAA/Anthem partnership

Posted on 4/21/117 by Bob Magee

Written By Alfredo Esparza

MedioTiempo posted an interview with Dorian Roldan from
Tuesdays AAA/Impact press conference. In the interview
Dorian mentions that the relationship between AAA & Impact
Wrestling will not just be about exchanging talent but is an
alliance in where both companies would like to increase/open
more business opportunities. Dorian also mentioned that he
didnt view Impact Wrestling and Lucha Underground as
competition because he views Lucha Underground as a TV
series. He also said there is a possibility you might see
talent from LU on Impact Wrestling. This last part has led
to a lot of speculation from the media and from wrestlers
who are under contract with Lucha Underground who havent
been allowed to appear with other promotions. Its a weird
and confusing situation given the relationships between
AAA/Lucha Underground/Impact/The Crash. Its probably best
just to wait and see what happens.

The latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter (Subscriber-Only)
reported that Penta El Zero M recently had a meeting with
Vampiro and Eric Van Wagenen concerning him wrestling on The
Crash shows while still under contract to Lucha Underground.
(Wonder if theyll talk to everyone else who is in Lucha
Underground that works The Crash.) They reportedly offered
him a new contract with a pay raise & hed be pushed as the
top guy in LU with the contract stating that he would not be
allowed to wrestle for CMLL, Impact, The Crash or any
promotion affiliated with Konnan. (They do realize AAA just
worked out a deal with Impact, who happen to have Konnan on
roster and work with him, right?) This is what happens when
you have so much time in between a seasonal TV series and
dont do anything with the talent like run live shows. announced the first match for their 6/11/17
Break The Barrier show would be Puma & Tiger vs. Trauma I &

CMLL reported that Okumura had successful neck surgery on
Wednesday and will start rehabbing soon.
Promociones Cantu announced the AAA event on 6/19 in Nuevo
Laredo will be a TV taping and tickets are now available.

Dr. Wagner Jr. & Hijo de Dr. Wagner will be on Stardoms 5/3

Keira is available for U.S. bookings. Promoters looking to
book her can contact Lucha Memes promoter Daniel Ledesma.
Keiras an excellent luchadora. Keira and CMLLs Zeuxis are
the two best luchadoras in Mexico.

Canuck Pro announced Puma vs. Super Crazy for their December
8th show in Langley, British Columbia.
Markus Crane was announced as another GCW name heading to
Mexico for DTUs 6/29 thru 7/2 tour.
PWG announced that Rey Fenix & Penta El Zero M will defend
the PWG Tag Team titles against the Young Bucks on their May
19th show.

The latest MLW Lucha Talk is available! This week we talked
CMLLs Copa Jr. match and did a really long review of last
Fridays CMLL show as we raved about Soberano Jr. &
Cuatrero, recapped AAA Worldwide, Niebla Roja, Sexy Stars
boxing debut and much more!

This weeks CMLL Informa guests were Forastero, Artillero y
Sanson, Mascara Ao 2000, Ringo Mendoza & Herodes.
Forastero, Sanson & Artillero talked about the upcoming Copa
Jr. match. Mascara Ao 2000 was on show to talk about his
new album Sangre Caliente which features 10 songs. He
mentioned the CD would be available at Arena Mexico, Tienda
Solar and a few other places as well as on youtube. He
stayed on for Ringo Mendoza & Herodes Srs segment. Herodes
Jr. brought out his father. Both got very emotional and
thanked CMLL, the Lutteroth family and the fans for their
support. Mascara Ao 2000 was the person who got the ball
rolling for the 4/20 Arena Coliseo tribute show for the two.
They spoke of having a long friendship going back to when
they first met as rivals in the ring. Herodes Sr. joked that
when he first met Mascara Ao 2000 that he would rough him
up in the ring because he didnt like Cien Caras, but now
those two are some of his better friends.

Herodes Sr. was wearing some dark glasses and walked with a
cane. He said one day he woke up and couldnt see. At that
time, Herodes Jr. was still living at the house so Sr.
called for him and told him that he couldnt see properly.
As the days passed, he couldnt see at all. One day he went
to the commission and Mascara Ao 2000 saw him there and
asked what was wrong and he told him his problem and how he
went to several doctors who told him they couldnt do
anything for him. Mascara Ao 2000 found him a doctor and
got a few people to put together some money to help Herodes
Sr. out and hes had surgery. Herodes Sr. said that his
vision right now is similar to opening your eyes underwater
and very blurry. He still needs two more surgeries to
hopefully improve his vision. He also mentioned that hes
gotten lost a few times in his neighborhood and sometimes if
some neighbor sees him on the street, hell ask if theyd
like to walk together so he can get back home.

