JUNGLE BOY: Luke Perry's son destroys David Arquette in match (TMZsports.com)

Posted on 5/09/119 by Casey Carver

David Arquette got beat up in public Wednesday night -- and
the man who served up the smackdown is Jack Perry, son of
Luke Perry.

Jack -- aka Jungle Boy -- had taken a hiatus from pro
wrestling after his father passed away in March, but he took
over the Bootleg Theater in L.A. last night where he put on
a helluva show at Bar Wrestling's "It's Gonna Be May" event.

There were some high flying acrobatics -- some brute power
moves -- and finally, an athletic pin to seal the victory
over Arquette.

After the match, Arquette wasn't bitter about the loss -- in
fact, he was RAVING about Jungle Boy ... calling him one of
the "greatest wrestlers working right now."

"He's just got so much talent, so much heart," Arquette told
us ... "He's incredible. He's super smart."

"It's hard to believe he's so young and so talented but he
started when he was just a little guy." Jungle Boy recently
signed a deal with the AEW wrestling promotion -- and he's
expected to make his debut there shortly.

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