Lana Nip Slip Makes The NY Post

Last week, Lana posted a series of pictures and videos from Bulgaria, where she did various farm chores in her bikini. One of her now-deleted Twitter posts featured an accidental nip slip. The New York Post wrote a story about it, and can check out their coverage at this link.

– Sheamus recently spoke with , joking about the early character struggles he and Cesaro had

“Let’s talk about Cesaro’s rugby career. He had a ‘top rugby career’ when he came to WWE, he even used to do the whole tape around the legs. He was a fake rugby player, know why? Because William Regal (ex-WWE wrestler now working on development) thought ‘er, rugby players are tough’. Then he yodelled for a while, remember that? In fairness, I had balls in my beard, silver balls.”

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