Ringo Mendoza was asked how he was doing health-wise. He
mentioned at one point feeling he was near-death and pretty
much giving up until friends and family talked him into
getting cervical surgery. Ringo mentioned at one point he
couldnt even move while in a wheelchair and now he has
movement in his arms, legs, can sit-up properly and even
stand up. He was very thankful to Mascara Ao 2000 and
everyone else who has helped him during this difficult time.
Ringo ended the segment singing as JCR said that there are
old stories of CMLL celebration events were if a band was
playing, Ringo would start singing.

CMLL 4/18 Arena Mexico
1. Akuma/Hijo del Signo/Inquisidor beat Bengala/Principe
2. Mercurio/Pequeo Nitro/Pierrothito beat
Electrico/Fantasy/Ultimo Dragoncito
3. Misterioso Jr./Sagrado/Tiger beat Soberano
Jr./Starman/Pegasso Misterioso Jr. and Soberano Jr.
continued to feud.
4. Virus beat Fuego in a match relampago
5. Euforia/Ultimo Guerrero/Niebla Roja beat Dragon Lee/Marco
Corleone/Mistico despite Niebla Roja and the other Guerreros
not getting along during match.
6. Maximo Sexy beat El Terrible to retain the CMLL World
Heavyweight title in a good match.

CMLL 4/18 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1. Espectrum & Sadico beat Neutron & Star Black
2. Magnus/Oro Jr./Vaquero Jr. beat Arkangel de la
3. Marcela/Sanely/Silueta beat Dalys/Metalica/Tiffany
4. Angel de Oro/Blue Panther/Valiente vs.
Kraneo/Luciferno/Mephisto no result given.
5. Rush/La Mascara/Pierroth beat Atlantis/Caristico/Diamante
Azul when Rush fouled Diamante Azul and the referee didnt
see it.

5/13 San Diego, CA
1. Legacy vs. Ricky The Activist
2. Nightmare Azteca vs. Efekto
3. Super Boy Jr. & Principe Indu Jr. vs. Scream & Rhino
4. Zarco vs. Enigma vs. Gran Bufalo vs. Black Danger 4-way
lumberjack match.
5. Rey Horus/Bestia 666/Mariachi Loco vs. Mortiz/TJ

5/7 Berwin Eagles Club, Berwin, IL
1. Mojo McQueen vs. Fly Star vs. Gavin Quinn
2. Movado & Latin Dragon vs. Bandolero & Mano del Diablo
3. Tigre Asiatico vs. Zam Damisterious
4. Silueta vs. Chik Tormenta
5. Trauma II & Benjamin Bryce vs. Aero Boy & Trauma I

4/29 Eagles Club, Berwyn, IL
1. Vinnie Scarpone vs. The Masked Bonanza
2. Love International & Wild Liger vs. Super Kaoz & Dragon 2
3. Yakuza & Eragon vs. Vengador del Futuro & Destructro Jr.
4. Caristico & Discovery vs. Ultimo Guerrero & Gran Guerrero

4/23 Clela Arena, Los Angeles, CA
1. Dragon Fly vs. El Temerario
2. El Coa Azul & Rayo de Plata vs. Serpiente Azteca &
Nightmare Azteca
3. O.G. Playboy vs. Ricky The Activist
4. Leon Blanco & Asgard vs. Barrio Boy & Poder Infernal
5. Blue Fish & Seiya vs. Super Natural & Potro Romano
6. Pilot Suicida/Enigma/Jalisco vs. Medico Asesino
Jr./Zarco/Acero Dorado

5/7 Clela Arena, Los Angeles, CA (6th Anniversary)
1. ? vs. ?
2. Hector Canales vs. Ricky The Activist UIPW Internet
3. Octagoncito vs. Felinito
4. Lady Lee vs. Thunder Rosa UIPW Womens Title
5. OG Playboy vs. Enigma UIPW Welterweight Title
6. Pheonix Star & Zokre vs. Shamu Jr. & Ultimo Shamu UIPW
Tag Team titles
7. Super Natural vs. Sam Elias (Sam Adonis)
8. El Heredero de Rey Misterio vs. Brian Cage vs. Teddy Hart
vs. Mariachi Loco Match to Determine #1 Contender to UIPW
Heavyweight Title.
9. Volador Jr. vs. Misterioso Jr. UIPW Heavyweight Title.

