Lana Shares Emotional Video, Explains Why She8217s Ready for Asuka

– Lana believes she is ready for Asuka. The WWE Superstar is set to face Asuka for the Raw women’s title tomorrow night. Earlier this weekend, Lana shared a video showing her getting ready for her match against Asuka. She wrote in the caption, “Keep dancing ASUKA!!! This Monday I am going to kick your head off and become #RAW Womens Champion ! @WWE.” Asuka later mocked Lana’s clip, saying, “Seriously,” while breaking out in laughter. Earlier today, Lana shared another video on Twitter speaking about the matchup.

In the video, Lana gets very emotional about the video where Asuka is laughing at her, believing that Asuka represents all the mean people who have previously disrespected her and called her names. She then explains why she’s ready for Asuka and is going to beat her and become champion, stating the following:

“Asuka doesn’t believe in me. I mean clearly, Asuka’s laughing at me. Literally laughing at me. Laugh at me, Asuka. Laugh. Laugh. Does it make you happy? Does it bring satisfaction deep into your soul? Make fun of me, laugh at me. Because the question is: You underestimate me? You think I don’t deserve this shot. You think I’m not worth it, I’m not enough, I’m not strong enough, I’m not brilliant, I’m not pretty enough. Not enough. That’s what you think, Asuka. And that’s what you represent. All those that people that have laughed at me and betrayed me and called me names. And this is why I’m ready for Asuka because I’m going to kick your head off and crush your body and finish you because you represent everything I can’t stand. You represent the mean people out there, and I want to finish you and become Raw women’s champion.”

You can view the initial clips of Lana and Asuka, along with Lana’s emotional video below:

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