Latest On Charlotte Flair8217s ExHusband8217s Lawsuit Against Flair and WWE

PWInsider reports that Riki Paul Johnson, Charlotte Flair’s ex-husband, has been given until March 22nd to amend his lawsuit against Ric Flair, Brian Shields (the author of Second Nature, a book about Ric and Charlotte Flair’s careers), WWE, and Charlotte Flair. If he does amend his lawsuit, the clock on the defendants having to respond would reset after they were originally given until March 28th to respond.

Johnson claims that the book includes false statements about him losing two jobs due to drug use, that he could not have children because he was sterile, and allegations of physical and psychological abuse. Johnson claims he can prove the abuse claims are false with police reports and dash cam footage. Johnson adds that the false claims in the book have humiliated his family, including his children, and that he was intentionally made out to be the villain in the book so that Charlotte would look better by comparison. He’s seeking $5 million in damages.

WWE told TMZ back in October of 2018 that the lawsuit was “meritless” and that they will “vigorously defend ourselves.”

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