Ken Anderson on TNA8217s Main Problem Being Effective Marketing, Discusses Never Smoothing Things Out With John Cena or Randy Orton recently interviewed Ken Anderson for its WINCLY podcast. Below are some additional highlights.

Anderson on if he wants another run in Impact Wrestling: “It’s definitely something that’s on my mind. Right now, I am focused on being a dad and running my wrestling school. We’ll see what happens but I’d love to have another run.”

His thoughts on AEW: “I love the fact that there are more places for my brothers and sisters to earn a living. It’s not a bad thing at all.”

Anderson on top Impact/TNA stars leaving to find success in WWE: “I’m not surprised because I always knew they had the level of talent necessary to be successful. But in a sense, nobody ever gave those guys an opportunity. Like, ‘A.J. is too small. WWE would never use him.’ Fortunately, that mentality has changed and it’s cool to see a guy like A.J. Styles in the spotlight.”

Anderson on if he ever tried to smooth things over with John Cena and Randy Orton: “No, I’ve never really gotten a chance to talk to those guys. But I have no hard feelings towards them and hopefully they don’t have any towards me. It is what it is.”

Ken Anderson on how TNA was a viable alternative to WWE: “I feel like TNA was a viable alternative. At the time it was The Hardys, Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, Sting, Mick Foley, Hall, Nash and all of the TNA originals I always thought the disconnect in TNA was not the talent. Management wasn’t taking the necessary steps to make sure we were being marketed effectively. The marketing was expected to be put out there by us and that was the extent of it.”

Ken Anderson on Brian Knobbs: “He puts his heart and soul into this promotion and it shows my the amount of people he draws for each event. I’ve never been to a LoW show that didn’t draw well. This is my fourth or fifth event and it’s always a fun time. Brian is a fun character but he’s a very passionate individual and an all-around good guy. I’m glad to know him.”

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