Karl Anderson Says He Gets a Lot of Unhappy Texts From WWE Talent

Karl Anderson says that there’s still a lot of talent who are unhappy in WWE, and he gets texts from them all the time. Anderson responded to a tweet from Sean Ross Sapp referencing Vince McMahon’s comments on the WWE Q2 earnings call where he said he doesn’t see AEW as competition and noted that “I’m not sure where their their investments are. When it comes to their talent, perhaps they can give them some more.”

Anderson wrote:

The amount of unhappy texts I get from people there , well, the whole professional wrestling world is waiting for ya.. @IMPACTWRESTLING @AEW @njpw1972 Gonna talk about it on @TalknShop”

WWE alumnus Tony Nese chimed in and joked to ask if Doc Gallows “still [has] volcanic heat with me? Gallows replied:

Simply a case of mistaken identity or a lying boss!! Tony Neese is a #goodbrother”

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