4/21 Auditorio Fausto Gutierrez, Tijuana, Baja California
1. Faby Apache/Luchador Sorpresa/Luchador Sorpresa vs. Soul
Rocker/Carta Brava Jr./Mocho Cota Jr.
2. La Parka vs. Ricky Marvin
3. Drago & Aerostar vs. Killshot & Marty The Moth
4. Bengala & Australian Suicide vs. El Mesias & Pagano
5. Ayako Hamada vs. Taya Reina de Reina Title
6. Hijo del Fantasma vs. Kevin Kross -Tijuana Tables Match
7. Psycho Clown vs. Dr. Wagner Jr. EMW World Heavyweight

4/29 Palenque del Centro Expositor, Tlaxcala
1. Nio Hamburguesa vs. Bengala vs. Australian Suicide vs.
Joe Lider vs. Hijo del Pirata Morgan
2. Faby Apache vs. Big Mami vs. Goya Kong vs. Lady Shani
3. Mascara de Bronce & Venum vs. Dark Cuervo & Dark Scoria
4. Pimpinela Escarlata vs. Mamba
5. Soul Rocker & Carta Brava Jr. vs. Murder Clown & Monsther
6. La Parka/Luchador Sorpresa/Luchador Sorpresa vs. Super
7. Psycho clown vs. Hijo del Fantasma vs. Kevin Kross

5/16 Arena Aficion, Pachuca, Hidalgo
1. Concord & Guerrero de Plata vs. Bronco Gonzalez Jr. &
Hijo del Vikingo
2. Pimpinela Escarlata & Lady Shani vs. Mamba & La Hiedra
3. Monsther Clown & Murder Clown vs. Soul Rocker & Carta
Brava Jr.
4. Bengala & Australian Suicide vs. Dark Cuervo & Dark
5. Drago & Aerostar vs. El Mesias & Pagano
6. La Parka/Argenis/Ricky Marvin vs. Averno/Chessman/Super
7. Psycho Clown vs. Dr. Wagner Jr.

4/23 Coliseo Coacalco
1. Dave Crist vs. Aero Boy
2. Shiryu Dragon/Caifan III/Maldito Jr. vs. Fly Star/Solar
Jr./Terremoto Negro
3. Freelance vs. Nino de Cobre vs. Diablo Jr. vs. Inmortal
vs. Ryan Kidd vs. Novasonic
4. Raymond Rowe vs. Hanson
5. Miedo Extremo vs. Wotan vs. Masada
6. Impulso/Centurion/Dragon Fly vs. Mr. Leo/Lokillo/Proximo
7. Solar vs. Makabre vs. Trauma I vs. The Platino vs. Trauma
II vs. Black Terry vs. Mr. Maldito Ruleta de la Muerte w/
masks and hair on the line.
8. Xtreme Tiger vs. Rey Fenix vs. Luchador Sorpresa

4/20 Arena Coliseo (Ringo Mendoza & Herodes Tribute show)
1. Zoom Driver vs. Jose Marquez
2. Ultraman Jr./Solar Jr./Canek Jr. vs. Herodes Jr./Fishman
Jr./Universo 2000 Jr.
3. Solar & Blue Panther vs. Negro Navarro & Black Terry
4. Mano Negra/Angel de Oro/Atlantis vs. Fuerza Guerrera/Mr.
Niebla/Mascara 2000
5. Rey Bucanero/El Terrible/Ultimo Guerrero vs. Villano

4/21 Arena Mexico
1. Flyer & Robin vs. Espanto Jr. & Canelo Casas
2. Drone/Rey Cometa/Fuego vs. Virus/Raziel/Nitro
3. Guerrero Maya Jr. vs. Luciferno match relampago
4. Copa Jr. Nuevos Valores Block B: Blue Panther
5. Diamante Azul/Stuka Jr./El Valiente vs. Mr.
Niebla/Euforia/Gran Guerrero
6. Caristico/Volador Jr./Dragon Lee vs. Negro Casas/Barbaro
Cavernario/La Mascara

