Lana Weighs in On Ronda Rouseys Potential WWE Debut

Lana spoke with 101.1 FM The Beat for a new interview discussing the Women’s Royal Rumble match and more. Highlights and audio are below (per WZ:

On being put on the main roster with Rusev: I was only in NXT for 6 months before I got brought up, which is very very quick. At minimum it usually takes you about 4 years to get really really good at wrestling.

On Natalya & other superstars who have helped her: So many of the women have helped me. I would say Nattie has helped me a lot as much as we get in wonderful fights on Total Divas! Me and Nattie are like sisters. You love them, but they might just drive you up the wall a little bit. But shes an incredible veteran, an incredible wrestler, and shes always trying to help me in the ring. Naomi is also incredible, as well as Tamina. Im very grateful for those women.

On the womens Royal Rumble: I cant even believe it, its so incredible. I always wanted for the women to have a Royal Rumble, and Ive been dreaming of this for years. Im very thankful to be able to be a part of it, and words cant express my gratitude.

On Ronda Rouseys potential debut: Thats the exciting thing about the Royal Rumble the surprises. I remember I would always wait and think oh my gosh who is going to come out, and if Ronda Rousey wants to come then thats awesome. I think itd be great if we have her and anyone else who wants to make a surprise, were ready for that.

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