Lana Claims She Has Dyslexia and Various Learning Disabilities

As previously reported, WWE Superstars Lana and Rusev recently appeared on Lilian Garcia’s Chasing Glory podcast. During the podcast, she revealed that a storyline that was cut from the last season of Total Divas was Lana revealing that she is dyslexic and has a lot of learning disabilities. According to her, this was cut from the show due to the passing of Natalya’s father, Jim Neidhart.

Lana stated during the podcast on her dyslexia (via Ringside News): I basically couldnt read until I was ten. Im dyslexic, I have a lot of learning disabilities. I got tested on Total Divas and I am on like 1% [Rusev] was up at like 90 Im at 1%. I was shocked of how intense my learning disabilities are and I know that because I learned slower. I process slower.

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