Jordynne Grace Says All In Was The Biggest Night Of Her Career

In an interview with Wrestling Epicenter, Jordynne Grace spoke about the biggest night of her career, which she says was her appearance in the Over Budget battle royal at All In last September. Here are highlights:

On appearing at All In: “I think that night was the biggest night of my career, obviously. It solidified, I think, my place in wrestling. I think everything that has happened since All In was because of All In. And, yeah, especially Impact.”

On the more theatrical side of wrestling with the Dark War: “It is definitely a lot of fun to watch. Most of the time, it is not as fun to do because they don’t add all the side effects until after the fact. But, it is really cool to go back and watch all the things that they have added in.”

On facing Taya Valkyrie at United We Stand: “Yeah, I’m facing her before that (United We Stand) too. She’s definitely one of the most versitile wrestlers in the entire world. She’s from Canada, she lived in Mexico for a little while, she speaks Spanish. She’s like America personified! She’s like a melting pot of everything America has in store. (laughs)”

On her win over Tessa Blanchard: “I have told people this all the time but I think Tessa Blanchard is one of the best wrestlers in the world. It is easy to have a really good match with her. I think I’m a pretty good wrestler, usually. But, when you are in there with someone like Tessa, I think we bring out the best in each other.”

On if people are ready to accept intergender wrestling: “I’m going to say no. A lot of people don’t like inter-gender wrestling. A lot of people who don’t understand wrestling at all hate inter-gender wrestling and are not comfortable with it. It is really unfortunate. But, I think as soon as a company like Impact Wrestling takes a chance and makes it a little more mainstream, then people will see good inter-gender wrestling and it will make it more palletable. Then they’ll realize that this is something that people can watch and want to watch and actually makes sense.”

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