Kofi Kingston Says Losing To Brock Lesnar In Seconds Is Disheartening

In an interview with Talk Sport, Kofi Kingston spoke about losing the WWE title to Brock Lesnar in only seven seconds, which he said was ‘disheartening’. Here are highlights:

On losing to Brock Lesnar in seven seconds: “For me especially and anyone in this position as a WWE performer, I think we want to be the best and put on the best product we can and, yeah, it was a bit of a disappointment to go out there and have it go so quickly on the biggest night of SmackDown. You know, weve been talking about this deal with FOX and Ive been lucky to have been at the forefront of it all since the beginning. So, to have it end like that was a little bit disheartening but it is what it is what it is, its not like I can really do anything about it! You show up to work one day and its like this is whats going to happen and its like OK. This is our job. The thing about it though, they talk about Ric Flair being a 16-time champion, but you cant be a 16-time world champion without losing it 15 times. I knew it wasnt going to last forever. Hopefully theres more reigns to come and for what the experience was, it was almost six months to the day and like you said, one of the longest reigns in recent history. SO Im just real fortunate to have done that and to have had so many great matches with such great competition, so Im just glad to have experienced that.”

On the critics of his title reign: “The funny thing is, I dont really care about anyones opinion, but everybody wants to have an opinion. Its my job to go out.. and people talk about Oh, hes not big enough to be the champion well, Im the champ. So I am big enough to be the champ. Im the one setting the mould of what a champion looks like and thats always been the goal. So, its fine. I dont normally go on Twitter and read stuff and start getting mad, because its a situation where, especially when youre at the top, where everyone is going to have something to say. Id rather have you saying something that not saying anything at all. Whether your opinion is positive or negative, it doesnt affect me. Im always going to stay positive, Im always going to be climbing the mountain doing what I need to do to get to the top. So, its fine talk. Go ahead! Its all good.”

On talking to Vince McMahon after the loss: “We definitely had some words. It was positive because it was very special for both of us. You saw the documentary, when I came through gorilla after winning, he had tears in his eyes and were all hugging, myself, Woods and [Big] E. Because, its been a wild ride, man. Vince has been on the ride with us and he was actually one of the only people to support the New Day when we were first coming up. Granted, we didnt want to be three preachers [laughs], but he was the one that actually gave us a chance to go out there and be a unit. So its been a journey and a journey for all of us. Just going through the ups and downs and him thinking we were going to be this widely accepted thing and were going to go out there and preach positivity and then all of a sudden, people turn and the jaded universe didnt like being positive?! You know what Im saying? But we were talking to him and he was like Yeah, I thought this was going to be positive and you guys were right, so lets see what we can do and he gave us the opportunity to be bad guys. It was an emotional journey for all of us, but hes seen a lot of things in this business and its his job to make sure things keep progressing forward and he wanted to go in a different direction right then. So, like I said, Im just fortunate to have had the experience.”

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