JR On WWE Valuing Quarter Hour Ratings in Attitude Era It Was a Blessing and a Curse

– During the latest Grilling JR, Jim Ross touched on WWE’s reliance on quarter-hour ratings numbers as an indicator of which segments were and weren’t striking a chord. Ross recalled that the internal quarter hour numbers were metrics that creative “lived and died by,” and that they could be both a blessing and a curse. Highlights are below:

On whether they were tracking quarter hour ratings per roster member: “That’s a great question. It should be — maybe they’re doing it now. At that time, I didn’t ever see an official summary of quarter-hour ratings by talent. Now, we certainly had kept track of all the quarter hours. And you knew who was in the match, because it said there. But keeping a running total of how you did overall every week when you’re on TV, I never saw that.”

On the importance of quarter-hour ratings numbers at the time: “But we were certainly aware of the quarter hours. And that can be a blessing or a curse. I got in a lot of situations where my quarter-hour numbers with whomever was carrying me were very, very good. Which was a curse, because you know that if it’s good, they’re gonna do something else. And I got tired of getting my a** [kicked]. I got bloodied and you know, Bischoff broke a cinder block over my head for God’s sake. I always called that the Bill Shaw block of death. Yeah, they kept track of it. And of course, it became a very valuable tool. And maybe too much so at times, because if something didn’t get over, there may have been other reasons that happened. There could have been a news break, it could have been something on television — a competitor, that they switched the channel on. I don’t know. But sometimes it was a little unfair. It wasn’t quite clear. But no official cumulative running total, but certainly the quarter hour, the creative guys lived and died by the creative hour, the creative rating.”

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