Kurt Angle Discusses Nearly Signing With UFC On Two Occasions

Kurt Angle has been open about the fact that he has come close to joining the UFC before, and he talked in more detail about them in a new interview. The WWE Hall of Famer spoke with Fightful for a new interview, and you can check out the video and some highlights below:

On his first discussions with UFC: “It got pretty serious in 2006 after I left WWE. I flew out to meet with Dana White. He offered me a contract. It was a really good contract and at that time, Id just signed with TNA. I didnt want to ruffle the feathers by telling TNA, Listen, Im gonna go MMA. Because Dana White, when I signed my deal with TNA, said, Well, you cant do both. You have to do one or the other. You cant do both. I said, Well, Im going part-time in TNA. I can do both. He said, I cant have you do both. I need you full time. So, I had to decide and Id already signed with TNA. So, it was like, oh well. I might as well continue. In the back of my mind I was saying to myself, I broke my neck five times already. I know my strength isnt at 100%. My upper body strength, I lost about 40% strength in my arms, my shoulders. I have trouble with motor skills in my fingers. So, my neck was probably the reason why I didnt follow through with MMA.”

On coming close again in 2010: “I did, in 2010, I went back to Dana and he offered me another contract. But when I sat home and thought about it, at that point I was forty years old. I knew that my body wasnt gonna hold up for MMA. So, I turned down the contract again, unfortunately. I feel bad. Going out and seeing Dana White again. He invited me out again and offered me another deal and I actually turned it down, unfortunately. But I think I made the right move.”

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