Juice Robinson Says He May Have Had An Accident During Match With KENTA

While speaking to NJPW after his victory over KENTA in the G1, Juice Robinson announced that he may have had an ‘accident’ and pooped himself during the match.

He said: ““I want to be literal for a second. I’m going to be literal. Are you ready? Literally, KENTA kicked the shit out of me. You know that means? He kicked the shit out of me. I ain’t kidding. It ain’t a figure of speech. I’m gonna have to check my underwear because I may have sharted… Probably sharted. Do you know what a shart is? When you think it’s a fart…it’s a little bit more. Yeah, I sharted. Poopsie daisy.

Anyways, enough messing around. There is no one in this entire G1, A Block or B that has more points than me. Am I right? Does Ishii have more points than me? No! Does Goto have more points than me? No! Naito? EVIL? SANADA? KENTA? No! Huh? Bitch Blade? No! Okada? No! Assprey? No! Not even the great Tanahashi. Not even the ace of the universe. His ass doesn’t have more points than my gaijin ass right now. That’s right. 2 for 2. Four points for sweet brother Joseph. That’s right. That one you might have been able to say was unpredictable. That one, maybe I got lucky. I’d rather be lucky than good. But tonight I was lucky and I was good.

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