4/22 Arena Coliseo
1. Shockercito & Stukita vs. Pequeo Olimpico & Pequeo
2. Soberano Jr./Fuego/Pegasso vs. Disturbio/Sangre
3. Dalys vs. Estrellita CMLL Womens Title
4. Angel de Oro/Blue Panther/Guerrero Maya Jr. vs. Sam
Adonis/Mascara Ao 2000/Vangellys
5. Caristico/Atlantis/Marco Corleone vs.
Mephisto/Kraneo/Gran Guerrero

4/23 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1. Micro vs. El Destructor
2. Capita Cobra & El Yaqui vs. Thunder Boy & Demonio Rojo
3. Fantastico/Magico/Black Sugar vs. Evola/Mr. Apolo/Gran
4. Nautilius & Star Black vs. Rey Trueno & Mr. Trueno
5. Omar Brunetti/Vaquero Jr./Explosivo vs.

4/23 Arena Mexico
1. Magia Blanca & Fiero vs. Camorra & El Cholo
2. Marcela/Skadi/La Vaquerita vs. Tiffany/Seductora/Metalica
3. Rey Cometa/Fuego/Drone vs. Metalico/Puma/Tiger
4. Angel de Oro/Stuka Jr./Guerrero Maya Jr. vs. Dragon Rojo
Jr./Polvora/Bobby Villa
5. Caristico/Marco Corleone/Maximo Sexy vs. El Terrible/Rey

4/24 Arena Puebla
1. Lestat/Zaeta Roja/Paris vs. El Malayo/Sombra
Diabolika/Guerrero Espacial
2. Princesa Sugehit/Sanely/La Jarochita vs.
3. Soberano Jr./Esfinge/Fuego vs. Virus/Raziel/Cancerbero
4. Angel de Oro/Johnny Idol/Titan vs. Mr. Niebla/Barbaro
5. Caristico/Volador Jr./Atlantis vs. Ultimo Guerrero/Negro
Casas/La Mascara

4/25 Arena Mexico
1. Magnus & Flyer vs. Canelo Casas & Espanto Jr.
2. Starman/Stigma/Oro Jr. vs. Arkangel de la
Muerte/Metalico/Sangre Azteca
3. The Panther vs. Sagrado Match Relampago
4. El Terrible/Rey Bucanero/Vangellys vs. Guerrero Maya
5. Angel de Oro/Johnny Idol/Blue Panther vs. Mephisto/Gran
6. Mistico/Dragon Lee/Valiente vs. Ultimo
Guerrero/Euforia/Niebla Roja

4/25 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1. Smaker & Sky Kid vs. Joker & Sadico
2. Ultimo Dragoncito/Acero/Cosmos vs.
Pierrothito/Mercurio/Relampago Azul
3. The Panther/Pegasso/Rey Cometa vs. Forastero/Puma/Tiger
4. Caristico/Marco Corleone/Maximo Sexy vs. Sam Adonis/La
5. Diamante Azul vs. Rush

4/20 Arena Jalisco
1. Androide/Lujuria/Vegeta vs. El Grifo/Nexus/Azteca Warrior
2. Caim/Demonio Maya/Rudy Santana vs. Estrella Oriental
Jr./Principe Daniel/Leo
3. Goya Kong & La Hiedra vs. Faby Apache & Big Mami
4. Monsther Clown/Murder Clown/Argenis/Australian Suicide
vs. Rayman/Makabre/Draego/Randy
5. Pagano vs. Psycho Clown vs. Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. Joe Lider
Copa Hijo del Perro Aguayo

4/23 Auditorioi Municipal Solidaridad
1. Reyson & Mr. Dragon vs. Comandante Villa & Centella
2. Eterno Alcander/Aqua Boy/Danger Boy vs. Aztlan 13/Jaguar
3. Herodes Jr. & Halcon Rojo Jr. vs. Hijo de Octagon/Hijo de
Dos Caras
4. L.A. Park & Hijo de L.A. Park vs. Rush & Pirata Morgan

