Kurt Angle Thinks Younger Wrestlers Should Take Fewer Bumps

In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, Kurt Angle spoke about the younger generation and the bumps they take, as it could lead to them hurting their careers. Here are highlights:

On younger wrestlers taking so many bumps: I help structure matches that the talents have. Its just giving my feedback and evaluating what the wrestlers do. The most important thing is once you learn the basics, limit your bumping. We only have so many bumps in our career. If you do it excessively at the beginning of your career, youre going to cut your career short. If you save your body, it will help you enormously.

On joining wrestling after the Olympics: “For a good five years I was the best there was. I was their workhorse. It was really cool to be able to transition and be as good in sports entertainment as I was in Olympic wrestling. I had a lot of people from amateur wrestling (were) telling me not to do it because it was degrading. After WWE came out of the closet in the late 1990s and said, This is entertainment. Were not wrestling. Were our own entity, I thought it was a good opportunity to step in and show others you can cross over into something else and its not going to affect your previous accomplishments. Its only going to make them better.”

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