KM On How His Role Will Change At WrestlePro Now That Pat Buck Went To WWE

In an interview with Wrestling Inc, KM spoke about how things will change at WrestlePro now that its founder and owner Pat Buck is headed to WWE to be part of the creative team. Here are highlights:

On how his WrestlePro role will change: “It’s Pat’s company, he’s the founder and I’m his right-hand man. It’s been that way since the start of the company. Him going on the road full-time for them just puts a couple of more responsibilities that I didn’t have before but ultimately, I’m pretty much in the same spot I was before. We’re time tested as friends. We’d never screw each other over and we have each other’s backs. We’d never lie to each other and we have a special bond and brotherhood.”

On Buck as a producer: “He’ll help to put together matches and what not. He’s just a sea of ideas and just has ideas on top of ideas. Even the more experienced guys that come in [to WrestlePro], I’d see him helping with their matches and giving them ideas and they’d be like, ‘Wow. That’s great! I didn’t even think of that!’ He’s just a great mind to have and is great at fine tuning matches and not everybody has that qualityHe’s a good find for WWE for sure and I think that’s gonna be a very long-lasting relationship and I think they will be very pleased with his work.”

On the changing of the guard in producers in WWE: “With guys like Dean Malenko and Arn Anderson in the older generation, if you look at the guys they have now – they have Sonjay Dutt, Abyss, Pat, Tyson Kidd in that role, Jason Jordan’s in that role. They have a younger crop of guys stepping in because at some point they need to groom the next generation to fill those roles. You also wanna freshen things up. Everyone has different ideas and some guys are more in tune with what’s going on out there. The fans are evolving so you wanna have different mindsets in there. But it’s always an evolving door and whatever happens today doesn’t mean it’s the same way next year or 10 years from now. I think a lot of the hires they made Abyss, Shane Helms, Jeff Jarrett, Heyman and Bischoff I think those are all huge positives.”

On WrestlePro’s relationship with other companies: “We have always had a good relationship with pretty much everybody, even WWE as sometimes when they were in the area they would reach out. For a while we had a really, solid relationship with Impact where we were benefitting each other. They were doing joint shows with us to give the allusion they were running house shows and we would have their talent on our shows.”

On his injuries: “It was just dumb luck where every time we did an Impact Wrestling, I’d somehow get hurt through no fault of their own. Even when I did nothing, I would still get hurt. I’m 36 now and I’m falling apart. Even with the WrestlePro shows, most people book themselves in the main event, but nine out of 10 times I don’t even book myself on the show. So I like the time off and focusing on recovering and getting healthy.”

On Wrestlepro’s place in the business: “We’re not delusional in the aspect of we’re gonna get TV and do this and sign contractsThere’s so many companies out there with AEW, MLW, WWE and Impact with whatever channel they are on. We’re just trying to be a solid, I don’t wanna say alternativebut we run New York, New Jersey and I had an asinine idea that paid off to run in Alaska because nobody runs there and that worked. I just wanna be a solid company, well respected and decently well known. With Pat over there, the school is already phenomenal and we have 50-60 students in New Jersey and another 40 in New YorkWe just wanna be a solid group that’s producing top-notch independent talent and runs quality shows on a consistent basis. We’re not trying to take over the world.”

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