Kayfabe Dojo Wrestling returns to Rochester, NY on August 12

Posted on 8/12/117 by Todd Brantley

We are just hours from Kayfabe Dojo Wrestling's
"Continuing The Tradition. It will take place this Saturday
at Pineapple Jack's in Rochester, New York. Doors open at
3:30 PM. Bell time is at 4 PM. Tickets are $12 in advance,
$15 at the door, and $10 for kids 10 and under. Here's a
preview of the announced card which is subject to change.

585 Live Title Tournament Round 1
"Just" Jeremy Jensen VS Icon Ace
At Continuing The Tradition we will crown the first ever 585
Live Champion. Jensen and Icon Ace will square off in round
number 1. Jeremy qualified by winning a 4 way dance against
Space Monkey, Coconut Jones & Eric Rosecroft while Icon
earned his spot by getting past Mattick. The winner of this
match will go to the finals later in the night. As if
winning one match in a night wasn't difficult enough, you
must win 2 matches to become the 585 Live Champion. Jeremy
knows what it takes to hold gold here in KDW as he is a
former KDW Heavyweight Champion. He was dethroned by current
champ Jason Savior. For Icon Ace, if he can pull out 2
victories he will walk out with his very first title! This
is going to be a hard fought match by both as both want so
badly to win. Who will move on out of the first round and in
to the finals? Who will be crowned the first ever 585 Live
Champion?? Be at Pineapple Jacks Saturday to find out!!!

585 Live Title Tournament Round 1
Boz VS "Your Captain" Nick Ando
We will be just one week removed from UPW's Headlocks &
Homeruns 6 where "Your Captain" Nick Ando captured the UPW
Heavyweight Championship. Now he gets a chance to add
another title to his collection. He has the most experience
of the 4 and is the clear favorite going into this
tournament. Ando is no stranger to wrestling multiple times
in a night. In fact at last years Upstate 8 he won the
opening match on the show to earn a spot into the
tournament, won the following match in round 2 and made it
to the finals against "Hacker" Scotty O'Shea, "The Walking
Weapon" Josh Alexander and "Supercop" Dick Justice. That's 3
matches in one night!! On the other side of the coin, this
is a huge opportunity for Faculty member Boz. He won his
spot in the tournament by defeating every other person in
the Rochester Rumble. The lingering question is how will the
Faculty play a role in this matchup. We saw them try and use
the numbers to their advantage last week to help Professor
Wessler repeat as the Headlocks & Homeruns Battle Royal
Champion but that backfired on them. Will Boz suffer the
same fate if the Faculty tries to get involved? Or will he
try and win this one the right way on his own? Is he
prepared for the toughest match of his life? He better be or
"Your Captain" Nick Ando will leave him shipwrecked. Be
there this Saturday to see who advances to the finals and
who becomes the very first 585 Live Champion!!

"The Wet Bandit" Eric Rosecroft VS "The Young Lion of the
West" Mattick
Eric Rosecroft has been solo these past few months since his
partner was hurt at the hands of the Wrestling Liberation
Front. From the looks of it, Rosecroft will be by himself
for the foreseeable future. In talking to him recently he
had a few things to say, "I'm ok with being alone right now.
Wrestling in a tag team for the last year and a half has
really helped me become an all around better wrestler. I'm
never going to back down from anyone that stands across that
ring from me. I'm going to shock everyone at Pineapple Jacks
and I'm gonna go kill me a lion". Hopefully Rosecroft was
paying attention at H&H6 when Mattick defeated "The Monster"
Abyss, all be it in controversial fashion. The wildcard here
is Kount C, what role will he play now that he is by
Matticks side? Rosecroft and Mattick are no strangers to
each other even though this is the first time they will
wrestle 1 on 1. Both of them started around the same time,
both have been traveling wherever they can to hone their
craft and become better in the ring. As of late it seems
that Mattick has forgotten where he came from. When he lost
that title, he lost his sanity. He hasn't been the same man
since. He has turned his back on the fans. To his credit
though, Mattick is a former multiple time UPW NO-Limits
Champion and a former UPW Heavyweight Champion. This will be
one of the toughest matches of Rosecrofts career. Will
Rosecroft leave Mattick in a puddle and pick up his biggest
win yet? Or will the Young Lion continue his winning ways on
his road back to the UPW Heavyweight Title now held by "Your
Captain" Nick Ando? Find out this Saturday when KDW brings
you Continuing The Tradition!!!

KDW Heavyweight Title Match
Anarchy Ashe Aubrey vs. "The Alpha &The Omega" Jason Savior
The KDW Heavyweight Title is on the line in a rematch from
UPW's Red, White, & Bruised last month. The smaller Ashe is
at a disadvantage here in terms of size, strength, and
power. But Ashe has knocked on the doorstep in the past from
getting that one signature victory to get him over the hump
and put him on the map. But that's a tall task considering
his opposition. "The Alpha & The Omega" has been on a roll
since becoming the KDW Heavyweight Champion. He's taken on
and beaten all challengers and has gained confidence with
each victory. He's also become a bit cocky and has taken his
opponents for granted. As great as the champion has been,
Savior can't afford to take Ashe lightly or else we could
see the title change hands. Will Jason Savior's reign of
dominance continue? Or will God's favorite son get burned
and Ashe rises up to become the new KDW Champion? Be there
Saturday at KDW's Continuing The Tradition to find out!!!

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