Ken Shamrock Believes There Could Be Impact And Combate Americas Crossover

– Ken Shamrock recently spoke to Wrestling INC about a variety of topics. Highlights are below.

On Impact/Combate Americas Crossover: “Absolutely. It’s pro wrestling and in this world of fighting if you go back to the 1940s if you talk about wrestlers, they were really tough guys. Bare-knuckle fighters they were known as tough people. Absolutely there is a crossover because pro wrestling has some really tough guys in there and we’ve seen it where they cross over and are successful at both.”

On Working With Joey Ryan: “It’s entertainment and you’re not allowed to draw a line in the sand of what you think entertainment is. If you think that’s not entertainment, well, a million other people do. It’s proven through social media and Joey Ryan is a popular guy. So it bothers me when people start screaming that I’m above that and I shouldn’t be doing that. I don’t get to make the rules. I don’t get a say on what’s entertainment. I’m here to do my job and that’s what I do. If you don’t like that, then go talk to somebody that can do something about it because I can’t. I’m just doing my job.”

On Turning Down Brawl For All: “I chose not to. I worked hard to gain trust in the wrestlers. I just came from the world of fighting and they went me to get into this Brawl For All. I thought to myself, ‘I’m a professional fighter.’ It’s not fair to those guys to get involved because I’m at a different level. I respectfully declined. They were gonna pay me $50,000 to fight for real when I make over $1 million to fight in something like that. Then I’m gonna have to fight multiple times to win it? You’re not gonna give me 50 grand. It was about me being a professional fighter and them being amateurs.”

On Impact Creative: “I love the creative process at Impact where we’re able to talk through things and create our own storylines. We have some guidelines but overall we get to create the character we want. I’ve never been frustrated at what people were doing. There were things I agreed with and things I didn’t agree with and if it was something I didn’t agree with, then I didn’t do it. If it’s something you’re not feeling really good about, then express your opinion and don’t do it.”

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