Leslie Smith says recent UFC legal argument felt like they were ‘laughing’ at fighters

News from the ongoing antitrust lawsuit against the UFC was a bit controversial over the weekend. And Leslie Smith was paying close attention.

In a recent court filing, the UFCs legal defense team writes that the plaintiffs expert witness, economist Dr. Andrew Zimbalist, was using junk science when he compared the percentage of revenue that athletes in leagues like the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL receive to how much UFC fighters get.

Why was the comparison incorrect? Because players in those leagues are in a union and UFC fighters were not, the UFCs attorneys wrote. Paul Gift was the first to report on the filing for Forbes and lawyer Erik Magraken expanded on it at combatsportslaw.com.

Essentially, the UFCs own legal team was intimating that pay earned by athletes in a union is higher, because collective bargaining drives up rates.

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