Jim Cornette Explains His Departure From Impact Wrestling

– During a recent edition of his podcast, which you can listen to below, Jim Cornette explained why he departed Impact Wrestling. Cornette says he wont knock anyone today, and that the decision came when the company moved the Bound for Glory PPV and follow up TV tapings to Canada.

He came into work with Jeff Jarrett, as Jarrett first called him in early August and that his role was to come in for one set of tapings to begin. They wanted to use him to explain why the GFW title was being taken off Alberto El Patron, and then to fire Bruce Prichard from his authority figure so that Prichard could return as a heel manager. He was originally going to work four days in August and four days in September. Then it was changed to six days in August and none in September, which Cornette was fine with.

He liked Jarrett, has known him for a long time, and thought he had a chance to turn things around. He also wanted to make things right after his last departure and clear up falsehoods from Vince Russo and Dixie Carter. He was only to be an on air talent and that he would be in charge of helping produce his own segments. Jarrett then asked him to return for Bound for Glory and the November tapings. He agreed to work four days November 5-8, and then said he didnt talk to Jarrett or anyone in the company after that point until finding out on the Internet that Jarrett was gone.

From that point on, everything hes heard about the promotion has been from reading the Internet other than speaking with Bob Ryder about being reimbursed for his hotel in Orlando. He told Ryder he wasnt very happy with how things looked, and wanted to know who was in charge of creative and offered to come to Nashville to shoot anything needed to wrap up the storyline with him.

And then he found out Bound for Glory was being moved from Orlando to Ottawa. No one told him, he had to call Anthem and initiate all contact. As previously reported, Cornette cant get into Canada, because somebody ran through his records and found some assault charges in the past, largely based on fighting back in the Crockett era as well as with Mid South Wrestling, with fans.

I like Toronto and Vancouver, but not enough to motivate me to deal with attorneys and file paperwork just for the opportunity to deal with those border Nazis again, so Canada and I are just agreeing to co-exist apart.

Cornette says hes not mad at anyone, and had a positive experience but never planned for this to be long term. He plans to re-retire and says that a friend in need is a pest and dont answer your phone because theyll try to book you. He again wishes the company the best, and had a drama free time there.

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