4/25 Teatro del Pueblo, Jalpan de Serra
1. Natague & Rey Kimba vs. Haddes & Shinigami
2. Tortugas Ninja (Rafy/Mike/Teelo) vs. El Atomico/Furia
Dorada/Speed Demon
3. Imposible & Angel Rebelde vs. Bandido & Lobo Lafayette
vs. Metaleon & Kastigador
4. Hijo de Octagon/DJZ/Vengador vs. Dork Ozz/Dark
Espiritu/Dark Crazy
5. Blue Demon Jr./Octagon/Mr. Electro vs. Rey
Escorpion/Fuerza Guerrera/Black Tauro

4/25 Gym Beto Estrada
1. Boy Ramirez vs. Conde Azteca Jr.
2. Faby Apache & Baby Rush vs. La Hiedra & Nefasta
3. Nino Hamburguesa/The Tiger/Sangre Chicana Jr. vs. Kuas
4. Mocho Cota Jr./Soul Rocker/Carta Brava Jr. vs. Australian
Suicide/Delta/Pimpinela Escarlata
5. Psycho Clown & Hijo del Fantasma vs. Pagano & El Mesias

4/27 Gimnasio G-2, Iztapalapa
1. ? vs. ?
2. ?? vs. ??
3. Big Mami/Dinastia/Nio de Cobre vs. La Hiedra/Mini Psycho
Clown/Mascarita Negra
4. Drago & Argenis vs. Cuervo & Scoria vs. Dizz & Atomic Boy
5. Psycho Clown/La Parka/Hijo del Fantasma vs.
Pagano/Monsther Clown/Murder Clown

4/28 Auditorio Municipal de Torreon
1. Mini Toxico & Terrorsito vs. Pequeno Angel & Pequeno
2. Demencia/Perla Lagunera/Dark Saint vs. Jerry Brown/Piel
3. Hijo de Mascara Sagrada & Hijo de Kato Kung Lee vs. Hijo
de Cien Caras & Hijo del Espectro Jr.
4. Fishman Jr. & Canek Jr. vs. Huracan Ramirez Jr. & Ciclon
Ramirez Jr.
5. Ultimo Guerrero/Fuerza Guerrera/Villano IV vs.
Octagon/Blue Panther/Super Muneco

4/30 Auditorio Jose Ma. Arteaga, Queretaro
1. Lee Moriarty/Rey Kimba/Natague vs. Todos Santos/Ciclon
2. Dragon de Oriente I/Angel Rebelde/Electroboy/Destello vs.
Haddes/Homicida/Black Spider/Marduk
3. Fuego Latino vs. Mike Segura vs. El Lince Title vs.
Hair vs. Hair match.
4. Rey Cometa & Vengador vs. DJZ & Kastigador
5. Atlantis/Dragon de Oriente II/Lobo Lafayette vs. Espiritu
Negro/Atomico/Speed Demon

4/30 Arena Pepe Cisneros
1. ? vs. ?
2. ?? vs. ??
3. Zombi vs. Super Aguila Oaxaca Middleweight Title.
4. Hijo de La Park/Endeavor/Fantasma Jr. vs. Rayo
Tapatio/Brazo de Plata Jr./El Corsario
5. Xtreme Fly vs. Pepe Cisneros Jr. vs. Kingo Jr. Mask &
Hair on the line.
6. L.A. Park/El Terrible/Maximo vs. Rush/Pierroth/Luchador

5/6 Lienzo Charro Cuernavaca
1. ? vs. ?
2. Mini Tigre Blanco/Felinito/Platita vs. Piratita
Morgan/Barbita Negra/Hijo de Espectrito
3. Luna Magica/Reina Dorada/Barbie Ashley vs. Tiffany/Lady
Sensacion/Stephanie Vaquer
4. Barbaros I & II vs. Los Indomables vs. Nocturno vs.
Diablo vs. Zadkiel vs. Viento Apuestas Cage match.
5. Los Porros vs. Los Macizos vs. Dement Xtreme vs. Toxico
6. L.A. Park & Hijo de L.A. Park vs. Dr. Wagner Jr. & Silver

5/7 Centro de Espectaculos, Recinto de Feria Metepac
1. Irving/Erwing/Luigi vs. Hard Boy/Toto/Masizito
2. Ciclope & Miedo Extremo vs. Jimmy & Kevin (Los Nerds) vs.
Ovett & Pesadilla
3. Octagoncito & Dinastia vs. Mini Abismo Negro & Mini
4. Faby Apache & Bengala vs. Lady Shani & Mamba
5. Drago & Aerostar vs. Escoria & Cuervo
6. Dr. Wagner Jr. & Joe Lider vs. Texano Jr. & Hijo del

