Kevin8217s AEW Dark Review 8.11.20

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Lee Johnson (0-9) vs. Ray Fnix (8-5 in 2020)

Johnson has been putting on some solid performances in his losses. He hung tough with Fnix to start and frustrated the Lucha Brother. That set up a Fnix heap shot that turned the tide and got him in the driver’s seat for a while. Lee got going again with a missile dropkick and Blue Thunder Bomb near fall. Fnix got him setup for a Muscle Buster and dropped him on his head to win in 6:38. A pretty solid match.[**1/2]

Alex Chamberlain (0-0) vs. Shawn Spears (8-2 in 2020)

Spears is still rocking his black glove gimmick. Chamberlain quickly took a forearm that stopped any momentum he might’ve had. He got in a move or two but Spears put him down with a DVD in 4:10. A squash. [NR]

The Gunn Club (3-0) vs. M’Badu (0-0) and Shawn Dean (0-3 in tags)

Austin and Dean got off to a quick-paced start. Meanwhile, Billy met a powerful match in the larger M’Badu. The whole thing wasn’t all that interesting, though it did keep up that main idea of those guys going against each other. Austin scored the win for his team with his hip toss/suplex/neckbreaker finisher in 6:34. Kind of dull.[*1/4]

Kip Sabian (8-5 in 2020) vs. Michael Stevens (0-0)

Stevens is wearing a bunch of colors and does some weird dancing at the bell. It doesn’t help him much as it just angers Sabian who stomps him out in the corner. Still, whenever Stevens got an opening, he’d dance. He also hit a pretty solid facebuster for two but continued to gyrate. Sabian regrouped and put him down with his finisher in 5:12. This was fine. Stevens had decent offense even with his goofy gimmick, while Sabian was solid.[*3/4]

Brian Pillman Jr. (0-3) and Griff Garrison (0-5) vs. Private Party (5-5 in 2020)

Right off the bat, Pillman showed off that he could hang with Private Party, matching them in speed. Private Party showed their tag team knowhow with tandem offense that really set their opponents back. Surprisingly, the unproven duo managed to turn the tide and isolate Kassidy. Garrison acted cockier than he has in previous weeks talking trash and taunting. Hot tag to Quen came because of Garrison’s arrogance. That led to a Quen tope and springboard crossbody before a splash and leg drop combo beat Garrison in 5:58. Fun little tag.[**1/2]

Aaron Solow, Corey Hollis and Pineapple Pete (0-0) vs. Jurassic Express (5-3 in 2020)

What a strange trios team and I don’t mean the one with the dinosaur. Obviously, the experienced trio busted out their usual moves together and were polished. The other guys tried but it was evident that they weren’t a normal team. That’s not to say they were bad but it looked like it was meant to display that they weren’t a normal team. Marko Stunt got the highlight with a damn Razor’s Edge at one point that nearly saw him kill himself. He then topped it by getting the pin following a nice looking 450 splash in 5:19. That was pretty enjoyable.[**1/4]

The Hybrid 2 vs. The Natural Nightmares (5-1)

They didn’t put up the record for The Hybrid 2. The only loss for the Nightmares came against the Tag Team Champions. Brandi came out holding two of her action figures. Is Dustin the only babyface in the group? The battle between Evans and Rhodes is basically the ultimate styles clash and it’s kind of funny. QT gets in trouble thanks to some good old fashioned heel tag team tactics. That put him in position as the face in peril. However, Evans got distracted with his showboating and gave QT an opening to tag in Dustin, who came in hot. He hits a spinning suplex on Evans to score the win in 6:22. Another solid yet unspectacular tag match.[**1/4]

Penelope Ford (7-4 in 2020) vs. Rachael Ellering (0-1)

Ellering is a solid pickup if AEW decides to book their women properly for once. This was some quality wrestling at the start. Then, Ellering was sent off the ropes only for Sabian to use a leaf blower to send her back. I chuckled. Ellering got back in the swing of things with a suplex and then she added a senton for two. Penelope got caught with a spinebuster for a legitimately good near fall. Ellering missed a springboard leg drop that allowed Ford to get going. Handspring elbow, springboard cutter, and fisherman’s suplex got the win in 5:38. They had good moments but a few things did come off sloppily. [**]

The Butcher and The Blade (5-2 in 2020) vs. SCU (3-2)

I might’ve gotten Butcher and Blade’s record wrong. This continued the trend of solid tag team wrestling. I’ve grown to like Butcher and Blade more than I expected. Butcher being a bruiser and bully on Daniels made for good television. Kazarian got the tag quicker than expected and put Blade in trouble with suplexes and some tandem offense, complete with a springboard moonsault. However, having to tag in Daniels meant more heat on the veteran. Of course, that meant we got another Kazarian hot tag. He got taken out at ringside and Daniels ended up legal again, falling to the suplex onto the knees, losing in 11:36. Once again, a fine tag match. I liked the two mild/hot tags somewhat.[**1/2]

The 411
I liked this episode. I still think it was too long at 92 minutes but nothing was really bad and nothing overstayed its welcome.

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