LUCHA: CMLL Martes April 30 (The Cubs Fan blog)

Posted on 5/09/119 by Bob Magee

CMLL Martes: 2019-04-30

May 8, 2019


Apocalipsis & Espritu Negro beat Bengala & Sonic
(11:21 [3:56, 2:29, 4:56], 1/3, n/r)

tomo, El Gallito, Microman beat Chamuel, El Guapito, Perico
(13:50 [6:42, 1:51, 5:17], 2/3, ok)

Cancerbero, Raziel, Tiger beat Drone, Pegasso, Star Jr.
(14:04 [7:05, 2:42, 4:17], 2/3, good)

Ephesto, Felino, Luciferno beat Black Panther, Blue Panther,
Blue Panther Jr.
(8:22 [2:56, 3:11, 2:15], 2/3, ok)

Cuatrero, Forastero, Sansn beat Atlantis, Soberano Jr.,
Stuka Jr.
(12:38 [5:32, 3:20, 3:46], 1/3, ok)

Carstico beat ltimo Guerrero
(10:45, 1/3, good)

Carstico Torito (2:31)

ltimo Guerrero Guerrero Special (1:45)

La Mistica (6:29)

What happened:

Nothing really. Caristico beat UG on Kids Day and thats


Sanson power

The main event fit the rest of the show, a simple match
with less near endings than a Friday version that worked
well with the more casual Kids Day Crowd. Both these guys
know how to get over with that sort of crowd. Its not
something must see to watch later but wasnt meant to be.

The overall semi-main wasnt as good as even the names might
indicate. Stuka and Atlantis didnt mesh well with NGD in
this match. Atlantis was just as limited as always, but
Stuka and NGD seemed to be on different pages on sequences
that ended with people looking at each other. Parts of this
wouldve got booed on many Fridays. Soberano was really
good, the third fall was heavy with Soberano doing things,
so it is the one fall that saved this for me.Raziel doing a thing
Standard Panther stuff out of their match, the Hijo del
Infiernos happened to be the opposition for their topes and
submissions. This was kept simple by Panther standards,
which worked for the Kids Day crowd. The first fall ending,
with Luciferno rushing in to break up Blue Panther Jr.s
finishing hold, then freezing two feet away because Blue
Panther Sr. had gotten in the wrong but just stood there
instead of breaking it up, was a bit embarrassing. Luciferno
sprinted across the ring at the end of the second ring to
make sure hed have someone to hit.

The tercera was a solid professional match in front of a
crowd that was willing to cheer it. Nothing you havent seen
prior but solid. Raziel & Cancerbero were really effective
because they were actually trying.

I hope its not a situation where the bloom is off the rose
of the micros entirely and theyre just either having a bad
spell or not caring on Tuesday mode, because this was
another one that wasnt much special. The big Microman
headscissors off the electronic sign was the highlight, but
there was much that wasnt good including the header in
the finish and a lot that was just boring. The best parts
of these matches have been Microman and Chamuel working
together. They just didnt work together much (and had a bad
headscissors when they did.) Mije played the comedy better
than Guapito did here.

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