Killer Kross On His Status With Impact Wrestling, Weighs in on Jon Moxley8217s WWE Comments

– Killer Kross spoke with Wrestling Inc and discussed his status with Impact Wrestling, Jon Moxley’s podcast interview discussing his issues with WWE and more. Kross requested his release from Impact back in May but it was not granted, and he has continued to work with the company including a match with Eddie Edwards at Slammiversary. Highlights from the interview are below:

On speaking out about his issues with Impact on Petey Williams’ podcast: “We’ve [he and Impact] talked about some things back and forth about what I said. I was comfortable with going out there and talking about that stuff specifically because Petey was there; he’s a company guy. There’s a lot of convoluted stories that came out about my circumstance and my stance with the company. Initially I wanted to ignore it but I thought I should probably do some damage control. I don’t have anything disparaging to say about the company and I made that clear. The bottom line is that I’m a human being. Killer Kross might not be a human being but I am. The guy behind the glass coat is and personal circumstances change in life. I felt I was contributing to a greater degree than I was being compensated and I tried to find a common ground with them but we weren’t able to find one. But I’m a professional through and through.”

On his Impact status: “My status with them: hard to say. But I’m going out there and giving everybody my best.”

On his match with Eddie Edwards at Slammiversary: “I personally thing Eddie Edwards is one of the best pro wrestlers in the world and is immensely underrated. People forget what he’s done in his career. This is a guy who trained and worked in Japan and worked all over the world. Because he’s so interesting in this hardcore role, and because he’s been in it for quite some time, people forget what he’s actually accomplished prior to that. He’s just a guy who can work in any gear which is really cool. That’s not something you can just condition a performer to do overnight. He can do it all. I would love to see him on a bigger stage one day and I say that respectfully.”

On Jon Moxley’s interview with Chris Jericho about his issues with WWE: “If you’re in the industry you hear a lot of that. You have to think three things: 1. You’re not there so you only know what you hear. 2. Maybe that is one person’s experience, not everyone’s experience. 3. Maybe that is everyone’s experience. You hear that and you hope that things have improved, right? I don’t think the guy is lying and we’ve heard similar things for the last 25 years. It’s unfortunate, but what can I say? I don’t work there. But I certainly believe him.”

On if Moxley’s experience made him less likely to want to be in WWE: “No, it doesn’t because I have to walk my own path. Take on opportunities in life and roll the dice to see if you can succeed. I 100 percent believe, and I’m not saying this from an egocentric place, I believe any company that I work in no matter what the circumstances are, I’m going to excel. I think that any door that I’m going to walk through, I’m going to have enough in my hands that I’m going to be able to get what I personally need out of it which is a sense of fulfillment. I would contemplate working there and working for any company. It’s going to engage me differently and force me to work through different challenges.”

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