Latest On WWE Plans For Forgotten Sons

A new report has an update on WWE’s plans involving the Forgotten Sons. Fightful Select reports that there were plans being discussed internally about bringing the group back to TV soon.

The group has been off of TV since Jaxson Ryker drew heavy criticism online, both from fans and his colleagues in WWE, for posting in support of President Donald Trump shortly after police controversially used tear gas, pepper spray bullets, and flash bangs to clear out protestors in Lafeyette Park in Washington DC and Trump then walked across the park for a photo op at a Church. The tweet reportedly caused a heavy amount of tension in the WWE locker room, especially when it caused comments by Ryker from 2009 to resurfance in which he said that people of color “need to realize how good they have it.”

According to the site, there’s no word on whether Ryker will be involved in the group moving forward or not, but they were told that Edge has given the group advice and creative was told to come up with ideas for the team. The Sons (including Ryker) have been teasing their return on social media.

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