Knox County Mayor Declares Rusev Day

– The mayor of Knox County declared Thursday to be Rusev Day. Rusev and Kane, the latter of whom is running for the mayoral position, posted to social media to commemorate current mayor Tim Burchett making the declaration. Rusev signed a document that was presented to Rusev to commemorate the honor:

Its official! Proclaiming #RusevDay in Knox County.

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– Becky Lynch appeared on Maria Menounos’ podcast and praised Ronda Rousey. You can listen to the clip below.

“Heres the thing — what I think is so freakin wonderful — is that we have put the spotlight on womens wrestling,” Lynch said (per WZ). “WWE has put the spotlight on womens wrestlingso much so all of these people want to get involved and want to be part of it, and I think thats wonderful. When youre an incredible athlete like Ronda Rousey, like Shayna Baszler, like [Cris Cyborg], who has done so for their sport and their world, their dedication, their passion. If they can lend that passion to WWE, like Ronda and Shayna have donewhich has been wonderfulthey are killing it. Absolutely killing it, then absolutely, doors open, come on in. Come on in, the more, the better, because the more spotlight we can get on womens wrestling, the better its going to be for all of us, and the further we can take it.”

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