Jim Ross Lashes Out Over NFL National Anthem Protests

In the latest edition of his Jim Ross Report podcast, Jim Ross spoke about against the protests during the National Anthem by players, including kneeling while it is played. The issue was a huge sticking point for Donald Trump and eventually the NFL ruled that players will be fined for doing it. Here are highlights:

On the NFL National Anthem protests: Im a big fan of the National Football League. Got the Sunday Package. Im a big user of the product; but, this National Anthem thing has worn my ass smooth out. It was gonna be a 15 yard penalty if you did kneel. Then they said you could stay in the locker room, or out of sight while the National Anthem is being played. All these issues are making I think the guys that are protesting should be happy because now their issue if youre Colin Kaepernick is becoming underscored and the focus again. Id really like the NFL to be more about football and getting the fans a great experience and getting rid of this bullsh*t of whos gonna stand for the anthem, whos not? Im a big believer in you honor the flag. Why the hell cant you honor the flag? Why cant you protest in another way thats not so offensive, especially this weekend. Its Memorial Day. It just doesnt make any damn sense.

On his celebrity crush: Ive got this schoolboy crush on Mariska Hargitay. She even liked some of my tweets. What do you think about that? Im feeling pretty good about myself right now. I had a crush on her mother too when I was a little kid Jayne Mansfield. Shes a phenomenal actress. I got hooked on this Law & Order SUV [sic]. I binge watch. I may need an intervention. Im happy they are coming back for their 20th season on television. Thats like having a long term relationship between wrestlers. Its just rare that it lasts. Im glad that shes doing well and she can retweet me anytime she wants. Mariska Hargitay. Am I too old to have a crush? Im wondering that. I dont think so. None the less thats where we are with that.

On his advice for Enzo Amore: I see where Enzo Amore has cleared his legal issues in Phoenix. Im glad to hear that. Ive always liked this kid. Hes always been polite to me and pleasant. Heres my advice to him: dont give any company any reason to not want to do business with you & that advice goes to anybody in any walk of life. Dont give your company that you work for, thats paying you, any reason to not want to do business with you. I think Enzo has charisma. Hes athletic. He has a unique personality. Steer the course young man. Just stay out of harms way, shall we say, in the controversy standpoint.

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