5/13 Parque Revolucion, Culiacan, Sinaloa
1. La Trakalosa vs. Astroboy vs. Miss Gaviota vs. Doberman
2. Mini Tigre Blanco & Estrella Explosiva vs. Brazito de
Plata & Chik Tormenta
3. Black Scorpion vs. Mosco Fly vs. Delfin Jr. vs. Fly Metal
vs. Relampago
4. Hijo de L.A. Park/HIjo de Mascara Sagrada/Cachuy Rubio
vs. Black Tauro/Hijo de Fishman/Mario Mora
5. Dr. Wagner Jr. & Silver King vs. L.A. Park & Rey

5/20 Central de Abastos, Ecatepec
1. Calavera Jr. & Fly Danger vs Gander & Luky
2. Aeronix & Mini Kaliwua vs B-Day & Joker
3. Arez/Lunatik Fly/Novasonic vs. Abortex/Ancla/Fly Star
4. Diva Salvaje/Golden/Marcela vs. Drako/Ludark Shaitan/Soy
5. Histeria & LA Park vs. Blue Demon & Super Crazy

5/25 Auditorio Carlos Serdan Archavaleta
1. Peligro/Bucanero/Poseidon Jr./F. Del Espacio vs. Nio de
2. Poseidon/Rey Pantera/Maldad vs. Faisan Jr./Exorcista
3. Aero Boy & Bandido vs. Mike Segura & Freelance
4. Keira vs. Lady Maravilla
5. Negro Navarro & Black Terry vs. Dr. Cerebro & Solar
6. Daga vs. Jack Evans vs. Flamita vs. Black Tauro
7. Wotan vs. Penta El Zero M vs. Triple X Jr.

5/8 Lienzo Charro Ignacio Leon Ornelas, Irapuato,
1. Gato Montes/Rey Infierno/J. Madrid/Thunder Stroom vs.
Lucifer/Angelus/Star Boy/S. Demon
2. Baby Camaleon I/Baby Camaleon II/Osiris vs. Dr. Polux
Jr./Murcielago P./Dragon Lee (not CMLL one)
3. Zeuxis & Dalys vs. Marcela & Princesa Sugehit vs. Keira &
Lady Maravilla
4. Lokillus vs. Gremlin
5. Demus 3:16 vs. Wotan Street Fight
6. Yoruba & Danger vs. Kastigador & Vengador
7. Trauma I & II vs. Penta El Zero M & Rey Fenix vs.
Corsario & Drako vs. X-Dance & Crazy Latino
8. El Zorro/Daga/Garza Jr. vs. Cibernetico/Sharlie
Rockstar/Black Tauro

4/23 Arena Naucalpan
1. Signo Arkano vs. Keiser Drago
2. Kanon & Aramis vs. Lunatik Extreme & Atomic Star
3. Pantera I vs. Hip Hop Man
4. Bobby Lee Jr./Black Dragon/Hijo del Alebrije vs. Hijo del
Diablo/Avisman/Picudo Jr.
5. Imposible vs. Emperador Azteca
6. Tortugas Ninjas (Rafy/Leo/Mike/Teelo) vs. Hijo del Pirata
Morgan/Eterno/Cerebro Negro/Demonio Infernal
7. Black Terry & Diablo Jr. vs. Trauma I & Trauma II IWRG
IC Tag Team Titles.

4/29 Arena Coliseo San Ramon
1. Luchador Sorpresa & Psycho Kid vs. Rey Samurai & King
Rocker & Gato Montes & Rey Infierno
2. Toxico vs. Brole vs. Fresero Jr. vs. Gran Bufalo vs.
Demasiado Last Man Standing
3. Prayer vs. Impulso
4. Loco Max/Espiritu Maligno/King Jaguar vs.
Kilvan/Yoruba/Shadow Super Libre
5. Herodes Jr. vs. Toro Bill Jr. vs. Siky Osama Jr.
6. Wotan vs. Rey Apocalipsis Bull Terry Match

