John Silver Says He Never Wants There To Be Another Exalted One, Talks Brodie Lee’s Endless Support

John Silver On The Close Bond Of The Dark Order, Credits BTE For Getting Him A Televised Match With Adam Cole

AEW star John Silver spoke with PW Insider to hype up this week’s Dynamite on TNT, where he battles Bryan Danielson in singles-action. During the interview Silver discussed how close the members of the Dark Order faction have become, adding that he’s happy AEW didn’t decide to split the group. Highlights are below.

How far the Dark Order has come and how he is happy they didn’t split:

Its so great. Anyone thats ever met Brodie only has positive things to say about him. Hes such a great guy and he helped not just my career, but everyone in The Dark Orders career, so much. So its great to carry that on. I see his family all the time, Amanda and the kids, I love Brodie and Nolan. So we get to see them all the time. So its good that were still in contact, still talk to them all the time. I think its just The Dark Orders taken over. It just went from this little thing that it was just Stu and Uno. Then, it was me and Alex there. We had Brodie come and became this big thing and now its just something thats a little twist on it. Its a little different and its just great that were still going. Like the last thing I wanted to do was break up, so Im glad were all still together. We all still get along. We still have a great time together. Not just in front of the camera, but behind the scenes, were also always having a good time. Were all good friends. So its really cool that we get to still do The Dark Order, its great.

Says that his Rampage match with Adam Cole probably wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for BTE:

Its actually a funny story. I was doing it on BTE for a little while and I wouldnt do it out [on-camera]. I guess I didnt really have the opportunity to do too much on TV, but Tony calls me over and someones like, I forgot who it was, but theyre like, Hey, Tony wants to talk to you. They said [it] like [seriously]. Im like, Oh no, whatd I do? Whatd I do now? So I go up to Tony and he just says, Where do you get off? And Im like, What? Yeah! Im like, Oh my God, whatd I do? Im Im getting fired. Hes like, You got all this charisma or personality and youre so funny on BTE, but youre not doing it on TV. Where do you get off? Im like, I didnt know I was supposed to. I thought I was supposed to be a spooky cult gimmick, and hes like, Well, lets start doing it on TV. Khan watches and if stuff is working hell put it on TV, he likes to see what the crowd likes and whats getting reactions. And just like when I had that match with Cole, if we didnt do the whole Budge thing, that match definitely wouldve never happened. So its definitely given me pretty much all my opportunities.

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