Koti Ibushi Has A Sprained Ligament In His Ankle But Won8217t Need Surgery

In an interview with the official NJPW website, Koti Ibushi revealed that he had a sprained ligament in his ankle but the injury will not require surgery. He suffered the injury during his first match in the G1 tournament, when he attempted a dive onto KENTA. He wrestled the entire tournament on the injury.

Kota Ibushi said: “There isnt really anything to do but work on rehabbing it. Theres no treatment per se. But I dont need surgery. Its a sprained ligament, but there was also some damage done to the bone. Touching the bone hurts, and theres a ligament underneath there thats sprained. The ligaments hold the bone in place, so if I relax it, everything just falls apart. You might have seen in the final, my thigh muscles were always bulging; I had to keep it tense the whole time. As of right now, Im really trying not to move it. I have little jobs to do but no major movement like a match for a couple of weeks so I can focus on getting it better.

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