5/18 Arena Xalapa
1. Vengador Radiactivo/Pitufo/Magnum vs.
2. Mr. Coyote & Silencio vs. Cosmos & Poseidon Jr. vs.
Planetario & Poseidon
3. Pimpinela Escarlata/Kid Lobo/Lady Shani vs. La
4. Eslabon Perdido vs. Hio del Tirantes Bull Terrier match
5. La Parka/Aerostar/Australian Suicide vs.
Cuervo/Scoria/Super Fly
6. Pagano/Psycho Clown/Joe Lider vs. Averno/Chessman/Murder

5/20 Parque Papagayo Adventure, Acapulco
1. ? vs. ?
2. Aspirantito/Avatar/Saurom vs. Pocima
Letal/Optimus/Guerrero Jr.
3. Gronda XXX/Cazador/Aspirantito Jr. vs. Sagrado/Demonio
4. Super Muneco/Super Muneco Jr./Super Pinocho vs. Angel O
Demonio/Fantasma de la Opera/Mercurio
5. Atlantis/Marco Corleone/Titan vs. Dragon Rojo Jr./Lizmark
Jr./Super Crazy

4/28 Arena Naucalpan
1. Alas de Acero/Aramis/Iron Kid vs. Baby
Star/Galactar/Dragon Fly
2. Titan vs. Rey Horus
3. Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Negro Navarro
4. Rush vs. Black Terry
5. L.A. Park vs. Super Mega

4/22 Plaza de Toros La Macarena, Uruapan, Michoacan
1. Robin & Flyer vs. Drako & Coyote
2. Blue Panther Jr./The Panther/Triton vs.
Hechicero/Misterioso Jr./Sagrado
3. Dragon Lee/Titan/Diamante Azul vs. Mr. Niebla/Negro
4. Mistico/Volador Jr./Valiente vs. Ultimo
Guerrero/Euforia/Niebla Roja

4/23 Unidad Deportiva Camellon 24 de Abril, Zihuatanejo,
1. Robin & Flyer vs. Drako & Coyote
2. Blue Panther Jr./The Panther/Triton vs.
Hechicero/Misterioso Jr./Sagrado
3. Dragon Lee/Titan/Diamante Azul vs. Mr. Niebla/Negro
4. Mistico/Volador Jr./Valiente vs. Ultimo
Guerrero/Euforia/Niebla Roja

4/28 Palenque de la Feria de Zacatecas
1. ? vs. ? Trios match Opener
2. Principe Sier/Corazon Forjado/Black Extrem vs. Danny
Boy/Lince/Extrem Boy
3. Apolo Estrada Jr./Taurocosis/Menny Sanchez Jr. vs.
Vaquero de Texas/Aliado de Dios/Tormenta Roja
4. Octagoncito & Dinastia vs. Mini Psycho Clown & Mini
5. Faby Apache & Big Mami vs. La Hiedra & Lady Shani
6. Psycho Clown/Joe Lider/Bengala vs. Pagano/Murder
Clown/Monsther Clown

4/24 Estadio de Fut Rap, Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas
1. ? vs. ?
2. Faby Apache & Baby Rush vs. La Hiedra & Nefasta
3. Sangre Chicana Jr./The Tiger/Nio Hamburguesa vs.
Tequilita/Kuas Extrem/Rio Bravo Jr.
4. Australian Suicide/Pimpinela Escarlata/Delta vs. Mocho
Coto Jr./Soul Rocker/Carta Brava Jr.
5. Psycho Clown & Hijo del Fantasma vs. Pagano & El Mesias

5/17 Canchas Fut-Center, Acapulco
1. ? vs. ?
2. Black Silver/Uranio/Capitan Atomo/Roll Royce vs. Black
Silver Jr./Jocker/Pez Tigre/Fenix
3. Frestero Jr./Miss Gaviota/Hijo de Black Silver vs.
Histeria/Arkangel/Monsther w/ Chuky
4. Hechicero & Negro Navarro vs. Caifan & Solar
5. Mistico/Maximoi/Valiente vs. Negro Casas/Felino/Barbaro

4/22 Plaza de Toros Belisario Arteaga, Chilpancingo
1. Kid Silver & Charly El Novillero vs. Super Loko & La
2. Lanzeloth & Octagoncito vs. Carta Brava Jr. & Mini Abismo
3. Polvo de Estrellas/Goya Kong/The Tiger vs. Mamba/Soul
Rocker/Apolo Estrada Jr.
4. Drago/Aerostar/Argenis vs. Hijo del Pirata Morgan/Dave
The Clown/Mocho Cota Jr.
5. Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. Psycho Clown vs. Hijo del Fantasma

