Kurt Angle Working Full Time As A Producer In WWE

PWInsider reports that Kurt Angle is now working full time as a producer in the WWE for the RAW brand. He had been shadowing others to learn the ins and outs of the job over the past few months. He started officially a few weeks ago and was producing at this week’s RAW taping in Madison Square Garden.

Angle spoke about the role in an interview earlier this year. He said: “Well, Im producing. Im behind the scenes. I just started last month and then all of a sudden I got pneumonia, and then I went to Bulgaria so Ive been to work one week out of the past six weeks. Ill be heading to work this week, but yeah Im slowly settling into the producer role, or agent. Whatever you want to call it. Its kind of cool. I never thought Id like it, I always thought Id just step away from the business and retire. But I actually like helping guys out. And its also giving me a better understanding of the business. You know, theres a lot more to it than what we do, going out and doing our thing in the ring. You really have to be creative, and really come up with [ideas].

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