Kongo Kong On the SpeakingOut Allegation Against Him, Talks Impact Exit

Kongo Kong discussed the #SpeakingOut allegation against him, his exit from Impact Wrestling and more in a new interview with Pollo Del Mar of the Arm Drag Takedown. Kong, you may recall, was accused by independent wrestler Kyle Boone of forcing Boone to show him his genitalia in front of the entire locker room at a show and demanding that Boone give him the money he earned from selling merchandise and working a show. Kong issued a statement apologizing to Boone and noting that Boone had been hugs and smiles after the incident, saying that had he known there was an issue, he would have tried to talk to Boone about it earlier.

You can check out the highlights and full audio from the show below:

On Boone’s accusations: My, I guess, thought process was, if that kid is hurt, I dont want to say anything or do anything that would cause him to do any harm to himself. That was the basis for my apology. I didnt go into the story, because, really, it happened behind the curtain and should have stayed behind the curtain. If there was an issue, it should have stayed between us or he could have involved a coach, the promoter or any of the other people around us that he trusts. It was a blow, because as I said, a year-and-a-half had passed.

On working with Nick Aldis in GFW: He always had a star-like quality. He wasnt always onboard with my characterEventually he kind of gave in to it. It was maybe not the most ideal start to our relationship, our working relationship, and eventually we got past it.

On his Impact Wrestling exit: Ive known Jimmy Jacobs for yearsScott DAmore, Ive known for a long time. Basically the reason I broke into Canada was Scott DAmore, so weve been friends for years, and I never felt like I could get what I consider a straight answer from those guys and Id ask. Is it the way I wrestle? Do I need to change that? Is it the way I look? What is it? What do I need to do to get myself back on TV? I even presented them to 8-10 directions of how to present the character.

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