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Rey Horus made an appearance at the 5/3 href="" onclick="_gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'outbound-article', '', 'UIPW-LA']);" target="_blank">UIPW-LA show. Right after a grueling match with Super Natural that featured some high-flying, a wrench used as a weapon and a lady who proudly carried the U.S. Flag and who later threw water at Rey Horus, he took some time to talk to LuchaWorld. We talked about wrestling in Los Angeles, his Wrestlemania weekend, upcoming schedule including some big shows in Mexico and shared his thoughts on how his career has been going of late.

We did the interview in Spanish. Rey Horus speaks English, but I asked him which he preferred, we agreed to do it in Spanish. As usual link to the Spanish audio interview included.

Rey Horus Interview (Spanish Audio Link)/Entrevista con Rey Horus en Espaol!!!!

Fredo: We are here with Rey Horus from Tijuana, Baja California, who’s been wrestling for the past year in Los Angeles and other parts of California. Tell us a little of what’s been going on with your career lately?

Rey Horus: Yes, right now I’m wrestling under the name “Rey Horus” and as some fans might now I’ve been coming here wrestling under my previous name (Hijo de Rey Misterio) and a lot of people remember me under that name. I’ve been wrestling as Rey Horus for about a year and a half now since the name change from Hijo de Rey Misterio and well I’ve been very happy. Every time I come to Los Angeles to wrestle, I try to leave my heart out there in the ring and there you see the result the beautiful recognition that I receive from the public. Thanks to God, right now I’m currently working as an independent and getting plenty of work of late. My upcoming schedule includes the Crash (this weekend w/ 3 shows in Mexicali, Tijuana and Ensenada). They’re coming back strong and bringing back Rey Mysterio Jr. Its gonna be good. Going to be a big show. (Note: Rey Horus is also scheduled to be wrestling for WildKat Sports) The following week of the 16th and 17th of May we’ll be in Mexico City. I’ll be facing Aeroboy…

Fredo: You’ll also be wrestling Flamita on one of the shows. Very excited about that one…

Rey Horus: Yes, Yes…My first date with ChilangaMask is on the 16th against Aeroboy (since turned into a trios match) and the next day in Mexico City at the arena in Coacalco for ChilangaMask again against Flamita. Both are great luchadores and I know we’ll give fans something to talk about.

Fredo: Lately, you’ve been wrestling a lot in the United States and you were on independent shows at WrestleMania weekend, talk a little about that…In fact, I think since that week, you had quite the schedule for about 2-3 weeks in the U.S.

Rey Horus: Yes, I got the call to be a part of the King of Indies and I was at a loss for words, very happy and proud to be the one wrestler representing Mexico out of the 16 participants in the tournament. I had two matches in the tournament against Lil’ Cholo and Willie Mack and we gave the fans good matches. From there, thanks to God, I got more work and from there the people from Evolve saw me and booked me for a few shows. I just went there last month.

Fredo: Who did you wrestle in Evolve?

Rey Horus: In Evolve, I had two show dates. First date was in Tampa Bay were I wrestled Caleb Conley and the following day in Orlando, I wrestled Andrew Everett. Both were stupendous wrestlers, we left a good taste with the fans and I’ll be back in Evolve again in May, but this time in New York. A lot of good things happening with Evolve, ChilangaMask, The Crash and continuing on with UIPW, where I leave my heart out there in the ring for the fans every time.

Fredo: Here in UIPW, you’ve had a chance to wrestle Steve Pain and other talent from California. You’ve even wrestled Famous B in Tijuana.

Rey Horus: Yes, ever since I started coming to this area under my previous name I’ve gotten to wrestle against some great talent here in Los Angeles. I don’t want to look down on the talent here because there’s plenty, what they don’t have here is television or the projection, but the talent here is great and that’s what’s so beautiful because no matter if I’m here or in Mexico, I get to face some great wrestlers and when that happens that’s when you get that magic up in the ring and end up with some great matches.

Fredo: Have you ever been contacted by AAA or CMLL about joining either promotion?

Rey Horus: Yes, back when I was Hijo de Rey Misterio both promotions approached me but back then I had other commitments. Now, under my new persona, both promotions continue to approach me and there will be some surprises. In two months we will all know what the future of Rey Horus will be!

Fredo: Ooohhhhhh…..A big surprise? Can’t tell us more? *laughs*

Rey Horus: I can’t say more. In two months everyone will know.

Fredo: Ah…Excellent!!!

Fredo: Lastly, you’ve really hit it big lately, since it wasn’t even a year ago when a lot of people weren’t too familiar with you. Well, outside of here locally (Los Angeles) and Mexico you were known whether as Rey Horus or Hijo de Rey Misterio and that whole story that we know about, but have you noticed more attention outside of that region with more fans from the U.S., Canada, Japan, etc.?

Rey Horus: Yes, thanks to God, well I’ve always put in a ton of effort (ganas) and the results and opportunities have come along. If one puts in the work, opportunities will come along. When I made the name change, I got bigger opportunities and more work. I’ve gotten to work in promotions were not too many Mexicans have gotten a chance to wrestle in and to do that its a beautiful thing. I’ve been working throughout the United States, Mexico and earlier in the year I wrestled in Puerto Rico and thanks to God, its slowly starting to come along.

Fredo: Where there any problems when you were wrestling under your previous name (Hijo de Rey Misterio) when it came to wrestling for certain promotions?

Rey Horus: No, I don’t think that was ever an issue. In that moment, I had other projects going on and couldn’t really go to those other promotions. Now hopefully, that has changed and here we are putting in the work and hopefully if it happens and I get a contract with a promotion that’s great, but if it doesn’t, here I am as an independent.

Fredo: Hey, I saw a bunch of Los Traumas t-shirts, where are your t-shirts?

Rey Horus: (smiles) Yes, yes…

Fredo: I know you’ve got your own t-shirt via maskedrepublic

Rey Horus: (laughs) Yes, of course. Next time I come over, I’ll have some. This trip I couldn’t, but next one I’ll definitely bring some…

Fredo: Any words for the fans.

Rey Horus: Keep on supporting Mexican lucha libre here in the United States. I know many of you here in the U.S. can’t go to Mexico, so support the promoters who are bringing lucha libre to the United States. Come to the shows. Go to all these shows in Los Angeles. A lot of tremendous talent here. If you see me on a show, I’ll give you the same effort so that you get a good taste of what lucha libre is and you will come away happy about going to the show.

Fredo: Do you have a web page or something you’d like to mention?

Rey Horus: Yes, I’m on facebook as Rey Horus TJ and also on instagram. There you can follow me and keep in touch.

Fredo: Thank you so much for the interview.

Rey Horus: No, thank you guys for the interview.

Thanks to audio technician (a.k.a. audio recorder holder) Kurt Brown

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