Joey Janela on Knowing to Perform Technical Wrestling, the Response to His Matches With Kenny Omega

Post Wrestling and Andrew Thompson recently interviewed AEW star Joey Janela at Starrcast. Below are some highlights.

Joey Janela on the response to his matches with Kenny Omega in AEW: The response was crazy. Actually, we were supposed to have a straight up, regular match on Dark. Nothing too crazy and I got the call the night before from Tony Khan, changed it to the f*ck fest that it became, and me and Kenny, we went 30 minutes which wasnt supposed to be the case and it was kind of a big match for me and one of the main reasons I signed to AEW was to wrestle Kenny Omega and I got it so soon and it came so sudden. I just found out that week that I was wrestling him and we did it, we went to TV the next week and did it again and I look forward to wrestling him on a pay-per-view in the future and having a big match with him.

Joey Janela on the growth of GCW being like ECW in the 90s: GCW, its growth — I compare it a lot to the growth of ECW in the 90s and its just a huge cult following and now its expanding outside of the cult following and theyre selling out buildings from coast-to-coast. Anywhere they go: Nashville, Los Angeles. Theyre going to Texas soon. Everywhere, youre selling out buildings and Spring Break is coming up WrestleMania weekend this year and we got 5,000 seats to sell and I have no doubt in my mind that were gonna sellout all those seats. Thats a game changer right there.

His thoughts on GCW ‘For The Culture’: Its awesome. AJ Gray and Brett Lauderdale came up with the idea to do this show For The Culture, and I think its gonna steal the weekend. I think its going to be the best show of WrestleMania weekend. I think last year, Orange Cassidy, his show with GCW was kind of the sleeper, show-stealer of the weekend. I think For The Culture this year, everyone is coming there to perform at their highest skill of degree and its gonna be a very memorable show for everybody.

Janela on his technical wrestling side: Ive been doing technical wrestling for a while now. Ive had matches on the indies with the [Matt] Riddles, Zack Sabre Jr.s of the world, thirty minute match with Zack Sabre Jr. a couple of years ago in Connecticut, and people on the indies know I can wrestle because Ive done it all in front of these fans but the new fans coming into AEW see me for the first time — saw me as kind of [a] hardcore, car accident, f*ck fest, f*cking fall off a ladder and kill yourself wrestler which is not the case so now its me doing the same thing after I got thrown off that building a few years ago and proving people wrong on a larger scale and convert people and say, Listen, this is not what Im all about. Im all the flavors of ice cream all rolled up.

His run as WWN Champion in EVOLVE and Darby Allin being one of his favorite opponents: My match with Austin Theory. Wrestling him and debuting for EVOLVE for the first time and them putting the belt on me right off the bat was very special to me and I do appreciate Gabe [Sapolsky] for that and a lot of those guys still wrestling Darby [Allin], that was probably my favorite match of my EVOLVE run is wrestling Darby in Massachusetts. Such a talent. One of my favorite guys to wrestle ever and thats my favorite match with him hands down. Me and him in EVOLVE.

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