4/23 Fut Center Papagayo, Acapulco
1. Kendo Jr. & Charly El Novillero vs. Super Loko & La
2. Lanzeloth/Octagoncito/Kid Silver vs. Carta Brava Jr./Mini
Abismo Negro/Black Silver Jr.
3. Polvo de Estrellas/Goya Kong/The Tiger vs. Mamba/Soul
Rocker/Apolo Estrada Jr.
4. Drago/Aerostar/Argenis vs. Hijo del Pirata Morgan/Dave
The Clown/Mocho Cota Jr.
5. Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. Pagano vs. Hijo del Fantasma

4/28 Arena Neza
1. ? vs. ?
2. ? vs. ?
3. Mary Apache & Pimpinela Escarlata vs. Lady Shani & Mamba
4. Argenis/Australian Suicide/Nio Hamburguesa vs.
Cuervo/Escoria/Mocho Cota Jr.
5. La Parka & Texano Jr. vs. Chessman & Averno

4/26 Palenque de la Feria, Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco
1. Melodico de la Muerte/Crazy Latino/Zarpa vs. Speed
2. Lince/Atomico/X-Danzz vs. Vengador/Kastigador/Gremlin
3. Big Mami/Dinastia/Pimpinela vs. Goya Kong/Mini Psycho
4. Aerostar/El Elegido/Nio Hamburguesa vs. Super
Fly/Averno/Hijo del Pirata Morgan
5. Psycho Clown/La Parka/Texano Jr. vs. Pagano/Murder
Clown/Monsther Clown

5/25 Escuela Preparatoria Oficial 87, Atizapan
1. Corsario & Mini Cibernetico vs. Bryan El Stripper & La
2. Zeuxis/Tiffany/Keira vs. Marcela/Lady Maravilla/Diosa
3. Canek Jr./Hijo de Porky/Tyson vs. Oriental/Drone/Robin
4. Hysteria/Dragon Rojo Jr./Polvora/Monster vs.
Alebrije/Gronda/Stuka Jr./Vamper
5. Mr. Niebla/Pirata Morgan/Rey Bucanero vs. Maximo/La

4/29 Campo de Beisbol, Ensenada, Baja California
1. Mr. Panic/Hijo del Zombie/Siniestro vs. Guerrero
Fantasma/Pegaso Salvaje/Dreago
2. Xperia/Gladiador/Lady Lee vs. Panico
3. Venum Black & Amnesia va. Extasis & Black Spider
4. Damian 666 & Bestia 666 vs. TJ Boy & Arandu
5. Nicho El Millonario vs. Mortiz vs. Mosco X-Fly vs. Crazy
Frank Rematch will involve a destroyed car (?)

4/30 San Quintin
1. Mr. Panic/Guerrero Fantasma/Gladiador vs. Panico
Zaico/Pegaso Salvaje/Dreago
2. Xperia/Hijo del Zombie/Lady Lee vs.
3. Venum Black vs. Amnesia vs. Black Spider
4. Bestia 666 & Extasis vs. TJ Boy & Arandu
5. Nicho El Millonario & Mosco X-Fly vs. Damian 666 & Mortiz
Super Extrema

5/5 Auditorio de Tijuana
1. Oraculo/Serpentico/Douglas James vs. Black Danger/Ultimo
2. Black Boy/Arkangel Divino/Astrolux vs. Famous
3. Garza Jr./Ultimo Ninja/Jack Evans vs. Hijo del Pirata
Morgan/Bestia 666/Jeff Cobb
4. Ricochet & Flip Gordon vs. Mr. 450 & Sammy Guevara
5. Daga vs. Zack Sabre Jr.
6. Lucha Brothers (Penta El Zero M & Rey Fenix) vs. The
Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson)

4/28 Auditorio de Tijuana
1. Lady Lee vs. Miss Tiger vs. Amazona vs. Baronesa
2. Jonathan & Juve Venegas vs. Douglas James & Ryan Kidd
3. Bestia 666 vs. TJ Boy vs. Star Boy vs. Tony Casanova vs.
Angel Metalico Ladder match for Evolucion title.
4. Arandu vs. Caifan
5. L.A. Park & Hijo de L.A. Park vs. Mr. Maldito & THe
6. X-Torm vs. Zarco Mask vs. Mask

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