Lacey Evans Talks Becoming Pregnant While Being in a WWE Storyline

Lacey Evans Announces The Birth Of Her Second Daughter

WWE star Lacey Evans has announced on Instagram that she has given birth to her second daughter. On behalf of everyone from Wrestling Headlines we’d like to wish her a congratulations.

The Sassy Southern Belle revealed that due to COVID protocols and wanting to be near family she decided to have the child from her home.

She writes, “I found out shortly after getting pregnant that due to covid my family wouldn’t get to fully be apart of welcoming our second child into the world. My daughter wouldn’t be allowed in the hospital at all and my husband would have many restrictions. I couldn’t imagine my Lil lady missing it. I couldn’t imagine the limitations and the birthing experience we would be left with……so home it was. Born 4:20am in my recliner. 7lbs 8oz. With my Lil lady and husband by my side the entire time. I got to see her reaction. I got to watch his smile. It was one of the hardest yet most rewarding things I’ve ever done and She is perfect. I’m going to take a nap now.”

Evans has been off of television since she announced her pregnancy on February 15th. See the post below.

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