Kenny Omega Hopes AEWImpact Crossover Helps Unite Fans, Says AEW Women8217s Division Is His Top Goal

Kenny Omega is hoping that the crossover between AEW and Impact helps unite an increasingly-divided base of wrestling fans. Omega spoke with Yahoo! for a new interview, and you can check out some highlights below:

On being part of AEW’s launch: One of the coolest things being a part of AEW is that not only did I undertake this new project with these new responsibilities and challenges that I wasnt sure I was capable of doing. I was working with this team of my absolute best friends in wrestling who I knew were talented, who I knew were competent, who I knew could do these big things if given a chance.

On not becoming champion right away: For me, I was lucky where we had a fan base where people were a little familiar with my background and what I had done in New Japan and otherwise. Ive always been very confident in my ability to do whatever needs to be done in the world of pro wrestling, whether it be in the ring or some other means of storytelling. The last thing I wanted to do was to monopolize the upper echelon of AEW and then when its my time to step down theres no one there ready to take the mantle, even though we have the talent that is more than capable to do so. Year one and change, I just really hope that we got to know some of the very talented people we have on our roster. Had we had not done that, I would have thought for sure I would have failed as someone with a vision to show just how great our pro wrestling is.

On the challenges of developing their women’s division: Its always been challenging because you always have so many talented women, and as talented as they are, theres always going to be this very small window of time to tell stories with. I truly believe to this day that women deserve more time, deserve their own show, center stage I would love at some point as time goes by and more AEW content becomes available, that is the ultimate goal. Until then, we have to take those baby steps and every one of them has to be a home run. No matter what I do in wrestling or video games or side projects that I undertake, my main goal is to help womens wrestling to get that chance in AEW and show how talented and hungry they are.

On hoping to his the AEW/Impact crossover to unite fans: I noticed how much wrestling promotions and fan bases had been so divided over the years and a lot of people liked to take sides. I understand theres joy in that, its like picking a winning team or cheering for your favorite sports team, I get that. The only difference is that were not playing in the same league, so when youre cheering for someones failure, youre cheering to put them out of business, to have people not be able to put food on the table or pay their bills. I understand why people want to do that in professional wrestling because its maybe one of the only ways to cheer for something that has a scripted outcome. Why not try to put everyone on the same playing field then. If were all united in some way then someones success can be everyones gain, someones loss can still be everyones gain and the fans can still have fun cheering for one side over the other.

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