Jimmy Korderas Thinks WWE Told A Nice Story With Universal Title Match At Wrestlemania

In an interview with Wrestling Inc, former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas looked at the two world title matches at Wrestlemania and gave his thoughts on what might happen. Here are highlights:

On if Bobby Lashley has been made dominant so Drew Mcintyre can look good at Wrestlemania: I hope thats not the case. Because, Im really enjoying Bobby right now, the same way I was enjoying Drew last year. Bobby has finally found himself as well. Its hard to pick a winner with this one. While your theory that theyre heating up Bobby just so Drew can take him out makes sense, its also worth noting that Bobby won the title in heel fashion but hasnt been acting like a heel recently.

On the triple threat for the Universal title: Normally, Im not a fan of a three-way matches especially for the main title. But this one is telling a nice story and is making it possible that Reigns comes out looking good from this. Hes in a sweet spot right now, and hitting on all cylinders. Hes on fire. How do you keep the title on him without hurting Edge? You insert Daniel Bryan, because you know it will also improve the match. Now, youve got three guys who can go tell a heck of a story. And you can find a creative way of keeping the title on Reigns. Or if youre taking it off of him, he doesnt have to be pinned. A lot of options here.

On Edge acting more like a heel: I love that hes keeping people guessing. As a traditionalist, I love the established heels and babyfaces, but Edge has been throwing curveballs, and showing a bit of that Edge-iness. Hes showing emotion and anger, and thats what its all about getting people emotionally invested.

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