Jordan Oliver Calls Joey Janela 8216The Godfather of the Indy Scene,8217 Says Ace Austin Is His Favorite Wrestler

Fightful recently interviewed professional wrestler Jordan Oliver, who shared his thoughts on various wrestling talents and more. Below are some highlights.

His thoughts on Joey Janela: “Yeah, he is like the Godfather of the Indy Scene. Joeys another guy that helped me get on GCW. He helped me figure stuff out. We had a recent singles match, but prior to that, maybe, three years before that me, him and KC Navarro had a triple threat at a local indy. That was one of the first matches that helped me get a little bit of buzz cause Joey actually put me over on Twitter after it.”

On Ace Austin being his favorite wrestler: “Oh, thats so easy. Ace Austin is my favorite wrestler. Yeah. I mean, we just went through three twenty-five minute matches across New Jersey, Indiana, back to New Jersey. But, Ace Austin, I think, is going to be the best wrestler in a few years. I think hes the next AJ Styles. Ive been saying that since I met him when I was 16 that hes going to be the next AJ Styles. Its crazy. Hes made for it.”

Jordan Oliver on Matt Sydal: “Ive loved Matt Sydal since I was like a little kid when I saw him on RAW and ECW doing the shooting star press. I mean, Matt Sydals so awesome. It was actually a dream, I got to work with him a few months back in Texas. We had a twenty five / thirty minute match and we didnt talk about anything in the back. We called it all in the ring because I told him I was trained by Jimmy, and he was like, Oh, okay. I guess you can go then. So, we just wrestled and that was awesome.”

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