LUCHA: GALLI Lucha Libre returns to Villa Park, IL on January 21

Posted on 1/21/118 by GALLI Lucha Libre

GALLI Lucha Libre Show #410 has great night of action for
all the fans with the return of Rey Fenix....currently one
of the top Lucha Libre Stars in the world. You will not want
to miss the fast paced action GALLI brings you.

At every GALLI show you get a taste of Traditional Lucha
Libre, Wrestling and the Hybrid mixed Style that has become
our staple.

Get your tickets now!!

Matches already Confirmed:
GALLI Championship
Mojo Mcqueen defends against Slayer

GALLI Classic Championship
Eros defends against Bandolero

Negrotisico vs. Golden Star

Furia Roja/Pat Monix vs. 'Eye Candy" Elliot Paul/Barry Ryte

Valetino/JC Jr. vs. Jack Shatter/Johnny Thunder

Galactic Kid/Pentagono Jr./Joe Alonzo vs. Funebre/Los

Also in action: "Los Patos", Storm Grayson, Gringo Loco,
Skayde Jr., Pentagono, Golden Dragon, Venus, Spot Monkeys,
Atomico, Jr., Blue Magic, and more

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