Kurt Angle Discusses His Reunion With Father Figure Vince McMahon

– Kurt Angle recently spoke with Sporting News, here are the highlights

On His Reunion With Vince McMahon: We met and the first thing he did was embrace me. He hugged me like I was his son. It got really emotional. We didn’t leave on the best terms. It wasn’t bad terms, but there were some angry remarks, especially from my side and Vince was frustrated with me, with everything going on at that point in time. To be able to come back and Vince say just let it go, let everything in the past go. We’re here now, there’s nothing you need to worry about that occurred in the past. Just worry about right now and the future. We have some wonderful plans for you in the future.

On All The Talent He Got To Work With In WWE: The one thing I was tentative about was starting at that time when it was so hot, Angle said. When you have that many individuals (Steve) Austin, Rock, Undertaker, Kane was really hot at the time, Shawn Michaels, Brock Lesnar. It was like, ‘Am I going to get lost in this when I start?’ There’s just so much talent. I didn’t get lost. I actually rose to the top. Sometimes you want to be part of the most popular era, which definitely was the Attitude Era. At the same time, you don’t want to get lost in that era. It was really hot at the time and I was really appreciative that WWE gave me that good push during that period.

On Vince McMahon Being a Father Figure: Vince was my father figure, Angle said. He really took care of me. Even when I was having the painkiller problem, he was trying to get me to rehab. He just treated me like a son. He treated me very well. My body just couldn’t hold up to that vigorous schedule; as much as I wanted to stay, I just couldn’t. With my painkiller issue, that was another issue where I felt like a liability to the company. They didn’t know the amount I was taking.

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