Kofi Kingston on How Working With Vince McMahon on TV Is a Sign That He8217s Made It

Planeta Wrestling recently interviewed WWE Superstar Kofi Kingston this week, who discussed working with Vince McMahon on TV and The New Day as a success story. Below are some highlights.

Kofi Kingston on New Day being a success story: “I would definitely say that we’re a success story. If you look at us from when we first came in, we weren’t very well received by the WWE Universe. And even backing up before that, we worked very hard talking to Vince McMahon going to his office pretty much every day that we were on the road trying to figure out how we could get onto television as a group, as a faction because we believed in the chemistry that we had. Regardless of the character portrayal or the quote-unquote ‘gimmick’ that we would be given, we always believed that our chemistry would guide us through and we would be able to shine.”

“So, you can go back and watch the footage and see what we were when we first came out, preaching positivity, wrestlers trying to come out and teach people to be better. We were not well received. And then, we were actually able to become bad guys and doing something that I’ve never done and be a bad guy on TV. That was good. And I think we were actually so good at being bad guys that we became good guys because people want to be entertained. WWE, the most important letter in that acronym is the E, that Entertainment aspect. Every time you see The New Day out there, you know it’s going to be an entertaining performance. So, I would definitely say that we’re a success story in terms of where we started, and where we are now. For sure.”

Kofi Kingston on if he sees the New Day as Hall of Fame worthy: “I’m not trying to come across with a cocky comment or anything like that, but I think that we’re kind of already in there from my accolades alone. We’re the longest reigning champions in all of WWE. I think we’ve able to do some historic things inside the ring. We’ve been in there with The Rock. Now, we’re in there with Vince McMahon. We’ve had amazing matches with The Usos. So, if it’s up to me, I’m voting, I’m already putting us in there. I don’t know. I guess we’ll see though. We’ll take it one day at a time and kind of see what happens, but if I was a betting man, I would put your money on The New Day being in the Hall of Fame someday.”

Kofi Kingston on if he’s in the best moment of his career: “Well, I guess we’ll find out. It’s certainly very exciting to be in this position, like I said. Last week, being able to go toe to toe with Vince McMahon on the mic, to me, that’s a sign that you’ve made it, you know, that you’re on the right path. Not many people get to do that. So for me to be in that ring with Vince, it’s awesome. I’m really not one to look back on a lot of the things that we’ve done and really I guess enjoy it to the fullest because I still think that we have a lot more to do and a lot more great moments ahead. So yeah, it definitely is a very exciting time. The WWE Universe is so behind me, and it’s an awesome feeling to be able to go onto social media and see all the positive feedback in terms of what people want to see and how we’re able to kind of deliver that to them. Yeah, it’s still going on right now, so it’s hard to say. But it is definitely a very exciting time.”

If using the above quotes, please use a h/t for 411mania.com for the transcription.

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